Sex and the Alphabet — Chapter 4

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Dance-Floor, Backdoor

Nearly a week later, Sean surprised me at work. Our schedules had been clashing lately, and I basically hadn’t seen him since I fucked him in the cave.

I teach ballet for a living, and my last class on Thursday nights is at 8-9:00, advanced ballet. It is comprised mostly of teenage girls who are largely self-sufficient dancers and their class periods are merely rehearsals for recitals and various competitions.

The air conditioning had broken down, and I was wearing no tights that evening, only my leotard, a dance skirt and my pointe shoes. Sean had walked in toward the end of my last class and watched us rehearse for our recital the following week. We were doing excerpts from “Rite of Spring,” a highly moody and exciting piece by Stravinsky.

The girls and I had worked up quite a sweat, and I reminded them to soak their feet and to be back on Sunday morning bright and early for rehearsal. As soon as they were gone, Sean had his tongue in my mouth and his hand on my ass, his favorite way of saying hello.

“Who else is here?” he asked as he nuzzled my ear.

“No one. I’m the last to leave on Thursday nights. I’m the one who locks up.”

“That’s not safe, is it?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. It’s an okay neighborhood.”

“Well, lucky I’m here to protect you, eh?”

“Would you throw your body over mine in the event of an attack?”

“You betcha. I’d even do it as a safety measure!”

I backed away from him and beckoned. “You know, dance studio starts with D,” I said. “And we’ve got four walls paneled with mirrors.” I untied my skirt and let it drop to the floor.

“Really? I never thought about that!” he said with a sarcastic smile.

I pushed the straps of my leotard down my arms and wrested them out of it. I pushed it down below my tits and massaged them. I could see my reflection behind Sean and it was sexy as hell watching myself. I could see the bulge in Sean’s jeans growing rapidly. I pushed my leotard down the rest of the way and stepped out of it. I walked over to my dance bag and extracted a bottle of foot lotion. It’s a cylindrically shaped bottle about twelve-inches high, and about the same thickness as a full tube of toothpaste. It has a rounded cap, perfect for smooth insertion. I was wearing only my pointe shoes, and I approached one of the mirrored walls and grabbed onto the barre. I lifted one leg onto the barre and slid it sideways, stretching my legs as far apart as they would go. I licked the cap of the bottle to wet it down and then eased it into my pussy.

Sean watched in awe for a few moments as I fucked myself, and I watched myself in the mirror. The sight of me ramming a makeshift dildo in and out of my cunt was so enthralling, my juices were now dripping down the insides of my legs and my clit was as hard as a pebble. I was so involved with watching my own voracious cunt take in ten inches of smooth plastic, I didn’t even notice that Sean had stripped naked and had come up behind me. He watched a little while longer as he massaged my tits, squeezing the nipples and pulling on them, making them hard. I rammed it in harder and faster, taking just a little bit more of the bottle into my wet hole every time. His hardness was pressed against my back and he was beginning to rub against me, looking for relief.

He took hold of my hips and pulled me away from the barre. “Get on all fours, baby,” he commanded. I did as I was told. He got down on his knees and he dipped his head down and licked my asshole, sticking his tongue inside and probing around. He lubricated my tight rear entrance with my pussy juice, then rubbed it all over his purple-headed cock and pressed it against my puckered hole. He pressed and stretched my asshole open and soon the head of his dick had popped in. This was not the first time he had had his tool in my back door, so all it took was a gentle inward thrust and my ass was ready to fuck.

I looked up into the mirror just in time to see him begin to ream my ass. “Look to the side, baby. Watch me fuck your tight little ass,” he demanded. He roughly turned my head sideways and I was treated to an animalistic display. He filled my ass up completely and fucked it recklessly as he grunted and yanked my hair. I loved the sight. For the first time ever, I watched myself getting fucked and it made my cunt gush even more than it had been before. I looked like such a fucking whore with my man’s loins slapping against my cheeks and his dick in my ass. I reached down to rub my clit and panted as I began to feel the orgasm rising.

“You like getting your ass fucked don’t you, baby?” he panted at me from behind.

“I love your dick in any hole it wants to be in, honey. Oh, it’s filling me up so good!”

“That’s it,” he wheezed.

“Call me a slut,” I growled at him.

“You fucking slut!” he cried out. “Take that cock up your ass like the dirty fucking tramp that you are! I’m going to spooj in your tight hole, baby!”

“Yeah, do it. I’m your whore! Fill my ass up with jism and say I’m your whore!”

“Damn right you’re my whore! You’re my ass-fuck whore! I’m gonna shoot my spunk in your goddamn slutty ass….”

By now I was bucking backward to take his hard pole in. “Give it to me now, baby. I want your spunk right now! Now!,” I cried out, longing to feel his cream fill up my ass.

“Here it comes, bitch!” he wheezed as he plugged in hard and his big balls emptied into my asshole. “Take it, you fucking whore! Take all of it up your ass! Oh God! Ooooooh Gooooood!” I watched his face in the mirror as he came. His head was back and his mouth was open in a shout of sheer ecstasy. My cunt exploded and unleashed a new stream of slick liquid down my inner thighs.

Afterwards, we lay on the floor side-by-side, staring at our naked reflections. Sean’s hot juice was leaking out of my asshole and onto the dance studio floor.

“I actually just came here to ask if you wanted to go camping this weekend,” he said to me quietly, his old gentle manner restored.

“No way! You called me a slut! I’m mad at you!” I said, laughing.

“Well, I have heard that you deep-throated some guy under a table in a bar,” he said. “And I also heard you got yourself rogered in a phone booth. Hardly standard practice, Lily.”

“Okay, I’m a slut, I admit it. But this his one guy led me off into some cave in the woods and just took out his dick. I didn’t know what he was gonna do!”

“But what did you do when he took out his dick, you little vixen?”

I giggled.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought,” Sean said, pinching me.

“I couldn’t help it! He had the most delicious-looking cock!”

“Was it big?”

“Huge. It filled me up so completely, and I came three times!”

“Wow. So on our camping trip this weekend, we’ll have to see if we can top it!”

“So that’s all you came here to do? Ask me to go camping with you?”

“Well, also to fuck. But mostly to ask you to go camping with me.”

“Yeah sure, I’ll go camping. When, tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, I’ll pick you up after work. Your last class is over at six tomorrow, right?”

“Yes. I’ll pack tonight.”


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