Road to many Dicks Part One

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The back of Amishi’s neck tingled, and she knew right away that she was being watched. She felt the burning gaze of whoever watched her, and it left a peculiar impression deep in the pit of her stoKuntalh. Every bone in her body pressed for her to run inside her home and shut the door, and yet at the same time she wondered who was studying her so closely. If it was someone intending on hurting her, there were enough lights in the gated community where she lived that it wouldn’t go unnoticed. And with that reasoning, her curious side won out. She couldn’t help the stiffening of her spine as she inserted the key into her apartment lock, paused, and turned to look. The sun had set about an hour ago, but there were lampposts lit inside of her complex. Her gaze moved from a woman andman with their children, to a couple lingering outside an apartment door, and then tofour teenagers lounging on the chairs by the pool.

Nothing strange there from what she could tell, and no one appeared to be fixatedon her either. She turned to her left, surprised when her gaze collided with a 100 percent prime male specimen. On the same floor she lived on, just two doors down from her ownresidence, she found the source of her distraction. There was no shock factor in the way he watched her, nor was she frightened. Not even a tiny bit afraid. In fact, if she had togive a name to what she was feeling, she would say she was utmost pleased to be thesole focus of this particular man’s attention. And what an excellent man he was, her outrageously sexy, motorcycle-riding,muscled neighbor Mr Kuntal Patel. Funny she should think of him as hers, but she couldn’t help the thought. She sure as hell wasn’t going to fantasize about him andthink of him as another woman’s. She didn’t know much of him, just that he lived close to her, and the few times he had greeted her briefly, she’d caught glances of his badge. Other than small talk they’d shared, there had never been a perfect opportunity for them to get together and really delve into the spark of connection she had felt with him. And she could almost bet one year’s worth of her salary that he felt the same way about her.

The way he was watching her now, as if he wouldn’t mind backing her up into her apartment and fucking her, made her want to go up to him and say something inviting.
But what if he turned her down? There was still a small chance of that, and truly, she
would be crushed that he, a dark Greek god in the flesh, didn’t see her in the sexy ” I
want to fuck you” way she thought he did. His dark, straight hair reached his shoulders, and his eyes were gray, the color a complete contrast to his tanned skin. His bottom lip was slightly larger than the upper, and he sported a goatee, which she
happened to love. He wore a black sleeveless tee that showed off his lean muscles, and the denim jeans enhanced his bad-boy appeal.

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