The road to many Dicks Part 4

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Amishi hated that emotion with a passion because it only opened the doors to more sadness, but as much as she tried not to think about him, she couldn’t sleep either, she should’ve known that Aashita knew about all her Sex affairs of the past , her employer, employee , the housekeeper, Suresh, her office boy, etc. Still, she was the only person who understood Amishi and what she needed from a man. She had confided in her about her pubic hair, which was like a forest. She wanted to know if all could be removed permanently. Aashita for once thought that she would be asking since her hubby’s birthday was in the First week of October. She told her that it would not make any sense, and to top it up told her that Some men like and enjoy Hairy pussies and get turned on by them. Nevertheless did she realize that The Road to hell is Paved by Good Intentions.

Amishi’s alarm rung loud, disturbing her from sleep. She stretched her arm to stop the sound but found she couldn’t move. Panic threatened to overwhelm her, but she squashed it down. She tried to open her eyes, but something held them closed. Someone was in the room with her. “It would be easier on you if you remained still.” His tone was strong and deep. She was sure she’d heard his voice before. And did that mean he knew her? As odd as this may sound, you can trust me. I want to make all of your dreams and fantasies come true, Amishi.” How in the hell does he know my name? Was he delusional? Trust a complete stranger? Was the concept even possible? She supposed anything was, but trusting him would make her absolutely insane. She took a deep breath. “How do you know my name?” “Because we aren’t strangers. I must admit to reading your diary. I have read all of your thoughts and secret fantasies and all your sex affairs. And I can only hope your words were true. She was now 100 percent sure where her lost journal had ended up. In the hands of this man, a stranger for the most part, at least.

She had started writing in her private book a year ago, and it had been filled with dreams, fantasies sex affairs with many, hopes for her future, and carnal cravings. Now she knew that this man had picked it up and read every secret seduction she craved. He even knew about the cysts, she had in her vagina and the frequent weekly chums disorder she had. Well he also knew that she entered the bedroom after the shower totally nude, since she always wore the clothes in the room and that she slept wearing only a tee-shirt or a short night without any undergarments.

It was pretty easy detecting the yearning she heard in his voice. She had to admit it excited her to be in this position, adrenaline pumping through her veins, lust heating her body, anticipation heightening her need. Perhaps Aashita was right. Maybe she needed to seize the moment and just follow her cravings instead of allowing her fear and doubts to rule her. But she still needed to be careful and levelheaded about this. Amishi had no intentions of making his plan easy. Even though there was more than one emotion surging through her, to simply lie back and allow this man to do whatever it is he intended went against her basic nature. She had never submitted or surrendered to anyone in her life. She was used to being in control of every aspect in her life & wanted others to surrender to her fantasies. She was terrified, nervous, and turned on all at once. Getting control of her emotions was hard. Or was it the fact that he had made her feel helpless, and she found that idea desirable? She suspected he would soon find out she was aroused, her pussy soft and slick, her clit pounding with hunger, and her nipples tight, pressed against the fabric of her short silky tee-shirt If he was looking for detailed signs on what aroused her, looking at her pussy and breasts would be the first two places to watch and touch. And secretly, she hoped to hell he would touch soon. She had written a similar scenario with her ex boss in Baroda in her Dairy. In her words, she had been bound just like this, and her captor had been a stranger, who later baecame her co-employee. But she still never imagined that her naughty visions would ever come true.But still, deep down, she was a bit excited. He seemed to be a man worthy of her attention and strong enough to know what she needed sexually. She was also pretty sure that if he had been a psychopath, the rape and torture would have begun already. She was going to go through with this planned seduction of his.

To hell with anyone else’s preconceived notion of what was acceptable; AMISHI WANTED this. She was Thirty Eight years old and at a healthy age to confront her cravings. She accepted her fantasies, knew they were a part of her, even though she had yet to find the courage to act them out. This opportunity wouldn’t come again, and letting it slip between her fingers would be a grave Mistake.

Still, she wasn’t just going to lie back and take it. She certainly wanted to throw this man off-kilter and see, or in this case, hear, how he would struggle to remain on course with his seduction. And that’s the way she saw it: a kinky, skillful, planned seduction. His fingers traced the inside of her leg. She hitched a breath, savoring the feel of his hand. His skin felt rough, like he was used to working in the outdoors, a trait she loved in a man. It showed that he was a hard worker and didn’t mind getting down and dirty. His hand crept closer to her pussy, stopping when he was a mere few inches away. “This is exactly what you wanted? To be laid and taken? Have you ever found a man strong enough to lead you?” No! But I might just have hit the jackpot with you. His last question aroused her, but she wouldn’t answer it yet. He may know what she physically needed, but she couldn’t allow her heart to become involved. Admitting that he could be the man of her dreams would be dangerous. It was way too early for that.She swallowed tightly. Her nipples beaded, her arousal sending waves of desire through her. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. But I would need to know who you are before we can even proceed.” He obviously knew who she was and all her sex affairs she has had. “Are you going to make me wait any longer? Tell me your name, and then we can proceed from there.”

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