Kings Cross

Describe room

The room is lit with a harsh red light. On metal coat hangers on the walls there are various costumes, one is a nurse’s uniform another appears to be made of black rubber.
Describe objects
The bed is a large double bed. On the bed


As I lie here, sound asleep, feeling all warm and safe, thinking how happy I feel, cold shivers running up my legs, it feels like spiders running over me.
I feel wet cold tongues on my legs, maybe three or four, slippery cold wet feeling moving up m

Pulled to the ground

It was the day before Christmas. Shea (my cousin) and I went to go “primp” before dinner. While we were in the bedroom, she was curling her hair, she kept looking at my boobs. I thought maybe she’s readig my t-shirt several times. The door was locked


Getting on the late flight that night Angel’s mind was drifting on other things as she peered out into the darkness. She just had a terrible breakup with her boyfriend a few weeks before and wanted her life back to some amount of normalness. Thoughts


Imagine ur laying nude on a private beach basking in ur spender… u have ur sun shades on, ur are eyes closed, and ur listening to ur favorite music through ur headphones…. you’re alone, one with the ocean… so u think…. as u lay there with u


Int. London, England/night

Sapphire and Louis sit in their living room watching late-night television when the doorbell rings
Sapphire gets up and walks to the door
She looks through the peak hole to see who it is
She sees all of her’s and Lo

18th Birthday Party!

Ok its my 18th birthday and I had a party guys only except me. Well they had their own plans for me. Around nine thirty everyone got there and we talked and danced. Then I went to the bath room when I came out they were all naked. They said come join

The Girl Next Door

Ever night she would torture me by striping to her bra and panties and then close the shade. She knew i watched her undress. I would sit on my bed every night and masturebait. I would imagine would it would be like to fuck her. She was the girl n



when I dream I dream
well the setting is the beach and Im the only one on it, private beach I guess dunno. Im reading a book enjoying myself all is quiet and serene, wierd actually but anyways. I got my hot swim shorts on. Im smokin,I

Sweet Sexual Surrender

The look on her face….seemed to indicate the same feelings rising within him. He would hate to make any mistake that would offend her though…she neatly took care of his hesitancy by leaning over and giving him a kiss that cleared things up deligh