Blackmailed girl raped in school and enslaved

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Agatha was slowly walking down the school corridor. She were 18 years old, she had

long wavy black hair, she was also tall and very fit. Her breast was rather medium

size, but she was happy with it as she was shy and didn’t want her breast to catch

too much guys’ attention. …

The Island Inhabitants

The Island Inhabitants

November 2010

The small independent island nation was at the end of a long chain of Pacific archipelago islands more than 40 miles from it’s nearest island neighbor, 154 square miles in size, large and protected shallow clear blue lagoons surrounding the island with white sugar sand beaches, many isolated coves with similar beaches and a very small stable …




After was married I had little idea how my life would transform I had known my wife’s sisters from school though I only vaugly remember her from school I had known her big sister who was the same age as was I we were on the wrestling team together through our high school days and junior high days I even got to go to wrestling tournaments not …


My name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jess, now 21 years old. I’m trying to put my life back together from an experience no one should ever have to deal with. Here is my story-

Hearing the words on the other end of the phone takes me back 3 years to a time a I had been fighting so hard to forget and those 2 little words, “he’s out”, brings it all back as if it was yesterday. I was 18 …




when I married my ex wife some years ago she had a daughter around ten I was a petite short little man maybe 5’3′ and I might have tipped the scales at 100 pounds though I was referred to as the 98 pound weakling ,she was already taller then I

I had a hard time punishing her but still gave it a try

turning her over my knee and spanking her till she cried

by …

Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 7

Alexandra was in heaven. Sam’s hands had thoroughly massaged her belly area with a touch so light that her pussy became moist with each pass. His lips had kissed her neck, making her heart skip, and her lust rise.

Sam gently lowered her onto Yolanda’s queen sized bed, running his hands across her ample tits. He was feeling rakish, and he found Alexandra’s body sexy. He had heard she was …

Prisoner of Lust

“Did I ever tell you about my prison experiences?” Ella asked Andrea.

Andrea practically gagged on her croissant and started laughing. “You are so funny!” she said as she wiped the crumbs from around her mouth and caught her breath.

“No, I’m serious. I really was in prison. When I was 20 I got involved with a guy that dealt crystal meth and I got involved in it as well.”

Friday Night Discipline Part 3

Friday Night Discipline Part 3

The next week there was no dinner party at the Stephenson’s. But the girl was in trouble this time. Tammy’s spankings were almost always delivered in the privacy of the basement. Because of this preferential treatment, Tommy harbored serious resentment towards his parents and his sister. He knew his father preferred Tammy over himself. He knew he went light …

The Devils Morning

Henry awoke at 7.28 on quiet Sunday morning. He had his usual morning glory. He lugged out of bed and pulled off his Nike running shorts. He was stark naked. He stared into nothing as he rubbed at his penis in a slow but agressive manner. He stumbled into the bathroom of his single apartment, still rubbing his penis. He stood over the toilet, whilst standing on the tips of his toes, leaning …

A Second Chance Pt 1

The rain slashed through my headlights like miniature meteors streaking Earthward. The slap-tick of the wipers was mesmerizing. Only the gut-grinding fear of losing traction on this two-lane road in the eastern mountains of Tennessee kept me from surrendering to their metronomic pulsing and drifting off to sleep.

I was at the range of my endurance. I’d been driving over six hours, all of it …

Inspired by a Movie

Inspired by a Film


My wife, Andrea, and I have had a very active and enjoyable sex life every since we first met 8 years ago.  I’m an active, fit 37-year-old and she’s a beautiful, physically fit 27-year-old blonde.  I sold a couple of software patents a few years ago that allow me to work only when and if I wish.  Andrea, a lawyer, doesn’t have to work but maintains a limited …

Lucky In Las Vegas!

One of the things I love about the adult entertainment industry is the people working on it. My job is related to it – sex toy designer – and I constantly travel to their different expositions and conventions. You won’t believe the characters in the industry. Some are the shady types your mother warned you about, others could pass as your next door neighbor in any American suburb. I love …

money maid

Me and the Maid

I am a good looking guy from townside Bombay. I go to Jaihind college and doing Commerce. I have a maid called Nalini who was pretty good looking for a maid.

One day I came home from college as it was a day off. So I was at home all alone, my parents were of to work. Nalini was doing her house work and I asked her if she has already finished , she was about to and asked me …

Watching My 45 Year Old Wife Fuck Another Man

How could she do this to me?  My wife was making love with another

man and I had to watch it! Ours had been a story book tale of love

and marriage.  Even though I was a bit older than Kate, we had known

25 years of tried and true, faithful love to each other.  We were

what seemed to be the All American couple, three lovely children who

were now out on their own, positive contributors to …

The Crimson Queen, Part 4

After that, Terri decided to stop going to church. She was many things now, but she didn’t want a hypocrite to be one of them.

At the same time, she was terrified by the things she’d discovered about herself. Everything had happened at such a mind-bending speed, she hadn’t been able to fully absorb and make sense of it. Growing weary of the constant conflict raging between her …

china love doll

I first noticed her about a month ago. My apartment is about two floors higher than hers and across the street. I saw her one night as I was about to go to bed, and turned out all the lights, and hers were the only ones on in the her building. She was Asian, buck naked with porcelain skin, small but perky breasts, short brown hair with blond streaks though it and full red lips and a shaved …


Okay so this is really wild but this how I became a Shemale. I was 22 just out of school and dating a girl, Donna, that was suppose to be 25, but it turns out she was 39 and had three kids and one them Tamara, a hairdresser was 24 and a knock out. I learned this when I went to her home for our fifth date and got the pleasure of staying there all night with her. The next morning I awoke to her …

The Red Moon

The Red Moon—

Rain pattered softly on the chilled glass pane of the gray brick estate, coating its icy surface with a layer of frost and masking the figure sleeping soundly on the bed inside. Breaks in the ice allowed slivers of moonlight to streak in and pierce the shadowy darkness of the bed. The passing clouds blocked the moon from view. Wrapped among the thick covers was a pair of long, …

Timmy’s New Job Part 4

In the morning Timmy woke up from a deep sleep. He slept soundly through the night after drinking mommy’s milk. Timmy was disappointed, for he realized mommy had not raped him last night. He looked up into the mirrored ceiling and saw his small body, as he lay naked in a sea of silk sheets, comforters, and down filled pillows that covered a bed well beyond king size. Timmy watched his excited …