The Road to many Dicks Part 12

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KUNTAL took a swallow of his Corona and watched as AMISHI made her way to the ladies’ restroom along with Aashita. He couldn’t remove his gaze from her enticing, luscious body as she walked, her hips swaying from side to side. Whether she did it consciously or not, it still turned him on. Kuntal could honestly say he couldn’t be happier. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and his cock throbbed happily at the reminder. She was dressed in a white skin tight see thru’ shirt with peculiar open sleeves, and a pair of skin tight fitting jeans, and he had wondered what she wore underneath. She’d caught him staring at her a few times. And she’d blushed, her delicious rosy nipples growing hard, pressing against the fabric of her shirt. And that was when she had leaned over and whispered into his ear that she only wore a thong underneath. He was tempted to pull the buttons of her shirt and suck her breasts until she came from that alone.

“Are you sure about tonight, boss?” Harshal asked, reaching for his vodka. “You seem possessive of Amishi.”

Kuntal turned, focusing on Harshal and Hamid. “This is What she wants, and as you know, there is nothing more erotic than seeing a woman pleasured by THREE MEN.”

AMISHI had continued trying out some of the scenes in her journal. Each journey with her had been amazing, from sex on a bench at night with her Housekeeper, to doing it on the terrace of her Ex-Bosses Penthouse, to having her soft, pouty lips wrapped around the cock of her immediate Manager (International Counter for Ticketing & Booking) at the Travel Agency in Baroda, while she sucked him from underneath his desk as he sat on his chair. The office door had been locked, but that hadn’t lessened the excitement factor. Yet the times they had stayed at hotels, loving each other until the early hours of morning, which had also been an adventure. It seemed that the sexual side of their relationship became hotter and hotter with each day that had passed. She has become dependent on SEX.

“We’re on, then,” Harshal replied. Tonight was the perfect time to let Amishi experience the wildest of her Fantasies – The FOURSOME.

Amishi entered her apartment and headed straight for the shower. Kuntal was back at his place and had requested that she get ready for tonight. It was still early, only nine, and out of curiosity she had asked what his plan was. He sent her off with a kiss to her lips, but he wouldn’t give her any details, just an order to slip into something more comfortable, and that he would arrive at her apartment in about fifteen minutes. She decided on a quick shower, though, because of the smell of cigarettes at the restaurant that had seeped into her skin.

Amishi took off the dress, shoes, and made her way to her bedroom. She opened her drawer and snatched a short red, satin nightgown, before reaching for a clip, and tying her hair up. She entered her bathroom and turned the water on. She hung the nightgown on the hook, then stepped into the shower and reached for the scented soap.

What did he have planned for her now? She was more curious now that he hadn’t told her anything. She’d seen desire in his gaze, felt his cock pressing against her as he kissed her. Whatever it was, he was turned on.

Amishi reached for the towel, stepped out, and turned the shower off. She dried herself and slipped into the gown before unclipping her hair and brushing it. She heard the front door to her apartment close. “Kuntal?” “In the living room.” She stepped into her living area and froze as her gaze went from a shirtless Kuntal to an equally shirtless Harshal and Hamid.

This was what he meant about a surprise. WOW !. She had already known that he wanted to try most of the fantasies she had written down, but a FOURSOME wasn’t something she thought they would ever do. Though they had tried most of her fantasies out, this was probably the naughtiest, and she never would’ve guessed that Kuntal would be willing to go ahead with it. They never even discussed the possibility.

“Kuntal?” She couldn’t help but repeat his name. For a few seconds, all he did was watch her, and then he walked over to her. He grabbed her hand in his. “Amishi, ever since reading your journal, I’ve wanted to give you the experience you craved with each fantasy you wrote. A FOURSOME would be about giving you pleasure. It would truly be a decadent experience being loved by three men. ” Amishi couldn’t help but be grateful that he gave them a few minutes of privacy.

“I would never risk what I have with you for a few hours of sex, Are you okay with this? Are you okay with Harshal and Hamid being here? If not, just say the word, and they’re gone. I would be more than fine with anything you decide.”

Men tended to be possessive, and she could understand that allowing another Two Men into their bed would be asking a lot. “I’m fine with it, Kuntal. Truthfully, it’s a sexual act I’ve always wanted to try with someone.” She had to admit she would never be comfortable allowing another woman into their bedroom.

“Please be sure, because I’m not willing to sacrifice what we have for just a few hours of pleasure. You’re more important than that.”

He smiled and walked closer to her. He reached out, grabbed her hand, and placed a kiss on it. “Shouldn’t that be my line, sweet?”

“I have no problem with it. It would be absolute bliss watching you come apart as Harshal, Hamid and myself pleasured you. I want to watch you tremble in ecstasy and explode in our arms. I want to feel your ass wrapped around my cock while Harshal fucks your tight pussy and you suck Hamid’s Dick.”

Talk about turning her on. His words and the visions they evoked already had her hot and bothered. She winked, her lips curving into a smile. “Then let’s get this PARTY started.”

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. References made to names, characters, places and incidents are fictious and any resemblance to any persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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