The Road to many Dicks Part 5

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Breaking into Amishi’s home, not knowing if she was alone, was probably at the top of his “Stupidest Thing He’d (Kuntal) Ever Done” list, but he couldn’t wait any longer. He hated to admit that desperation brought him to this point. But the simple, truthful fact was that he wanted her.

He also recognized her need to know, so she could in some part have control over what was going to happen. Contrary to what he read about her abandoning all power, he believed she still needed a portion of it. “Once I do tell you who I am, you would then have to be absolutely sure this is what you want. Do not decide quickly. Take as long as you need to think this through, and you are allowed to ask me any questions. I will answer truthfully. I don’t want there to be any regrets between us, now or later.” “Okay.” She whispered the word and moistened her lips with her tongue.

He didn’t realize how nervous he was until this moment. The decision was completely in her hands. But he had already decided that even if she did tell him to back down, he would pursue her another way. “Mr Kuntal from Barada, at your service.” She gasped, her lips parting open. “My sexy neighbor?”

He smiled at the surprise he heard in her voice, and that she knew exactly who he was and that it meant something. “The one and only. I’ve been watching you for a while now.” He had even gone as far as to spying on her from afar a few nights. “I wanted to make sure that you weren’t involved with anyone.” “What would have happened if there had been someone in my life?” Even if she did have a lover, it probably wouldn’t have stopped him from going after her. He would have just gone a different route, wooing her at a leisurely pace, until she realized he was the one for her. “I would have simply showed you that I was the better man.”

“You sound absolutely confident that you are.” “I can back it up anytime, Amishi.” God, but she was a sexy woman. She had definitely caught more than his eye, with her dark, short very thin hair, the strands reaching down her bare neck.Her smooth wheatish skin always appeared radiant, and he would find himself ensnared in her honey-colored big eyes whenever she caught a glimpse of him, murmuring her greeting. Her trim body, which she covered in fitted tight dresses and suits that showed her BIG boobs, with her nipples always erect, stimulated him, and for a fact would give anyone an instant hard on. Ask And he just wanted to fall to his knees, taking time to explore her slowly. She was a treasure, one he imagined he couldn’t rush or wouldn’t get enough of. Kuntal removed his shirt, unbuttoned the top of his jeans, and readjusted his hard cock. He didn’t want to take his pants off yet, because they served as a barrier, a protection from himself and from ravishing her on the spot. And he could use help in that area. Because he was tempted to start sucking on her toes and work his way up slowly till he brought her to ecstasy with his mouth alone. He climbed on the bed and positioned himself between her legs. She only wore a short black silk Tee-Shirt to bed, and it was a very delectable choice on her part. Her legs were spread wide, so he caught a perfect view of her black orchid. He licked his lips, inhaling deeply; her scent filled the room. He just couldn’t wait to get to her Pussy, lift her hips to his mouth, and eat at her soft pussy.

He needed her to know him better and to realize that though he was giving life to her fantasies, there would still be more to them after this. So, the first step would be getting to know each other. “So you have no questions to ask me? Nothing you want to know or are curious of?” “Are you single?”

In the position she was in, it was more than a fair question. “No, I am not.& Where did you find my Diary? I’ve been looking everywhere for it.”

“On the steps by the entry gate. I do have to say that you’ve accomplished what no woman ever has. You left me tongue-tied.” He laughed. “Nervous like a schoolboy, and I found myself studying you visually but never able to get the guts to ask you on a date.” “You? Tongue-tied? I don’t believe it.”

“It’s all true. I was afraid of rejection. Not that it would’ve stopped me, if I ever did get the balls to ask. Wait. Not if, but when. If you had said no, I’m sure I would’ve worn you down eventually with my pleading.” She snorted. “Spoken like a true gentleman. So Kuntal, what’s your next step in all of this?” This time her voice gave away nothing, but he bet if he touched her, her body would. The idea held more than a sensual appeal, and he couldn’t stop himself from reaching out to her.

“Isn’t that obvious, Amishi?” He pushed his finger against the silk that covered her Pussy. She was hot and wet, her heat seeping through the fabric. She arched her hips toward the digit, and he rubbed her slick, hairy steamy clit. A moan erupted from her throat. Her Pussy was soaked with her cream, and he had to fight back the strong need to fall to his knees and drink her in. The thought of tasting her caused his balls to tighten, his cock to lengthen even farther. “I’m going to bring life to your dreams & Fantasies.

There’s one particular naughty fantasy I want to act out with you. This is what you want, without a doubt?” “Yes.” She hissed the word through her teeth, her breath coming out in a soft pant. “This is exactly what I want. And if you have intentions of stopping, I’ll kill you.” He laughed. She was a pure vision, like her name, which means PURELY SEEN, her body shifting along with his hand, dancing to the pleasure his finger provided. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. His cock jerked in his pants, the thick vein along the underside throbbing heavily. “No regrets.” She whispered the two words. And with the release of his breath, Kuntal hadn’t realized how desperate he’d been to hear her acceptance. “Then let us proceed.” He pulled his hand back. “Please.” She pleaded so prettily, her full bottom lip forming a sexy pout. His hand flew to the opening of his jeans. With a will made out of steel, he forced himself to stop. He almost gave in to her, and as soon as he released his dick, he wouldn’t have been able to stop. He would’ve had his cock in her in seconds. No woman had ever made him lose his control like she did, and he couldn’t decide if that was a good thing or a dangerous one. “No need to beg, Amishi. I’ll soon be doing exactly that pleases you. Let’s get this started.”

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