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The Gift

The old man reached over to the small table next to his hospital bed. Opening the top shelf, he reached inside and drew out an old wooden box. The box was about as thick as a Bible and as long as his forearm. The wood looked heavy and was marred with several dull scratches and discoloration. The top was hinged so that it could flip open and on the front was a simple lock.

The old man paused for a moment and looked dreamily at the box, allowing his memories to transport him back to another time. His only grandson waited patiently by his side. His grandfather had always been good to him and he more than deserved to do things at his own pace, especially now in his final hours.

“I have had this box,” his grandfather began, “since I was about 37 years old. My father gave it to me right before he passed.”

The old man paused another minute starring off into space.

“I always wanted to do the same,” he continued, “but I have had only daughters, and although I love them very much, it takes a man to appreciate this, gift.”

He looked over at his grandson John and then at the wooden box.

“Take it,” he said as he extended the box toward John, “it is yours now.”

John leaned over and put two hands on the box but before he could draw it away his grandfather embraced his wrists firmly.

“But take very good care of it,” he looked John directly in the eyes, “keep it safe and protected. It is very precious to me, and will be to you.”

When is grandfather released him he looked curiously at the box, wondering what was inside and what significance the heirloom held.

“What is inside Grandpa?” John asked studying the lock, “and…”

“I have prepared a letter,” his grandfather interrupted him as he passed him an envelope, “which will hopefully answer most of your questions. As for the rest, you will figure it out as you go.”

John took the envelope feeling the weight and outline of a heavy key inside.

“Do not open this until I am gone,” his grandfather warned.

He tried to say more but he began coughing uncontrollably and brought up a white handkerchief to cover his mouth. John caught red blots of blood on the handkerchief. His grandfather’s smoking had finally caught up with him.

“I, I need to rest,” the old man said weakly as his coughing subsided, “just remember, do not open it yet and make sure you read the letter first.”

“I will Grandpa,” John replied putting his hand on the old man’s arm, “get some sleep. Mom will be by later, and I’ll come visit you tomorrow after class.”

With that he kissed the old man on the forehead and left the hospital to catch him afternoon chemistry class. He was already running late.

That night he got a phone call from his mom that his grandfather had passed. The following days were filled with funeral preparations and consolations. John felt the loss heavily since he had been extremely close to the old man. His grandfather had taken a liking to him ever since he was small.

Several days had past since his grandfather’s death before John remembered the wooden box again. The day it was given it to him, John had hurriedly tossed it in the trunk of his car as he rushed to class. Today, on his way home from school, he went to retrieve his backpack and spied it, and the letter, in the back corner. He stared at it for a moment as his curiosity grew. He wondered if there might be anything valuable in the box. It also may be just filled with junk. Either way his grandfather seemed to treasure it so he decided to give it a look.

He took the box and the envelope into his small college apartment and set them down on the bed in his room. He tore open the envelope and fished out the ancient looking key. His grandfather explicitly told him to read the note first, and he would obey the old man’s wishes. He unfolded the single sheet of white paper and read the hand written note.

Dear Jonathon,

I have given this to you because of all the people I know in this world, you are the one I hold dearest to my heart. You are a male of my own blood and the rightful heir of this treasure. As my father gave it to me, so now I give it to you.

Now, follow these instructions carefully before you open the box. Make sure you are in a room with no open windows or doors. Also make sure you are alone. This is a secret that you must not share with anyone, lest they become jealous and try to take it from you. This is the reason I have given it to you personally instead of leaving it in my will. Many covet what I have given you.

Next, you must always keep the box stored in a warm place. The treasure inside comes from the jungles of South America and does not fare well with cold temperatures.

Finally, and most important, you must open the box at least once a week. Any longer than that and there will be complications.

These are the only instructions you need from me. The rest will be clear when you open it. Just remember to cherish her always, as I have, and she will never disappoint.

with love,


John finished the letter with more questions than before. He stared at the wooden box for at least a minute going over what his grandfather had wrote. The most puzzling part was the bit at the end. He had referred to it as a ‘she’.

He decided that it was time to open the box. He picked up the key and inserted it into the lock. Then he remembered the first point in his grandfather’s letter. He looked around the room. His window was closed but his door was still wide open. He closed and locked the door to his room and then turned back to the box sitting on his bed. Grasping the key firmly, he slowly turned it until he heard the click of the latch.

At that same moment the lid flew open all on its own, and a something flew by his ear. He instinctively ducked as the thing raced around his room passing inches from his head. It moved so quickly he could not make out what it was, but decided that some sort of large insect had found it’s way into his grandfather’s box. Leaning over he grabbed a nearby magazine and rolled it up. He got off the bed and raised it menacingly as he tracked the blur around the room. As it passed him he took a swing but it deftly dodged him. He swung again but struck nothing but air.

