The Massage Therapist and Her Daughter

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The Massage Therapist and Her Daughter

With a bad back I need a monthly massage by a certified therapist. No happy massage, I pay for a good professional massage that is even better than physical therapy. I found the perfect one and she is near my age, 47. I had been going to Raquel for several years and she knew just where I needed it and how much pressure. After leaving Raquel’s, I feel like 30 again! By the way, Raquel had her husband build a spa in her basement.
Several times I have gotten semi-hard when Raquel is massaging me, but she never said anything. I am sure she noticed because I am 7″ with a thick cut. I lie nude with a sheet or a blanket on. Raquel can massage my legs with upward thrusts, and then she’ll after that she’ll do an abdomen massage with side to side and downward thrusts close to my pubic area, but never touching my manhood. The blood seems to flow in the direction of the thrusts and I start to get hard. By the time she is finished with my abdomen, I am nearly hard and she has me turning over. I have moaned a few times when you have to lie face down on a hard on.
A few times back Raquel mentioned that her 20 year old daughter Susie had just enrolled in Massage school to get certified. For those unaware, besides learning the muscles and bone structure, you have to have so many hours of hands on apprentice work. Well this day, Raquel mentioned that she would extend my normal 1 hour massage to 2 hours free of charge if I would let Susie do most of the massage at her mom’s instruction. How could I say no! A free 2 hour massage! Wow!!
Let me tell you a thing about Raquel and Susie. Raquel is a natural red head with fair skin and freckles. She has a real nice body with an average rack but a fine ass for a lady in her 40’s. I had never met Susie before today. Talk about a mother and daughter resemblance – Susie was also a red head with a tight ass and ample breasts. Raquel wore her usual medium collar top and sweats pants. Susie wore a slightly lower plunging neckline top and tight spandex pants. I was already getting excited but trying to think about the stock market to control my raging hard-on. Raquel mentioned for me that today, she wanted me to start face down since she wanted to teach Susie about how to massage a bulging disc. I was silently hoping that someone would massage my bulging cock.
After getting undressed and upon the table and covered up, I yelled that I was ready and they both entered. Raquel instructed Susie to stand at my head while she pulled the sheet down to my lower back, exposing all my back from just above my butt crack on up. She explained to Susie about my disc issues and how to massage the muscles and loosen up the area and relieve me of pain. After a few moments she said, “Follow my lead”. Susie went around to the opposite side of the table and Raquel started to massage my lower back and I felt Susie’s hands follow her mom’s lead.
I was in bliss and I could smell a different fragrance. I asked Raquel and she said this was a combination of beeswax, honey and aloe lotion that they were using. They proceeded to work my entire back for a long time before moving to my legs. Then it came to my gluts. Raquel asked, “I usually massage your gluts over the sheet but I want Susie to feel the muscles better. Is it okay if I remove the sheet?” Who am I to say no to 2 beautiful red heads wanting to remove expose my gluts for their private teaching and viewing. I answered in the affirmative and off went the sheet. Raquel started on my left glut and instructed Susie to mimic her actions on my right glut. Was I getting hot and hard to control my natural reaction? I lifted my bottom slightly to relieve some pressure off my cock and Susie innocently asked why I couldn’t stay still. Raquel knew enough and explained that I had gotten excited by their actions. Face down I could not see but her mom said “You don’t have to blush; he gets excited nearly every time I massage him!”
I was embarrassed and relieved at the same time. Raquel got the sheet and covered me and said “You can turn over now, we’ll return to your gluts later.” I did as I was told but found my cock rock hard and springing into life as the sheet lifted in that area. Susie was staring and Raquel said “we can’t go on without him being relieved!” Was I in shock? Did I just hear what I heard?
Raquel put some extra lotion on her hands and lifted off the sheet and proceeded to coat and then gently massages my full staff member. Susie just stared speechless but Raquel said “I have been dying to see your cock! If you don’t mind, I am going to help you get relief and then we’ll continue the regular massage if that is okay with you”. What was I to say? I merely nodded and Raquel started giving me one helluva slow but very enjoyable hand job. When my breathing started to change, she said “Susie, you’ll going to have to learn this technique in your very private sessions. Your turn.”
Susie looked at her mom, at me then put some lotion on her hands. She mimicked the hand job that her mom was giving me. Slowly from the balls up, a gentle twisting motion, then a squeeze at the head. Raquel stopped Susie just before I was coming and got a wash cloth and wiped my cock. She then proceeded to lick my balls, then my shaft then my head. She then motioned for Susie to follow her lead. Susie took control and followed directions while Raquel reached around and started to play with my ass hole.
I said “I am going to cum!” Susie stopped the blowjob but Raquel bent over and sucked me deeply and took all my cum, swallowing every drop! Susie looked amazed at her mom but Raquel simply said “Your dad, I love him, but he is not into sex anymore and I haven’t had a cock in a long time.”
Raquel kept up draining me, then slowly kissed my nipples, played with my pubic hair, scratched my balls then inserted one, then two fingers into my ass. By this time I was hard again. Quickly, she dropped her sweat pants and panties, jumped a top the table and inserted my cock into her wet dripping pussy. She was a woman possessed and I do believe she had not gotten any from her husband in quite a long time. She rocked me while Susie just stared at what was transpiring in front of her. Raquel then started some loud moaning and said “I am cumming!” and proceeded to cum while on top! She kept rocking for several seconds until I softened out and slid out.
Raquel got off the table and nonchalantly put her panties and pants on, wiped her forehead with the wash cloth and said “Susie, let’s continue the session.”
Amazed I just sat there while she proceeded to massage my arms, chest, legs and then abdomen. By that time with Susie following her mom’s lead, I was once again hard because Raquel never covered me back up. Susie took it upon herself this time to lotion up my cock and inserts 3 fingers into my asshole and finished blowing me. As she drained my cock, Susie said she was still a virgin and had never even kissed a man, much less have any kind of sexual activity before. I asked her what made her wait and she said “I guess I needed my mom’s showing me what to do!”
My entire body felt great. As I was leaving, Raquel said “I’ll have another surprise for you the next session we have.”
I can’t wait.

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