The Road to Many Dicks Part 7

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Mr Kuntal was in trouble, Trouble in the sense that he was hooked on a Fatal Drug called AMISHI, and he knew with every fiber of his being that no one except her would be able to satisfy him ever again. The thought was a climatic moment for him, and he wished he had the time to let it really sink in. But all he could do was concentrate on how lovely she looked. There was an innocence about her in the way she lost herself while bringing him to the most astounding pleasure he’d ever experienced. She was more than good, and just like that, he was addicted to her. The future without her would be a bleak one.

He reached down and rubbed at the corner of her lip where she missed a drop of semen. The sight of her brought a fierce primitive need within him, leaving a desire to shout that she was his to the world. The knowledge that he would never find anyone like her raced through his brain. And the intense attraction scared him because he suspected that he was experiencing what love at first sight truly meant. But he’d never been one to back down or run from anything. And he wouldn’t start now.

Controlling the lust heating his body was probably the hardest thing he ever had to do. Managing it, harnessing it, was a huge problem, but he wouldn’t be deterred. Acting like a wild beast in front of her wasn’t an option. Kuntal intended to make this the best morning of Amishi’s life. And from there, he silently hoped they would continue, in the days to come, their exploration of each other —not only physically but mentally too. His feelings unnerved him, but he wasn’t letting her go. “And now for the next step.” He reached for the black bag that held the sex toys he had purchased. He unzipped it, delving inside for lube, an anal plug, nipple clamps, and a pair of scissors.

“There are steps you’re following?” Her voice was husky, filled with desire. He lifted his gaze as he placed the bag on the corner of the bed and retrieved the items. “There are actually, and your journal is my guide. I’ve paid very close attention to your details.” snort erupted from her lips.

“Well, the first step was more than enjoyable.” He laughed. “Isn’t that supposed to be my line?”

“The giver can find as much enjoyment in the act as the receiver. If you touch between my legs, you would know I’m correct. I almost came from enjoying you. But I’m very interested to see what you have planned next. I’m sure your steps will astound me. You have my full attention and my permission to proceed.” This time he held his laughter back. She was truly a delight, a mixture of smart sassiness one second and haughtiness in another. And that was another thing he found endearing about her. Kuntal placed the sex toys on the bed by her feet and climbed back onto the mattress. He grabbed the scissors and began to cut her Silky tee-Shirt from the hem up. He pulled the fabric from her skin so the blade was far enough from her enticing flesh.

“What are you doing?” She breathed the words out, and he noticed how she held her breath. He hoped it was in anticipation or lust. Though fear sometimes heightened the sex, it was the last thing he wanted her to feel. “Making sure there is nothing in our way.” He grinned. He couldn’t wait to taste her. The fabric fell away, revealing a remarkably seductive body. He cut her Tee Shirt next, and as he pulled it, tossing it to the floor, he found he couldn’t remove his gaze from her deep hairy pussy. He’d never seen a more beautiful sight, slick and rosy from desire, the folds glistening with her cream. To lick and suck her for the next hour would be heaven. He put the scissors on the nightstand beside the bed. He wanted nothing in his way when he imprinted her perfect body in his memory forever. He sat back on his calves, and his gaze fell on her breasts. They were round, her nipples a light shade of brown, the tips tight with desire. He reached out, helpless to stop the yearning to touch her. He traced his finger around the tip of her breast. If he bent and brought his mouth close to taste her, he’d go all the way and sink his cock deep inside of her.

Kuntal pulled his hand back, then dropped his gaze to her stomach and flared hips. She was perfect as she was, all velvety-smooth skin that any man would love to explore. Not just any man. Him—only him. His desire for her was intense, and he was coming more to terms with it each minute that passed. “What are you waiting for?” She squirmed, tightening the muscles in her abdomen. He hoped it wasn’t in nervousness. “Patience has its rewards.” He lifted his gaze to hers and smiled. He’d never been this aroused before, this totally focused on one woman. He placed his palm on the inside of her thigh. He felt her heat inches from his fingers, and he couldn’t help it when he began to crawl closer to her pussy.