The thing suddenly reversed its circular course and came directly at him. It hit him expertly in the wrist causing him to drop the magazine and then, quick as a flash, knocked him once in the chest causing him to fall backwards onto the bed. John was staring at the ceiling not sure how he had gotten there when he felt the thing land lightly on his chest.

He lifted his head slowly; still somewhat stunned by the blow, and quickly realized that it was not a bug at all, but a small humanoid figure. Focusing his eyes further he also realized it was a she. She stood no more than six inches tall and had glittering transparent wings on her back which where equally as long. She stood with her hand on her hips, completely naked, but very well proportioned. Her pale breasts were large, considering her size, and her legs long and slender. Blonde hair flowed down just past her shoulders and her wings twitched every so often. She cocked her head studying him for a while, as if he was as strange to her as she was to him.

She then opened her mouth but she spoke a language that he could not recognized. To his ears it sounded like small bells ringing in a very complex pattern. It was beautiful. She spoke again this time more slowly but John still could not make out any of the words.

“I don’t understand you,” John said, “can you understand me?”

She looked at him for a while unresponsive. He took that as a no. He was about to try again when she flitted up toward the ceiling. She paused in the air a couple feet above him. Her wings beating fast like that of a hummingbird or dragonfly. She then dropped back down and landed on his thigh. John lifted himself up by the shoulders to see what she was up to. She stood looking at him and, then at his crotch, and then back to his face. She went back and forth for a while but John only stared back at her puzzled. She folded her small arms across her chest and stared at him frustrated.

She took flight again and quick as a flash pushed his t-shirt up to his bellybutton exposing the fly of his jeans. She paused and looked at him for a second, and then went about to unbuttoned them. John began to sit all the way up to complain but she flew at him and hit him in the chest, knocking him to his back again. This time however he landed on two pillows, which set him at a slight incline. This afforded him a better few to see what this fairy creature was doing.

She flew back toward the fly of his jeans and grabbed the zipper in both hands and flew down, unzipping them. She then landed back on John’s chest in front of him and pointed down at his unzipped jeans, excitedly saying something in her ringing voice. John, overwhelmed at what was going on, didn’t know what to do or what she wanted. Her tone seemed to get angrier now and more frustrated as she continued to point. John could only lift his eyebrows and shake his head in confusion.

She took off again, and this time grabbed hold of the edge of his fly and began to tug. She was surprisingly strong for such a small creature but she could not pull his jeans down. John, beginning to get the picture of what she was trying to do lifted his hips slightly. That was all she needed. With great effort, she pulled one side down as a time, until his jeans has slipped past his butt. She then grabbed the top edge of his boxer shorts and in one mighty pulled, yanked everything down to his ankles.

John now lay there exposed, his member lying limply against his leg. She landed again on his now naked thigh and looked longingly at his crotch, licking her lips.

“Umm,” John started nervously, “wait, I’m not sure if…”

His words fell on deaf ears. She waded into the short pubic hair that dusted his crotch. It was just tall enough to cover her ankles and she enjoyed the feeling of it between her toes. She got down on her hands and knees and lowered her face. She breathed in his musky scent and let his pubic hair tickle her nose. Goosebumps covered her skin in anticipation.

She looked back up at his cock, which was already getting larger. She crawled the rest of the way to it and stuck out her tongue and tasted a small part of his shaft. Her eyes rolled to the back of head in pleasure at first contact. His skin was soft and his cock still springy but she would change that. Pulling herself up to her knees she placed her hands about half way on his shaft and began to slowly massage it. She worked her hands up and down its length, in small precise circles.

John took a deep breath as she began her ministrations, letting himself be drawn in by the pleasure. The fairy continued rubbing him, tracing out the veins of his member as they became more pronounced. When she was satisfied with his firmness she stood up and threw one leg over his erect cock, straddling him. She was facing away from him and looking at his sack. She leaned over and buried her hands and face in his scrotum. She breathed deeply and laid her check against the loose skin, taking small section into her mouth as well. She sucked at it hungrily, and lightly drew her small teeth across it, being careful though not to scratch him. With her hands she groped around his sack searching for his testicles. Once she found them she took one in both hands and lightly rolled it back and forth, not really putting any pressure on the delicate organ, just moving it around, enjoying the feel of it sliding underneath his skin.

From John’s vantage point, all he could see of the fairy was her curvaceous backside resting squarely on his cock. Her parted pussy lips slid slightly where she sat leaving a glinting trail of her juices on his shaft. Her thighs held him firmly in place between her legs and rhythmically squeezed him. He could even feel the two points of her breasts press into him as she laid forward, her tongue lapping up every inch of his scrotum.

