Sara becomes a prison bitch (Pt 1)

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Sara was scared, she had been arrested for murder. she got to the jail…it was loud, damp, cold, and quite scary. a prison guard named monica was taking her to the doctor so that she could preform the rectal exam, looking for weed, and cocaine, and what not. The doctor was a total bitch named marcy. Sara promised that there was nothing in her ass. but the law is the law…marcy shoved her arm up Sara’s ass. when sara got to her cell her cell mate, a young woman in her 30’s named Tara made sara feel somewhat safe. as it turns out tara and the guard had a plan. monica came in and told sara to get on her knees, sara fearing a blizzard of pepper spray obeyed. Tara who now was naked for the exception of a massive blue strapon totally fucked sara’s throat. monica who had been lubeing up her nightstick put it in sara’s ass. Tara told monica ” your my bitch…if you are nice and do what your told, i will fuck you in your pussy, insted of your ass” sara who had ironically murdered her boyfriend for ass fucking her, obeyed without delay, for sara it would be a long 20 years

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Sara becomes a prison bitch (Pt 1), 4.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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