The Road to many Dicks Part 6

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Amishi couldn’t help but stare at Kuntal, eating every detail up with her eyes. He reminded her of a panther, an animal with sleek, powerful strength, assessing her before it made its move. His muscles were tight as if waiting to pounce. Comparing this man to a beautiful creature was no hardship. But she found Kuntal to be even more handsome than any other living thing.

In the past, she had caught him watching her a few times. It didn’t disturb her that he appeared so engrossed. Instead, she found herself wondering what was running through his mind, what he was thinking at that exact moment. She had been more than turned on by the sure way he carried himself and the power he seemed to possess. She wanted to explore that and so much more. In the past, they had shared minimal conversation, and she had never been brave enough to confront him. But now that he made the first move, she wouldn’t give in to any doubts, fears, or worries swirling in her head. She pushed the thoughts down and forced herself to concentrate on him. He had to be the sexiest man alive. In her eyes, he would always get that number one distinction. He wore his black hair loose, and she couldn’t wait to feel the strands against her skin. His gray eyes were fixed on her as she took in his nose, slightly crooked and a bit too long, but somehow a perfect fit for his face. His lips were faultless: not too thin, not too full. She dropped her gaze to his exposed chest. His flesh was smooth, and the muscles defining his strength were clearly visible.

She dropped her eyes lower to his rippled stomach, and then the unbuttoned part of his jeans, where a hint of the top of his cock showed through. Holy Shit, he was sexy. She wanted to lick him everywhere. He was the man she wanted to experience everything with. How odd that the realization would fully hit her now, when he was almost naked. But she wouldn’t question how fate worked. Her gaze remained glued to his penis, her mouth watering at the sight that heated her blood. If she weren’t tied, she would’ve probably gone to her knees and slowly paid homage to his large cock with her mouth and tongue. And by the impression his shaft left on his jeans, Amishi would have no complaints in the size department. Kuntal removed his pants, and she swallowed hard.

The head of his cock was dark, smooth, and she caught a glimpse of the side of his penis, where a vein ran along the top and ended right before the tip. It was simply beautiful, and she was satisfied in some sense by just watching him. He climbed onto the bed and straddled her, his knees on either side of her breasts, and she gasped. He placed his cock inches from her mouth, the head barely kissing her lips as he reached for the two pillows that were tossed to the side. He tucked his hand underneath her, wrapped it around her neck, and gently lifted, placing the pillows behind her head. The movement shifted his dick to the side, and now it brushed her cheek. It definitely gave her a better angle for what he obviously had planned. “Suck my cock, Amishi. And make sure you do it well, or you’ll suffer in your lust all night long.” Her desire went up another notch at his order, and she definitely wanted to please him. She was already to the near point of begging him to take her, and she had no plans to endure her arousal with no pleasure in sight. She opened her mouth as he reached for her hair and plunged his fingers within the strands.

He tightened his grip but remained still, watching her. She couldn’t break her gaze from his, and it made the act more intimate, which was fine by her. She already knew she wouldn’t be able to have just one night of him. She just hoped he felt the same way. And if he didn’t, she’d deal with that heartbreak later. She flicked her tongue around his cockhead, capturing a pearly drop of precum that had seeped through the slit. He tasted deliciously masculine, his scent rich and musky, reaching within her and surrounding her body with heat. She lifted her head and pushed more of him into her mouth, then ran her tongue on the vein. He tightened his hand in her hair, causing tingles along her scalp.

His cock pulsed, and he pressed more of his shaft into her. That’s what she wanted, for him to take control because his lust overpowered his senses. She would reap gratification from the act. She relaxed her throat and took the rest of his cock in. The head reached the back of her mouth, causing her to gag, but she counteracted with swallowing, and it was a bit easier to take him. Giving head had always been a reciprocal service for her; if her lover had done it to her, then he’d receive it back, but it was more out of duty than anything else. It didn’t feel that way with Kuntal. Nothing about him could even compare to what she had felt with her previous lovers. She wanted to share everything with him, explore every sexual fantasy, spending days in bed. The fact that it was a bit soon to be thinking about the future with him unnerved her. And even as she tried again and again to push it away from her mind, it would reappear. But as the saying went, it was what it was. And she couldn’t argue with how she felt.


He growled the words, sounding more beast than man. She loved it, took immense joy in knowing that she could make him this way. And he was now losing what little control he possessed, handing her a small amount of power, which she would remember and cherish. Perfect. She had always dreamed it would be this way. She moaned as he fucked her mouth with his cock in true abandonment. The tip of his shaft reached the opening of her throat before he withdrew and started all over again. She continued to tighten her mouth around him, alternating between licks and sucking. She lost herself in the scent and taste of him, his male aroma reaching her womb, spiking her arousal high.

His focus on the way she sucked him thrilled her as he continued to thrust deeply into her mouth, and she still couldn’t bear to shift her gaze from his “Amishi!” She saw his body tighten, felt his cock flex once more, and then a burst of his seed shot into the back of her throat. Amishi swallowed his cum, the taste of his essence rich and slightly sweet. She could easily picture herself on her knees —while he was sitting down at his desk, even—bringing him to ecstasy with just her mouth, every day. In her opinion, it would be no hardship.

She continued to lick him even as his cock softened. He shifted his body, moving up, and her attention was on to his sac. She ran her tongue along his balls, enveloping one between her lips. He pulled her head back and released her hair. She moved her head, taking the tip of hi shaft into her mouth. She felt hot, her arousal high and strong, heating her body from the inside out. “Enough.” Kuntal swung his leg over her and climbed off the bed.

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