The tips of his fingers grazed her pussy, and he groaned as he touched her slick, hot wetness. “You’re ready for me.” “Of course I am.” She moaned as she lifted her hips in an attempt to get closer to him. “It seems like I’ve been dreaming about this exact scenario for always.” And the reality was proving to be a hundred times better than the fantasies he had, since he’d found her journal. He pulled his hand back from her. “Lift your hips.” She did so without question, and he hoped it was because of the desire he’d seen in her gaze, felt in her trembling body. Taking a pillow from the side, Kuntal slid it under hips. She lowered herself down, and the new position raised her higher and closer to him. He reached for the lube, uncapping it and coating his index and middle finger thickly.

She licked her lips. “What is your next step?”

“Making sure your ass is stretched as wide as possible for my cock.” She gasped.

He stilled his hand, unsure if the sound that erupted from her lips was of consent or hesitation. “Are you opposed to the idea? If you’d like me to stop or take it a little slower, I will. Is this a first for you?” Damn! Perhaps, he should’ve asked her those questions before he made his move. Even so, he sure as hell hoped she wouldn’t say no. He wanted to give her all the fantasies she had written out and then some. “Yes… I mean—” She took a deep breath, then released it slowly. “What I meant to say was, yes, it is my first time, and no, I’m not against the idea.”

A hot wave of lust ran through him at her words, and he withheld himself from rutting with her like a ravaging beast, even though that’s exactly how he felt at this moment. He pushed his index finger into her ass, thrusting the lubed digit in and out.

Her hips arched from the bed, and she moaned. “It’s cold.” “You’ll be warm soon enough.” He continued to move his finger in a slow pace, stretching her. It slipped in, and she clenched her muscles around him. He almost came on the spot at the thought of his cock pushing into her tightness. Minutes passed before he felt her relax and her hips begin to move. “How does it feel?”

“Too good.” He pressed his middle finger in, inch by inch, and waited a few moments until she became accustomed to the new size. She gasped, and he began to move. She was aroused, her breath coming out in pants, her nipples tight, and her cream flowing from her pussy down to his fingers. Hell, he could come from watching her alone, and it made him even hotter. “You’re so hot, Amishi. It’s taking all of my strength not to sink my cock into you right now. The way your ass grips my finger so tightly, I could just come from that alone.” She whimpered, “Do it. Sink your cock deep into me.” He wanted to, more than anything. He closed his eyes momentarily, silently hoping his self-control would win over the raging lust running deep within him. His balls drew up tight against the base of his throbbing dick at the thought of entering her pussy bare.

A gush of her sweet, hot juices spilled to his hand, and he groaned, fighting back the need to take her. What would it feel like to be enveloped by her slick, hot pussy, flesh against flesh? He reached for the plug, which was less thick, and about three inches shorter than his own length, and circled the tip into the opening of her ass. He noticed when the muscles in her thighs tightened. “Don’t fight it, Amishi. It will be so much better if you give in and savor the pleasure.” He pushed the plug in as her anal muscles instinctively pressed against the plastic cock seeking entrance. But he was relentless and he continued forward slowly, until the top passed the sphincter, and not stopping until it was all the way in her snug, hot ass.

“Kuntal!” She screamed out his name as more of her hot juices spilled on his hand. The sweet scent of her filled the room, and he inhaled, taking her aroma deep within him. He wanted to put his mouth on her Hairy pussy and suck all her cream up so the taste of her would be with him always. And she deserved a reward for being so obedient, so trustworthy. He crawled between her spread legs and lay down. He brought his mouth to her hairy mound, staring in awe at the glistening folds of her sweet hairy pussy. “You’ve been so good, Amishi…so trusting.” He pursed his lips and blew a puff of air on her clit.

“Please, Kuntal.” He wasn’t going to wait any longer. He held out long enough for the both of them. “Pleasing you, honey, is my number one priority.” And with those words, he placed his lips on her.

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