Another Day at the Doctor’s

You walk into the examination room when the doctor calls your name and look her up and down, carefully admiring the gorgeous woman that stands in front of you as you sit on the edge of the table. She is tall and slender, with slim legs that are accentuated by the high red stiletto heels she wears with her long, white coat. The coat ends just under the curve of her ass, and you can see nothing underneath other than the sheer stockings that cover her legs. Through the low V where the first button closes, you can see her cleavage straining to escape the confines of the jacket. Her blonde hair falls in waves down her back, and she smiles at you as you enter. “Hello, Mr. Smith” she says, “I’m just going to give you an overall exam for today to make sure all your basic health is in order, and from there we will evaluate what course of action to take. Please, try to relax. The hard part will be over before you know it”. She smiles at you, and you can feel a stirring in your dick as she prepares to get to work.

First, she undresses you slowly, starting with your shirt and then moving to your pants, gently probing with her fingers across your chest and down your stomach, and then lightly caressing your inner thighs, feeling along to make sure everything seems healthy, until you stand in only boxers before her. And then, through your boxers, she begins to gently squeeze your cock, then balls, feeling you begin to harden as you see down her jacket to the bare breasts that strain to be released from their material covering. You secretly wish for the top button to pop, but no such luck; instead, suddenly she looks up from her examining, sees your greedy eyes staring, and then meets them with a wicked gleam in her own green eyes, one arched eyebrow raising simultaneously. “Well, Mr.Smith, you seem perfectly healthy to me. However, if you would be willing, I have a few more unconventional tests that I would like to try on you” she says. As you agree, she hooks her thumbs into the waistband of your boxers and eases them towards the floor.

Suddenly, your cock springs free, fully erect and pulsing for your sexy, sultry doctor. Smiling, the doctor rises to whisper in your ear, “now be sure not to stifle any natural reactions; I’ll be monitoring your responses very carefully” before dropping to her knees with a wink and popping the head of your cock into her dirty mouth. You can’t help but let out a moan, gasping at the feel of this woman’s soft, wet lips encircling your raging erection. Without responding to your subtle moaning, she begins to take you deeper, sucking relentlessly and pushing you down her open throat. Spit drips down your shaft as she bobs deeper and deeper, hands fondling your balls as her tongue massages your head. She works you hard, looking up to meet your eyes as she goes, hands moving to fondle her breasts through her coat as she too begins to moan onto your cock. You begin to thrust into her mouth, hand clasping her to you and pulling her deeper, pounding against her face until you bust down her slutty throat; jets of cum shoot out in spurts, filling her throat and her mouth, as you reward her with the results of her efforts. She says, “looks like your responses are perfectly natural”, cum spilling over her lips as she speaks. “Would you like to proceed to the next level of testing today, or shall we schedule another appointment?” Finishing her question, she licks the spilled cum carefully from her smiling lips. “I think I would be willing to continue for today” you respond.

“Well, is that so?” she says, rising off her knees.Walking to a phone hanging on the wall by the door, she dials a number and waits for an answer. “Eileen,” she says to the woman on the other end, “ I need you to cancel my last two appointments for the day. This particular case is nothing like I expected, and it’s going to take much more time than I had allotted.” Hanging the phone back on the wall, she whirls back towards you with a wicked grin on her face. “Well then. I’ll need you to lie back on the table if you don’t mind, and try to relax. This shouldn’t hurt a bit.” You lay back. As you do, she wanders in a circle around the table, looking at you. As she goes she leans down periodically to kiss your chest here, nibble your ear there. When she’s made a complete circle, she stops at one side, then firmly grasps your mostly hard cock and begins to rub the head. Immediately you’d dick responds, jumping to attention for your slutty doctor to play with as desired.

With a chuckle, she throws one leg casually across you, so that she’s straddling the table, one red-heeled foot dangling towards the floor on each side of you. As she sits, she grinds her hips against yours gently, so that you can feel the wetness from her completely bare pussy seeping onto your cock. Your eyes widen at how wet she is, plus how naked she is beneath the jacket, and as she closes her eyes to savor the feeling of her wet pussy on your skin, you take two fingers and move them beneath her, positioning them and thrusting them up into her suddenly before she realizes they’re there. She gasps sharply as you continue to move your fingers inside her, quickly adding a third and a fourth as her hips move in response. You finger fuck her like that for a few minutes, until your fingers are coated with her juices. Then you pull them from inside her and put them to her lips. Obediently she slips them into her mouth, sucking her flavor from your hand, and then leans down to kiss you, leaving her sweet taste to linger in your mouth. Your tongues twirl together, and her flavor gets you even hornier; you need to feel her on your cock.

