Scott Parker's Story (Part 1)

Scott Parker’s Story

Chapter One: How Did I Get Into This Mess?

Scott Parker sat in the tiny cluttered office adjoining the store room at the Bentlyville McDonalds. He was glumly leafing through a hard core porno magazine. Scott had recently come to the realization that he was a failure and would probably remain so for the rest of his life. At 35 years of age, the best he’d been able to do was land a job as manager of a fast food restaurant. He had a fat unattractive wife and was sexually frustrated. To make matters worse, he was surrounded by cute teenage babes practically every day of the week, with no likelihood of sampling any of their tight hot little pussys. Scott began to think over the events that got him into this situation.

There were plenty of reasons for Scott to feel depressed. Although he had been interested in females from a very early age, he had never had any luck attracting the opposite sex. It seemed to Scott that God must enjoy torturing him. Scott’s favorite saying was “Life is specifically designed to be a pain in the ass and then you die.”

When he was in high school, Scott was considered a nerd. He wore thick glasses and also went through a bad time with acne. Scott had been so self conscious that he was afraid to speak to girls no matter how much he was attracted to them. It seemed so unfair. He had a good build, a big cock and he was intelligent. Scott was sure if he could just get the chance to become acquainted with some hot babe he would be able to score. But it seemed that when he was going to Bentlyville High the girls were only interested in jerks and jocks.

Scott came from a poor family, but that was typical for a hick berg like Bentlyville. Much later he realized that the guidance counselor at Bentlyville High had let him down big time. With his good grades, he would have been eligible for some scholarships. Apparently Miss Hume had been too involved in fucking the football coach to give a damn about Scott’s future. Because of this, Scott didn’t think of going on to college. No one in his family had gone and the subject had never been brought up at home. Scott’s dad worked in a large food warehouse and Scott hoped his dad could get him on there after he graduated from high school. But due to his poor eyesight, Scott didn’t pass the physical and ended up working at a small plumbing supply company at just above minimum wage.

During the three long miserable years he worked at Active Plumbing, Scott did finally manage to get a girlfriend. He met Mary Runyon while delivering some bathroom fixtures to her parents’ house. Mary had a somewhat attractive face, long dark hair and big tits, but she was fat and wore thick glasses like Scott. Mary was very intelligent, but lacked ambition. She had held a few menial jobs since graduating high school, but already resigned herself to being an old maid and living with her parents for the foreseeable future. That is, until Scott came along. Mary recognized that Scott was very shy and introverted, because she was that way herself.

Mary was attracted to Scott and decided to make a play for him. She had hoped to get a boyfriend for a very long time; but as time passed it seemed that her chances were getting slimmer with each passing day. When she was in high school, a couple of Mary’s girlfriends had given her details of their sexual encounters. Usually they would start off by complaining that boys only wanted one thing. But when they were telling Mary about what had happened, they sounded like they enjoyed it. Mary was very envious of these girls. She had imagined what it would be like to have a boy kiss her, play with her tits, touch her in that special place and even eat her pussy. Of course she knew she would have to do something for the boy too.

One of her friends, Amy, told her how her boyfriend always wanted her to suck his cock. She said, “At first I thought it was kind of disgusting. But it’s not so bad once you get used to it. Anyway that’s what guys like and I figured if I didn’t do it some other girl would.”

Mary thought about what Amy had said for a long while. She wasn’t sure if she would like sucking on some guy’s cock; but she guessed that she would do it if it meant getting and keeping a boyfriend. But because she was fat, very self conscious and shy; no opportunity to get a boyfriend had come her way. Sometimes Mary would touch herself down there and think about some good looking guy doing things to her. She would close her eyes and massage her clit until she came. Afterwards she felt guilty and made a vow to stop doing it; but she knew that in time she would do the same thing again.

Mary struck up a conversation with Scott as he was unloading the truck. After he had placed the delivery items in the garage, she brought him a beer and continued chatting with him. Mary’s plan worked, Scott asked her for a date. Although he wasn’t nearly as physically attracted to Mary as he had been to countless other females, Scott figured that the potential for sex, even with Mary, was better than jerking off, which is what he had been doing for what seemed like his whole life.

