Hot Tub First Time

Catherine (or known as Cat by her friends) was sitting in a hot tub with 4 of her friends who were both couples and a girl who was a friend of a friend that Cat had never met before. They were all enjoying getting drunk and unwinding from their stres

good eating at Laughlin, nv

The Hubby wanted to go away for the weekend! I knew what that meant!
You see, I’ve always thought a large cock made you happy, well I married a Black guy with a Rather Large cock, and I couldn’t take care of his needs, so on the weekends we’d

Having Fun With Lyne

one saturday afternoon dee and i were out on the screened in back porch sipping on a few beers and toking some pot. we talked about a new porn dvd we

watched the night before that made us so horny we screwed all night long. the movie had a big bo

how i got into guys

i’m not a real good story writer. but this is one i’ve wanted to tell someone
about for some time now. it is true, and i will tell it as acurately as i can
recall. this is not chock full of hot sex. but i was just getting into this
kind of activi

First time

I had just turned 40 when after a few drinks one night I decide to have a look in the local paper for personal services. I found what I thought looked like a safe contact, so I called him and we chatted for a while before he agreed to meet me at my f

Dancer Fucks Up only to Get Fucked

“Brie! What the hell was that out there tonight?” coach said as she pushed me into her office
“i—I’m sorry coach, I—“
“sorry just isn’t good enough this time!” I stood there in fear, I

A Birthday Surprise

  I was in the shower. I had just finished saving my body smooth. There was no hair left on my body except what was on my head. I was enjoying the smoothness, running my hands over my smooth chest, legs and ass. My cock was just starting to gro

Three Married Ladies, the tall blonde

“What is it about you? All I want most of the time is you inside of me.” One of my three married ladies, the tall blonde… . “You do things to me that my husband would never do or could do.” Lisalegs, wet all the time Lisalegs, at least when she is

wife with mates and there dogs

we went on swinging sites to find what we were looking for a large group of big black men to meet at ours and fuck my wife all over the house all weekend no socal meetings needed we are wanting to roleplay a groupe rape and to be used any way there s

“Boy am I Going to Pay” part 6

While this series is based on True Events, All names have been changed and certain details have been embellished for Erotic Effect!

“Boy am I Going to Pay!” part 6

So there I was, Buck Naked, on all fours, ball gag in my mouth, hard cock pointi

“Boy am I Going to Pay” part 5

While this series is based on True Events, All names have been changed and certain details have been embellished for Erotic Effect!

“Boy am I Going to Pay!” part 5

Ms. Samantha. (My Ex), finally lays her New Well Used Crop down, pats my welt

“Boy am I Going to Pay” part 4

While this series is based on True Events, All names have been changed and certain facts may have been embellished for Erotic Effect!

“Boy am I Going to Pay!” part 4

With no more hesitation I stood, opened the door and stepped out into the c

The Mistress And The Wife

This is the story of two lesbians, who love each other for life.
One of them is the mistress and the other is her graceful wife.

The mistress is tall and muscular. She sports a short blonde mane.
Her eyes are blue, her forehead is broad, and Oct

The Bet

It had been a hot and sultry Indian summer Saturday. The mid-afternoon lightning storm had knocked out the power for about an hour and when the AC didn’t come back on when the power did, I went outside to see if there was something obviously w

Master Bator 3

When Master woke up he was alone. After a few minutes he noticed the sounds and smells coming from the kitchen. It could only be Derrick. He emerged carrying a tray…”Master forgive me for taking the liberty…” He set it down in front of Master. ”

An Affair to Remember part 2

An Affair to Remember —part 2

Since my wife’s chance encounter of experiencing our fantasy of her being with another man, we have not spoken about it for quite a while. In that time our sex life had been pretty good until just recen

An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

My wife and I have been together for many years. Upon meeting we became very serious right away. We met very early in college well before having had much of an opportunity to get to know other partners. I had a couple opportu

Dream Lover, Story 5

It’s one of those mobbed hall scenes common to probably any convention – this one only standing out because the mobs are dressed in wild science fiction outfits. I noticed you staring at me – you looked away when I glanced at you but next time I look

Dream Lover, Story 4

A group of us were downstairs – it was a little more ‘finished’ in this dream than it was in real life – there was a low sofa with a beat-up coffee table in front of it. My cousin and a few other people were sitting on the sofa and I was leaning over