His Rules

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Everyday I had to wait for you

to come through the door

naked, hands behind my back

with my eyes cast to the floor

you didn’t come at your usual time

I didn’t think to wait

you found me in the kitchen, my fingers

buried deep, I tried to stop, but it was too late

my head tossing from side to side

my moans escaping in short gasps

you moved quickly in front of me

attaching my nipples in clover clasps

you pulled the chain hard, making

me scream as the orgasm shook my body

I knew when I saw the look in your eyes

I was going to be punished for being naughty

bending me over the table, you use ropes

to keep my legs open and spread

whimpering as your ruler came down hard

on my ass and inner thighs, making them red

pressing the head of your swollen cock

against my ass, you roughly jerk on the chain

grabbing my hair as you drive into me

over and over again

you lean forward whispering in my

ear, “You will cum with my name on your lips”

you pound my soft flesh hard and fast

growling as your hot cum begins to drip

falling onto my back, you kiss my neck gently

asking, “Do you know what I punished you for?”

answering softly, “Yes Sir, because I wasn’t

waiting for you at the door

He Gags Her

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  1. Amanda19

    ooooooh I’d love to have a beast like that, fact is I need a good spanking

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