The Road to Many Dicks Part 10

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After the sex in the shower, Kuntal had washed Amishi tenderly. She had to admit feeling vulnerable at that precise moment as she found him staring at her in her bedroom mirror, hoping he didn’t see any of the obvious feelings she had for him, neither in her gaze nor her face. But she didn’t think she would have a problem telling him what she wanted sexually. If she were rating her past orgasms, this had to be the best as of yet. He truly did know her body and what pleased her.

“Why are you staring?” She cringed inwardly. The way he stared at her made her feel exposed, but she hadn’t meant to ask the question out loud. It sounded somewhat rude.

“I’m trying to figure you out. You seem hesitant of what you want.”

“There are a few times that I’ve caught you watching me, and it seemed as if you were on the verge of telling me something important, but you’ve held back. Why?”

“What do you look for in a man?”

That was a question she could answer. “Many things. A man filled with kindness but strong at the same time. A man who wouldn’t be afraid of the things I would need. A man who would push me when I needed the push, and who would comfort me when my emotions get the best of me. And that’s just a few of the things I would need. Satisfied?”

“Not by a long shot, Amishi. Why write your fantasies in a book?”

Amishi narrowed her eyes and debated answering. It wasn’t because she didn’t trust him. But was it too soon to open up to him? AMISHI had written in her Journal, Each journey with MEN had been amazing, from sex on a bench at night and in a hotel room in Mumbai with her Housekeeper, to doing it on the terrace of her Ex-Bosses Penthouse, to having her soft, sexy lips wrapped around the cock of her Immediate Manager (International Counter for Ticketing & Booking) at the Travel Agency in Baroda, while she sucked him from underneath his desk as he sat on his chair. The office door had been locked, but that hadn’t lessened the excitement factor. Yet the times she enjoyed making love to the Loverboy of her college, until the early hours of morning in a jungle and in caravan, in the back seat of his car which had also been an adventure, was the most fascinating. It seemed that each sexual ride of hers became hotter and hotter with each day that had passed and she soon became an Addict to SEX.

“For now.” He laughed, repeating her words. “I read the passage in your diary about a THREESOME or a FOURSOME. Was that something you would ever consider, truly?” “If you didn’t know it yet, every fantasy written I would at least try once.” Kuntal wrapped an arm around Amishi’s waist and the other under her knees, then lifted Her. She wrapped her arms around his neck. “What are you doing?” His cock throbbed at the sound of her voice. Her tone was breathless, her gaze filled with arousal. He walked to her bedroom and placed her on her feet. “Continuing what I started. I’m going to fuck you, nice and slow. But first, I want a taste of something forbidden.” He went to his knees “Want to take a guess what I’m talking about, Amishi?” She licked her lips. “You’re going to fuck my ass.”

He placed a hand on her waist, steadying her, and lifted her leg, placing it on his shoulder. “Sweetness, that’s exactly what I’m going to do.” But first he had to taste her. He dropped his gaze and stared at her pussy, slick and hot with her essence. He put his lips on her, lapping at her juices. She tasted wonderful, like sweet honey, and he inhaled, taking her scent deep within. He was hungry for her, and he wanted to possess her in every which way. She was perfect for him, completely soft and submissive to what they both desired. She put one hand in his hair, and one on his shoulder, her nails digging into both, causing his cock to jerk against his jeans as the muscles on her thighs tightened. “Kuntal!”

He loved the way she said his name just when she was about to come. He licked at her clit, then sucked it between his lips. He ran his tongue against the folds, drinking the cream that spilled from her. He took his time, licking every crevice before returning his attention to her hard, throbbing clit. Her breaths came out in pants, and he could feel her muscles tightening in readiness. She tugged on his hair as he thrust his tongue into her pussy, then ran it over her clitoris, and she clamped her thighs around his head. Her juices spilled, and he drank every drop up, running his tongue over her labia and clitoris again and again. He wanted to spend an eternity bringing her to pleasure, but until she decided that he was what she wanted, they only had a few hours left to be together. He hoped to hell this wasn’t his last time with her, because he’d use everything in his power to not lose her.

He plunged his tongue into her snug pussy, his dick jerking at the contact as her body began to shiver. He continued to love her with his mouth, and her legs began to shake. “Stop.” She dropped her leg and took a step back. He rose to his feet. “Stop?” He would if she asked, but he didn’t think that’s what she meant. “It’s too much.” “What’s too much, Amishi?” “The pleasure.” The orgasm only left her hungry for more. He put her on the bed, and she sank back into the mattress, yearning for more of him. Was it possible that someone could die from an overload of desire? And it was a carnal desire that shook her to the very core. She felt decadent, well loved, and she was becoming attached to him in the most elemental way. As crazy as it sounded, in just few hours, he had found his way into her heart and had become irreplaceable. She wasn’t as fearful of the idea as she was hours ago. In fact, she was becoming more accustomed to it, and she sure as hell hoped he felt the same way when she was ready to reveal her feelings to him. He stripped off his jeans, kicking them somewhere behind him. His shaft was viciously hard, the head dark with arousal. He reached for a pillow.

“Raise your ass.” She did, and he placed the pillow under her hips. “Spread your legs open, Amishi.” She watched as he applied lubricant on his cock and then his finger as his gaze remained riveted to her hairless mound. He reached out and stroked her clit with his thumb, circling it, before trailing his index finger to her ass. He pushed the digit in, surging in and out, spreading the lube. Her body shook in lust, and she had to bite her lip to keep from shouting and pleading for him to fuck her. “Kuntal!” Her hips shot off the bed, but he continued to push the digit in and out, adding a second one. She couldn’t help but move, loving the burn that spread through her body. She was on the verge of coming, just seconds away as she rode his hand. He withdrew, and she moaned. But she felt when his broad cock was at her opening. Her gaze remained on him as he began to push in slowly.

“Relax, Amishi. It’ll be easier on you.”

She did as he asked, and he worked his shaft in by inches. Each time he pushed, she breathed in deeply, then released. The pain and pleasure wound her insides tight. She kept taking shallow breaths, praying at the same time that her body could take all of him. “You’re so fucking tight. I’m all the way in.” She felt full as pulses of pleasure ran through her body. The throbbing pain was dismal compared to the sexual rapture she was feeling. He gave her one moment to get a hold on the tumultuous emotions pounding through her, and then he began to move in steady, deep strokes. He dominated her with his sexual movements; her body could do nothing but be pliant and ready for him. He pushed his cock in and out. Electricity raced through her, causing her body to quiver. He reached below and brushed her clit with his thumb. He began to rub it in a circular motion, and her insides felt like they were melting in pleasure. She lost her breath, felt hot inside and out, and struggled to hold her orgasm back, her body bucking at the way he thrust into her. She arched her hips and wrapped her legs around his waist, seeking a deeper connection. “You’re so fucking hot, Amishi. It’s taking all I have to hold back.” She knew exactly how he felt. He was in tune with her body, knowing how shallow and fast he should go, but she wanted him to lose control.

“Don’t, Kuntal. Give me all of it.”

“Amishi.” He groaned and plunged his cock faster. Sweat coated their skin, the muscles in his arms and chest were bunched tight, and her nipples were tight buds of arousal. And it seemed he knew exactly what to do to set her off. He stroked her clitoris faster, and she burst, screaming his name. A streak of fire ran from her ass to her pussy, the force of it swallowing her alive, sending her into a place where she could only feel him, inside and out. Nothing existed, and for this special moment, there were no worries or doubts on whether they would continue seeing each other. Only their connection was what mattered the most, in this instant, and all she could do was surrender to the ecstasy.

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. References made to names, characters, places and incidents are fictious and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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