By their second date, Mary let Scott play with her tits and get his hand up under her skirt between her big plump thighs. Since neither one of them could afford to live on their own, this activity took place in Scott’s rusty old Mercury Topaz. By the fourth date, while they were parked in an isolated spot by the river, Mary gave Scott his first blow job. She wasn’t very good at it and pulled away too soon for it to be really good, but it was better than Scott had ever had before.

A short while later, Scott rented a motel room and he and Mary spent the evening there, it was the first time for both of them and things were a bit awkward. Mary was embarrassed for Scott to see her nude and wanted the light out. Scott finally convinced Mary that her being fat didn’t matter to him and at the time he really believed that was true. Mary sucked on Scott’s cock again and then he ate her pussy for the first time. This got Mary so aroused that she was well lubricated by the time Scott was pushing his hard cock into her pussy. As things turned out, the sex was good. Not great; but at least good. After the first time, they went back to the motel on a regular basis. Then Mary told Scott that she had missed her period and was probably pregnant. Scott felt he had to do the right thing and he asked Mary to become his wife.

Mary accepted Scott’s offer of marriage, but said he would have to get a better job. She said there was no way they could live on the money he was making at Active Plumbing and she was right. For once it seemed as if luck was on his side. By faking out the company doctor on the eye exam, Scott did manage to get a better job at a small factory. The pay wasn’t great but it was just enough to get by on and their families helped by giving them some old furniture and some basics to set up housekeeping.

Chapter Two: Reality Sets In

Shortly after they were married, Mary told Scott that she must have been mistaken about being pregnant. Later on, Scott always wondered if Mary had really thought she was pregnant or if it was just a lie to push him into marrying her. But at first Scott was fairly happy. He liked living on his own and being married meant that he could get some pussy whenever he wanted it.

In about six months Mary did get pregnant and nine months later delivered a cute chubby baby girl. They named the baby Samantha. Now that he was a father, Scott decided to try and better himself again. He signed up for some business management classes at the local community college. This turned out to be a blessing and a curse. Scott did very well in the classes, but he also started to become very dissatisfied with his home life.

At college, Scott saw dozens of cute sexy women who turned him on. He even got up the nerve to talk to one or two of them. But waiting at home was Mary. During her pr
egnancy she had gotten even fatter and afterward it seemed that she ju
st continued to gain more weight. Now it was Scott who wanted the light off when they had sex. He finally got up the nerve to broach the subject of loosing some weight with Mary. Of course her feelings were hurt and they had a big fight. For about two weeks they barely spoke to each other and by then Scott was missing the sex. Even if it wasn’t what he really wanted, it was better than nothing. Scott finally made up with Mary and she promised to go on a diet.

After this, things settled into a pattern that continued throughout the marriage. Scott would get very depressed because he was sexually dissatisfied. By now he was jerking off again. Sometimes his imagination was better than having sex with Mary. They would get into a big fight about Mary’s weight problem and then after two or three weeks, Scott would make up with Mary and both would make promises to do better and make a new start. Unfortunately Mary never seemed to loose weight and Scott couldn’t keep his disappointment from showing. The only things that changed were that Scott got his two-year business degree. He got the job managing a local McDonalds and Mary got much better at giving blow jobs, which kept Scott just marginally satisfied with their sex life.

Chapter Three: The Turning Point

Time continued on. Scott and Mary had been together for nearly fourteen years when Mary became close friends with Sue Weston. Mary met Sue at one of the countless dieting groups she had joined over the years. Before long Scott and Sue’s husband Dave were spending the evenings together when the women went to their weekly dieting meetings. Sue was a little overweight, but compared to Mary, she was a sex goddess and Scott envied Dave. Dave and Sue had a daughter Tracy, who was thirteen. Since she and Samantha were only a few months apart in age, they got along well and entertained each other while Scott and Dave visited.

Dave Weston was into porno big time and had an extensive collection of hard core videos. After the women left for the evening, Dave and Scott would send Tracy and Samantha off to Tracy’s room and then they would watch porno videos in the family room. Dave was into bare bottom spanking and as Scott watched some cute young babe getting an over the knee spanking on Dave’s big screen TV; he found himself getting turned on to the max. A lot of Dave’s videos were of anal sex and that got Scott very hot too. He wondered why he had never thought of these things. For him it had always been missionary, doggy style or a blow job. Now he began to think about some new possibilities.

