evil john team time

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All charters are 18 years old in this tell
As john was eating breakfast his wife Emma ask him to take over her volleyball team practice to night he smile and said yes after his detention from miss rumble. As he day went on john felt a hunger that can never be satisfied as he went to detention hall three girl were waiting on him one was. Maddy an Asian chick with huge natural breast with an temper from hell. She has purple and red hair spike and tied in a pony tail. Next to her was her best friend Maj. She was Asian also with small breast and a nice ass her black hair was tied back waiting for time to pass again. And last was the girl the were go into with Kai a nice with girl with glass huge natural breast the size of med water melons. Her full moon glass were a bit large for her. She was heavily dress unlike the other two who were bare dress the shirt were tie to see the pierced belly button. And the school dress were cut was too short for their own good. Her were nice and neat her long brown hair flowing back and her blushing as john walk in made him hard as a rock.
So let see here fight in glass what happen kai.
They called me gay and a nerd for the last time. All right Maddy and Maj is this true yep. Well john we must prove that ur not gay Kai. What Kai said john went over two still sitting and pulled out his cock and slap her face with it I said u need to show them ur not gay now suck my dick. She said but I and the laughter of the other to was clear as john stuck his cock in her mouth. Her was face fuck her. Her book fell to the floor as john pulled her up to him and rip off her clothes. Her grab her huge breast and turn her two face her school mates ass he went down on her to eat her pussy. Maddy said I not buying it she not fuck ur cock that lesbian. John got back up and pulled her tight and kiss her. Not a very good kiss he smack her left breast and her right he played with them for a min before once again turning her two her class mates and sitting her on his cock as he fuck her she did not cry out for joy she keep her moans in side. She began to fuck him back near the end of her first orgasm when he cum on her face he pick her up and took her to a mirror were he put on contacts on her. See rubbing her breast now u look great ur body his nice so show it more. Ok she said as he stuck his cock in her asshole hole and gave her another round of sex ass she left detention she look more happy with her self as john turned to Maddy and Maj. He went to the desk and pulled out 500 dollars. And laid it on the desk Maj walk over to john to get the money but stop and bend over and started to suck his cock Maddy yelled fuck Maj that the third time mouth girl. All Maj did was shake her ass after a few min of deep throating his cock she shoved him on the desk and took of her shirt over her head and climbed up on his cock. Sorry john but I need a cock every Friday she said while stick his huge cock in her pussy and started to fuck him her moans were like music to him. As she got done with him Maddy walk over and climbed on top of his and sat on his cock with out suck it she bent over and kiss him and said. Same time next week. John said yep she started to ride him then stop and look at him. I still says she was a lesbian john smack her ass and she went back fuck him. He said their nothing wrong with being a lesbian. Just lying to ur self is. As he went to practice a little late.
The team leader Enya. She was 6-2 large breast her hair was spike jet black with blue tip she was wear sun glass and her attitude would light the gym on fire. She was yell at her team mates move Faiga. She was small her breast were med size a little saggy she had a great at ass she flew over the court. Move Faiga. Cam was the third girl on the four girl team she was 5-11 her blonde was mix with brown she had huge breast barley contained in her top she was fast and a good saver. The last girl was Xuxa .She was a African American. 6 2 with huge breast she was as mean as sin her ass was hot she was yell at cam to save it. The ball hit the sand. She yelled god damn get ur ass in shape for state. Hey Enya yelled that my line. To witch Xuxa yelled back your ass in slow bitch move it. Cam and Faiga were laughing out as john were to gym to work out as he got done he went to the girl locker room to shower up as they walk in on him hey fucker Enya yelled at him Xuxa came walk in topless. She look at his cock ands smiled as she took off her gym short and joined him in the shower. She smack his ass girl he was late Cam and Faiga was blushing not wanting to see their first penis let alone a huge one.
Xuxa look at them and yelled get ur ass in here and hold him down on the stone bench that was in the middle they all got undress and walk over to john and layed him on the stone bench Xuxa got on her knee and suck his cock Enya sat on his face see girl this is how u fuck a guy. But he married said cam. Jugging by they was he eating my pussy Enya said I DON’T THINK HE GIVE A FUCK. Yes I do my wife let me play. Hey Xuxa said we did not say u can stop see smack his cock hard and went back to suck it john was enjoy him self eating Enya pussy soon I have enough power for breading night. He was surprise as Xuxa sat on his cock and started to fuck him she said just because I fucking u does not mean I like john I just like big fuck cock yes. She moaned out. Wow Enya said look like a slut to me. Xuxa slam her face hard leave her hand print then she kiss her caption and lick her nipple on Enya left tit. Mmm Enya cried out john grab Xuxa ass and was thrust hard her cries filled the lock room as she orgasm hard and slide off lay in the spray of the shower next to them. Wow look like we have a rodeo here girl Cam ur next she was cover in soap . But I washing . Shut the fuck up and get ur cunt over here and suck his dick now u bitch u were 3 second slow and ur going to make it up. Now get fucking. She walk over ok hey he filming us. They look over at the bag with his camera . So u be famous. John said I put it on tonight. Shit she said get down on her knee wow his ball are big too suck on them before she deep throat his cock all the way down her throat . John flinch when she did that after a few min she took his cock strait up her ass wow john said did not expect that form u. 10 in pass as she was get close to her orgasm Enya stop her now let now get cheap patting her pussy she had a shock look and smack her captain. Then she sat on his cock as Enya smack her tits . Her cries filled the room after a few more mins pass she screamed as her orgasm finally happen and fell next to Xuxa who sat on her face and said eat me. Enya got up and walk to his leg and got down to sucking his cock he was pulling her hair back. After a few mins she said Faiga ur turn she walk over my mom will kill me. Only if she finds out now. John got up he bent her over and said anal or pussy she look at him and said both. First he tried her asshole her cries filled the shower after a few min he shove is huge cock deep in side her pussy. He trusted harder and harder till he cries filled his ears she hug him as she orgasm he pulled his cock out of her and cover he face in hot cum. Next cam Enya who was ready for him she smiled as she put his cock deep in side her pussy her big breast were swing as john smack her ass. She kiss him and said just because I fucking u might mean I like yes o god. John rolled her over and fuck her in front of her friends till finally he cum in side her they all finish their shower and left but john was still not content his hunger grow more darker and was make plan to fill his needs.

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