Luckily, she seems to share the same need. Her breathing heavy now, she stops rubbing the length of her slit along your cock and swiftly impales her body on it in one swift movement. She lets out a loud moan that you’re sure the other doctors and patients must hear, but you don’t care. All you can think about it her dripping pussy wrapped around your unprotected cock, how amazing her tight pink cunt feels hugging your raw shaft, and how badly you want to shoot your cum deep inside this horny slut. Slowly first, she rides you, hands on your chest as her hips grind you deep, in then out, balls-deep to barely inside, over and over again. She starts to speed up, and you can feel a kind of horny desperation starting to build inside you both. Her tits start to jiggle under her jacket, and before you can think about what you’re doing, you grab each side of the coat and tear the whole thing open, buttons flying off as you rip them from their seams. She doesn’t even care, only bounces faster still on your cock, rubbing her clit now as she goes, and you gasp as her now-free tits shake in front of your face, erect nipples begging for attention.

As she comes down on you, your teeth find one hard nipple, biting down hard so that she screams out in surprise and pain. You move to bite down on the soft flesh of her breast, sucking and nipping until a huge red hickey appears on her perfect tit. You continue as she rides, leaving mark after mark across her creamy, smooth chest. Leaning back to admire your work, you can feel yourself coming close to finishing, and you’re not ready to be done with this skank yet. Pounding her hard from beneath a couple of times, she moans and writhes on top of you; but suddenly you stop, and push out from beneath her. Leaning across your chest, she whispers in your ear, “I want to take your cum inside me.”

You shake your head, not willing to take any risks no matter how good it feels, when she chuckles and laughs. “I know what you’re thinking… and there are no risks where I want you to finish.” You look at her in surprise, scarcely believing your luck. Can she really be saying what you think she is…? Pulling you up by the hand, she takes your place on the table, face down, ass in the air. “Tony,” she says- a shiver runs through you, as you hear her say your first name for the first time since you got there- “I’m saying exactly what you think I am. I want you to fuck me in the ass.”

You feel yourself grinning madly, and climb onto the table behind her. Taking your shaft in your hand, you rub it against her gaping, wet pussy first; all stretched out from taking the full size of your cock. Her juices glisten on the head of your dick, and she moans at the contact. As you rub, you can hear the sound of her wetness, and it makes you even harder if that could be possible. You push your head back inside her to coat yourself good with some lubrication, and then pull out. Moving the head of your dick to her ass, you push gently against the opening, and then a little harder. She cries out as you slowly press the head all the way inside, then gently thrust in and out, going a little bit deeper each time until you’ve filled her up all the way. Moans fill the room as you work, her body shaking with excitement and desire.

You begin to move faster, methodically thrusting in and out with a careful rhythm, gasping at the tight sensation of this new opening. You grab her tits from behind, squeezing them until she gasps with pleasure, using them to pull her against you again and again. “Ooh yeah, Tony, put it in my ass… keep going, harder, please…” she moans, trailing off, but you don’t need any more encouragement. You slap her ass as you pound her, leaving red hand marks on her skin, and then suddenly mid-thrust you plunge two fingers into her sopping pussy as you fuck her in the ass. She lets out a piercing cry from the sudden double penetration, and begins to gyrate back against your cock herself, harder and faster, until suddenly she climaxes with a loud series of wordless moans.

Cum drips from around your fingers, but you don’t let her rest. Pulling your fingers from her cunt, you firmly grasp her by both tits and fuck her harder than ever before, the sound of her ass slapping your balls resounding throughout the room, nails digging into the soft flesh of her breasts until suddenly you finish, shooting cum forcefully into her ass. You moan deeply, and thrust a few more times until all your cum has filled her up. Pulling your now-spent cock from inside her, cum seeps out from her ass and drips onto the table underneath you both. Standing from the table, you slap her ass once more, then nibble her ear gently as you help her from the table.

As you re-dress yourself, she pulls her now-buttonless coat on over her sheer thigh-his and garter belt, the only clothes she was wearing, then turns to face you with a serious and attempted-professional face. “Well, Mr. Smith, I think we made a lot of progress on your condition today,” she says, attempting and failing to conceal a mischievous smile. “I would love to see you for a follow-up appointment sometime within the next month. Let Eileen know at the front desk, and you can schedule it on your way out. And please, let her know that I would prefer it if we could schedule you as my last appointment of the day. I believe that we will need some time to give you the- appropriate level of attention- that your body… I mean health… requires.” With that, she turns towards the door, and holding the fabric of her coat together with one hand, she marches out into the hallway without looking back.

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