When she had finished John was rock hard. His cock head was painfully purple, engorged with blood. She sat upright and spun herself around in one quick motion, flitting her wings to keep herself balanced, her wet pussy never leaving contact with him. She scooted forward and placed her hands just under the mushroom head of his cock. Leaning down she touched her tongue at the point where it made the V with his shaft. From there she slowly drew her tongue upward.

A bead of pre-cum dotted his head and she sucked it into her mouth hungrily. She traced circles around his slit with her tiny warm tongue, occasionally prodding gingerly into it eager to draw out any more moisture she could find. Meanwhile, she continued to massage the base of his cock head with her hands and ground her pussy rhythmically against his shaft. This went on for several minutes until she had wetted every part of his cock head with her tongue. Never had John felt so stimulated as her ten tiny fingers and thin wet tongue probed and massaged every part of him.

She then slid downward, forcing herself away from his head, and laid her cheek flat against the base of it. She wrapped her arms around his shaft and did likewise with her legs, hooking her ankles. She scooted down till the flats of her feet tickled his testicles and then with her wings, pushed herself upward until her face was hovering over his cock head. She paused and licked the length of his slit again before another quick beat of her wings sent her back down his length. She took a moment and wiggled her ass, grinding herself into him a little, before flitting back upward to his cock head again.

John heard the ringing of bells as she slowly continued. He could feel a small point of heat from her sex rubbing against him. Her juices were slowly lubricating his shaft. They also smeared on her stomach and chest allowing her to slide along him more easily with each stroke. Soon she was picking up her pace and her arms and legs gripped him even more tightly. He was amazed at how strong the little thing was. It was better than any hand job he had every received. Her whole body was wrapped around his cock, solely for his pleasure.

Soon his cock began to stiffen and his balls tighten. He was close to orgasm and the fairy somehow sensed it. She increased her pace and grip as if urging him on. When she felt the base of his cock swell she stopped and moved immediately to his cock head. In less than a second she had wrapped her legs around his shaft just behind his cock head, hooking her feet securely as she did. At the same moment her hands began rubbing at such a speed that they faded into a blur. John jerked at the sudden intense pleasure but her legs held her fast and undeterred.

When John released his first load she moved her face right over his slight and let the burst hit her in face. Her head disappeared in the milky solution and John feared she might drown. Instead she took as much as she could into her mouth but there was far too much for the slender fairy. His cock spasmed again and the next ropy jet caught her in the eye. She closed it just in time. The cum covered her face in large globs and was matted up in her hair. It ran down her forehead and dangled off her chin. John however continued to erupt and she was able to catch the next forceful jet in her already overflowing mouth. The blast simply splashed out, spilling more of his seed down her face.

As his jerking subsided she dismounted him and moved directly in front of his cock. Sperm was still coming but it was simply drooling out of his cock now. She was finally able to swallow what had been in her mouth and began to lap up the fresh warm cum dribbling down his cock. She moved her mouth directly over his slit and making a seal with her lips, began to suck all she could out of him. Using her hands she squeezed and pinched him, milking out every last drop.

When she had gotten all she could she moved down to what had spilled on his stomach and waist. It had formed milky white pools and she dove right in. On her hand and knees she slurped and swallowed as fast as she could. John marveled at the intensity in which she fed and at how much she could devour.

Not long after though, she began to tire. There was much of his cum left but the small creature just could not seem to take it. She eventually slowed and one of her arms gave out from under her exhaustedly. She fell face first into a small glob of cum. She curled up on her side licking weakly at it as her closed her eyes. She lay there on his stomach, covered head to toe with his sticky juices, cum pooling around her glinting body.

The tiny fairy fell asleep like this, with a contented smile spread across her face. John watched her for a while. He moved his finger over and touched her should gently. She did not move. He watched the rise and fall of her chest as she continued to sleep. He poked her a little more forcefully. She stirred and rolled over, but did not awake.

He stroked the length of her body with his finger, exploring her delicate curves. Her skin was warm and soft and he admired how fragile and sexy she looked. The fact that she was covered in his seed made her look even better. For several minutes he explored her body with his fingers. He laid her flat on her back and touched her supple breasts and stroked her slender legs and ankles. Gently he spread her legs apart and even explored her tiny hairless pussy. It was pink and glistening with a mixture of their juices. All the while she lay in a deep, hibernating sleep.

He picked her up in his palm and carried her gently into the adjoining bathroom. Running the water for a bit until it was warm, he washed her off gingerly in his sink and dried her with a washcloth. He carried her back into his room and laid her back into the cushioned wooden box. He wondered how long she would sleep. His grandfather’s letter said he should open the box at least once a week. He figured that is how often she needed to eat. He wondered if he could feed her more.


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