Samantha Parker's Story (Chapter 33)

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Chapter: Thirty-Three

The recent development in the Sherman investigation puzzled Detective Kovacs. What started as routine had changed drastically with the discovery of an abandon silver Nissan. From a cursory examination, it was obvious foul play was involved. Skid marks at the scene clearly indicated the vehicle had been forced off the road. There were bloodstains inside the car. A purse was found under the passenger seat, so it didn’t seem that robbery was a motive. Paper in a note pad found in the purse was identical to the note placed in the police cruiser. A driver’s license picture left no doubt, Anna Harris was the girl who’d been outside the Sherman residence earlier in the morning.

Detective Kovacs wondered if it was just a coincidence that after giving the police information about Samantha Parker, Anna Harris met with foul play. Coincidence was possible, but was it probable? Did someone spot Officers Henley and James at the bus station? Could that someone have figured Anna Harris was responsible for them being there? Was that someone Samantha Parker? If so, how in the hell did she manage to get a vehicle and track the Harris girl to the outskirts of Rawlings? She could have an accomplice. Then, Samantha Parker might not be involved at all. At present, what was most important to Detective Kovacs was finding both girls. The Harris girl’s uncle was on his way to Rawlings. Perhaps he could shed some light on the situation.

The call to the Bentlyville PD was productive. A Detective Philips confirmed that Samantha Parker was a runaway. She’d disappeared from Bentlyville about four months ago. He said she wasn’t implicated in her mother’s death. They were confident it was a straightforward case of suicide. When Philips was apprised of Doctor Sherman’s death and the disappearance of the Harris girl, he admitted those events did seem suspicious. Detective Kovacs got the impression that Philips might be rethinking his original conclusions. However, if he was, he didn’t say so.

Detective Kovacs was in the same situation, his first instinct and most of the facts indicated that Samantha Parker was just a runaway girl; not a murderess and yet, too many coincidences were piling up. Looks could be deceiving. Perhaps the beautiful young girl whose picture he’d been so impressed by might not be what she seemed at all. Maybe she’d been playing the doc for a fool, looking to get some serious dough out of him and Anna Harris was trying to screw up her plans. That was certainly a motive to make her disappear.

Monica Breedlove was in her office at the Rawlings Examiner. She was the top investigative reporter on this popular local newspaper. She supposed the so-called “serious journalists” would consider the Examiner nothing more than a scandal sheet, but so what. Scandals sold very well, that’s what piqued people’s interest.

Even in her early forties, Monica’s striking good looks and shapely body still turned heads when she walked by. When she was studying journalism in college, Monica had visions of becoming a famous investigative reporter for one of the major networks. She did have a talent for writing and was especially good at using weasel words and innuendo to make something out of nothing. She could spin a story like a top. Unfortunately, Monica had one character flaw that thwarted her ambitions. She was lazy. She wanted the big story, but she wanted it dropped into her lap. She thought all the legwork, research and verifying sources required too much effort and besides, it was boring.

Early in her college career, Monica found something to compensate for her aversion to hard work. It involved her lying on her back on a professor’s desk, with her skirt raised and her panties off, while he pounded away. This tactic continued to work very well for her all through college. Sometimes there were variations, which might involve her kneeling beneath a desk and sucking on a hard cock, like another very famous Monica years later. Once or twice she even had to eat some pussy, but she concluded it was all for the cause and really didn’t matter. She graduated with honors, so the end had justified the means.

Monica went forth into a tough competitive world, certain that her special method of operation would give her the edge she needed to get ahead. In this, she was very much mistaken. She soon discovered that there were any number of extremely attractive women willing to give a little something extra to get ahead and unlike her, they were willing to work very hard too. It wasn’t long before Monica had to lower her expectations significantly. She spent several years working on small town papers before landing the job at the Examiner. The type of journalism practiced there suited her style. She cultivated a group of informants throughout the area, primarily by providing sexual favors in return for exclusive information.

She’d just received a call from Officer Jeff Henley. When he gave her a few details about a story involving a middle-aged doctor, two teenage mistresses, a potential kidnapping and murder, plus a tie to the Scott Parker story, Monica figured that this was solid gold. She arranged to meet Officer Henley at her apartment. She said,” Jeff if this is even half as good as it sounds; I promise I’m going to make you a very happy man.”

Monica made good on her promise. Before Jeff left her apartment that evening, he was treated to the sight of sexy Monica sucking his cock like it had never been sucked before. In fact, the story Jeff gave her was so good she let him go for another round. This time he had her long shapely legs spread wide as he pumped his stiff cock into her.

All during the long day and well into the afternoon, Samantha suffered deep pangs of sorrow. The loss of John Sherman was a devastating blow. Because she was a very emotional person, Samantha felt things very deeply. When she loved, it was with her entire being. Her feelings ran just as deep and strong as her sexual desires and she’d developed a very strong bond to John Sherman. He’d satisfied her emotional as well as her physical needs and in an instant, he was lost to her forever.

Samantha tried to look beyond this moment to what her future might hold. Then she gave it up as useless. For now, she was giving herself over to the soul wrenching grief that can only be felt by one who’d loved as deeply as she had. When John Sherman died, a part of her died with him. He was her first love. He was the first man who had made love to her and showed her what the difference between that and simple carnal desire could be.

Very late in the night, when she’d cried until it seemed that no more tears could come, Samantha began to think of what tomorrow might bring. She wanted to leave Rawlings. There was nothing for her here now. She’d always wanted to see New England. Now she thought of heading to the east coast; to Maine or perhaps Vermont. Samantha wasn’t sure how she’d manage to make a living. However, the time she’d spent away from home thus far, gave her confidence in her ability to survive. In spite of her loss, she had John’s baby to think of. That was incentive enough to keep her going.

When she finally fell asleep, she had a dream of walking along a dark deserted path feeling lost and alone. It was like the morning she’d walked through the woods before coming upon the Harris cemetery. Just like then, she thought she could see light up ahead. Suddenly, bright light streamed down and in the distance, three indistinct figures were approaching. When they drew near, a feeling of peace mingled with a deep longing filled Samantha’s heart. One of the figures was John Sherman. He smiled, called her name and began running toward her. In a moment, he was holding her in his arms saying, “Oh my darling we’ve missed you so very much!”

Tears of joy filled Samantha’s eyes and then she looked beyond John’s shoulder. She saw her mom holding the hand of a little girl. Samantha looked down, but the ligh
t was too bright and she couldn’t see the child’s face. She lo
oked up. Her mother smiled at her and said, “I’m so proud of you darling. Please know that I love you. I’ve always loved you.”

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