Unfortunately the thought of Mary over his knees for a bare bottom spanking didn’t turn Scott on at all. She was just too big and her flabby ass wasn’t very attractive. Scott did think that he might try to get Mary to let him fuck her in the ass. He thought that this might spice up their sex a little bit. He wondered if Dave did that with Sue, but he didn’t have the nerve to ask.

One evening while Scott and Dave were watching a video they heard a loud crash and the shattering of glass coming from the general direction of the kitchen. Dave shut off the video and left the room. In a short while he returned pulling Tracy along with him. Dave was saying, “God damn it Tracy how many times have I told you to ask if you want something from the kitchen! That cookie jar was one of your mom’s favorite things!”

Tracy wailed, “I’m sorry. Samantha and I just wanted some cookies. It was an accident. The jar slipped off the counter.”

“Just saying you’re sorry isn’t good enough little girl,” Dave retorted. “You deserve to have your little ass set on fire and that’s what you’re going to get right now!”

Dave grabbed the chair from the computer desk and sat down. Then he pulled Tracy across his lap. In the next instant he was pulling Tracy’s shorts and panties down and off. Scott was mesmerized by the scene unfolding in front of him. The sight of Tracy’s little plump butt bent over Dave’s lap was turning him on. He could feel his cock getting hard as he watched Dave begin to spank Tracy. It was much better than watching a video.

As Dave continued to spank Tracy, she began to kick her legs and squirm on his lap. Scott’s level of arousal continued to build as he watched Dave spanking Tracy. He especially enjoyed seeing her cute little butt moving on Dave’s lap. Finally Dave finished with the spanking and pulled Tracy up off his lap. Scott tried to avoid looking too intently at what was going on now; he was afraid Dave would notice his intense interest. Tracy was sobbing loudly and Dave told her to put a lid on it and go to her room. Scott caught a glimpse of the muff of dark hair on Tracy’s pussy as she picked up her clothes and left the family room and this sent another shock of excitement through him. Of course he was also feeling very guilty about getting so turned on by a little domestic discipline. Then Dave got up to put the chair back and Scott could clearly see the significant bulge in the front of his jeans. Scott now concluded that he must not be so abnormal after all.

Suddenly a new thought crossed Scott’s mind. Hadn’t Samantha been involved in this fiasco too? Scott had never spanked Samantha. Mary always dealt with the discipline. But there was a first time for everything. Scott called out loudly, “Samantha come in here. I want to talk to you.”

When Samantha came into the family room, there was a worried expression on her face. She took after Mary. She was big for her age and a bit plump. As soon as Samantha entered the room, Scott noted that her bottom was very nicely rounded and he wondered why he hadn’t noticed that before. He was now certain that he would definitely enjoy giving Samantha’s butt some very personal attention. Scott also reasoned that she really did deserve to be punished just as Tracy had been. He convinced himself it was his duty as her father. Scott asked in a very stern tone, “Samantha did you ask Tracy to get some cookies?”

Samantha replied, “Yes, but I didn’t do anything. I didn’t break the cookie jar. I wasn’t even in the kitchen.”

“That’s not the point,” Scott said. “Tracy got a spanking and you’re just as much to blame as she was. So it’s only fair that you be punished too.”

Scott got up and taking Samantha’s hand led her over toward the computer desk. He pulled out the chair and sat down. Samantha started to cry as Scott pulled her across his lap. Scott glanced up and noted Dave sitting on the couch. He could tell that Dave was watching these proceedings just as intently as he had watched Tracy being spanked. Scott put an arm around Samantha’s waist to hold her in place. Then he slid her shorts and panties down over her butt and off.

Samantha’s butt was very well developed and quite plump. Scott couldn’t resist running his hand over Samantha’s plump round butt before he began to spank her. Scott set to work slowly and deliberately warming Samantha’s buns. The sight of her firm plump butt cheeks rebounding as he swatted them really turned him on. As he continued spanking her, Samantha began to squirm on Scott’s lap he was afraid he might cream in his jeans so he cut the spanking a little short. When he lifted Samantha off his lap he noted that her pussy also had a respectable bush, just like Tracy’s. Scott picked up Samantha’s shorts and panties from the floor, handed them to her and told her to go to Tracy’s room.

After Samantha left the room Dave said, “Those two are going to be teens before we know it. If we don’t warm their butts every so often they’ll get completely out of hand and then it will be too late.”

Scott replied, “You’re absolutely right. Raising a girl these days is a big responsibility and I’m going to have to be a little more diligent in the future.”

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