The Magic Girls 1, Revelations Part 1

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It had been over a year since Cindy saw Hannah, and she would be there at any minute.

Cindy lived alone in an apartment in the middle of the city. She had moved there with her former boyfriend after she left college, and almost forgot all about her crazy party-girl dorm life. Cindy was notorious for being outgoing, sleeping around, and staggering back to her room drunk. It was that dorm room that she had shared with Hannah. Now Hannah wasn’t the hottest girl or much of a party girl. Cindy always caught her simply reading or sleeping, if she ever saw Hannah at all. For a while, Cindy felt as though she lived in that dorm room alone due to Hannah’s constant absence. Cindy always assumed that Hannah was out with some boyfriend she never met.

However, it wasn’t until the last month of her school-career that she found out something different about Hannah. It wasn’t until that last month when Cindy came home drunk one night after partying and found Hannah standing in the middle of their room in sexy white lingerie. It was that night that Cindy realized just how sexy Hannah’s body really was. Before, Cindy hadn’t even caught her roommate changing or in her bra and panties. She always seemed to hide herself under a sweatshirt and loose jeans, but at that moment, with Hannah’s young breasts tucked under a tiny white bra; her long legs covered in thin white stockings; her figure and amazing curves barely hidden beneath a thin long white robe, Cindy was in awe. With her inhibitions tossed aside and her unknown-to-be-so-sexy roommate seductively dressed just for her, Cindy easily allowed Hannah to take her. That night had been forever engraved into Cindy’s memory as Hannah peeled off Cindy’s clothes, tossed her on her bed, stripped her own lingerie off her body, and gave her the most amazing sexual experience that Cindy had ever been lucky enough to be a part of.

Cindy could remember Hannah pressing her firm young breasts against her own as she lie naked on top of her in her bed. She remembers Hannah’s lips sucking on her nipples as Cindy pushed them further upward into her mouth. She can remember Hannah’s tongue digging into her pussy and sucking on her clit. She can remember Hannah’s own perfectly shaven pussy in her own face as she tasted her juices and sucked her pussy until she came into her mouth. Cindy vaguely remembers tossing her leg over Hannah’s as they rubbed their pussies together while on the floor of their shared room. She even thinks she remembers Hannah wearing a large black strap-on dildo, and fucking her from behind. It was indeed a hazy intoxicated moment in Cindy’s memory, but still an amazing one.

It had been over a year since Cindy saw Hannah, and Cindy still couldn’t get the fireplace started.

Cindy never told a soul of that night. She had kept secret from her boyfriend for the last year, unaware what he would do if he found out the best sex Cindy ever had wasn’t with him, but with another girl she had cheated on him with. Cindy lost contact with Hannah, as they never shared much else other than that one experience. Cindy never knew what become of Hannah, but it seemed as though Hannah had found Cindy, and was on her way for a reunion.

Her timing was too perfect. No more than a week had passed since Cindy broke up with her boyfriend when she got a call from Hannah. Single again, Cindy wanted to see Hannah again without fear. She hoped that although they weren’t the best of friends during that last school year on campus, that they could have a repeat of that one amazing night. She wanted to impress Hannah. She wanted to show her that she was wanting more.

It had been over a year since Cindy saw Hannah, and Cindy was running out of time to prepare.

She gave up on setting the mood, and decided to give herself one more look-over in her bathroom mirror. She wondered how she looked as she checked herself out. She looked at her hair, and it looked great. It was long and brown, with a slight curl to it. Cindy tried to give herself the same look she had in college, but she wasn’t sure which look was better for her.

“Up or down?” She said out loud in her tiny bathroom, staring at her long hair in the mirror. She thought if she put her hair up, not only could Hannah be more attracted to her, but it would make things seem just a little more casual. Maybe Hannah wasn’t as promiscuous as she was before. Cindy really needed to tone things down. This wasn’t a date, it was just seeing an old roommate she hadn’t seen in a while.

She fixed her pink top around her breasts, which had grown a little since she last saw Hannah. They were now a C-cup. She pinched her waist and pulled at a small layer of fat and thought that maybe that was why her cup size had grown. It had been a while since she worked out and she had lost a bit of her young figure. But with her hair up and her top and jeans looking as good as they could, Cindy decided she was ready. She looked at herself in the mirror one last time.

“Okay, now I just need to wait for Hannah.” Cindy sighed, and not a second went by when there was a knock at the door. Cindy stepped out of the bathroom, and found her way to the front door. She opened the door, and there stood Hannah.

“Hannah!” Cindy shouted as she saw her friend.

“Cindy! Good to see you!” They hugged, and there was a brief second of silence. Cindy looked over Hannah, and saw that Hannah was still a fairly cute blonde girl. She had short hair, just barely to her shoulders. She was wearing a white tank-top with a white jacket, and dark jeans. She didn’t seem to be made up much at all, and was dressed more to just hang out. She had a similar build to Cindy, only Cindy noticed that Hannah probably weighed just a little bit more than her. Cindy remembered Hannah to be hotter, but oh well. Cindy wasn’t after Hannah for her looks. She just wanted to get Hannah in her bed. That’s what made Hannah so magical to Cindy.

“Come in!” Cindy said, to break up the silence. “Did you want a drink or something?” Cindy asked.

“Sure!” Hannah said.

“Okay, go ahead and make yourself at home.” Cindy said as she presented her small living room to Hannah. Hannah seemed awkward standing alone in Cindy’s living room, but Cindy just smiled and ducked into the kitchen. She already had a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses ready to go. She knew the alcohol would help loosen things up. She hoped that Hannah had stopped by for ‘something more’ and not just a random reunion.

“So what have you been up to?” Cindy asked, trying to make things less awkward. “Oh. Not much.” Hannah responded.

“Just traveling a lot, really. Seeing the world.”

“That’s cool. Land a job after college yet?” Cindy asked, still trying to keep the conversation going.

“Not really looking.” Hannah almost snapped back. “Just … experiencing things for now.”

Cindy finished grabbing everything she needed from the kitchen and stepped back into the living room. She noticed that Hannah was standing by her small gas fireplace, a fireplace that was now roaring.

“Oh wow. You got the fire started.” Cindy commented as she sat down on the couch, placing the two glasses and the bottle of wine on her small coffee table.

“Yeah. It just needed my ‘magic touch’.” Hannah answered in a laugh. Cindy shrugged it off, and Hannah walked over and joined her on the couch.

“Well, what’s up?” Cindy said as she dove right in. “I haven’t heard from you in a while. Why’d you call?” Cindy. “I don’t mean to be blunt, but …”

“Look,” Hannah started as Cindy poured her a glass of red wine. Cindy rose her own glass to her lips and took a sip while Hannah remained hesitant. Hannah was definitely having a hard time talking to Cindy. “I called you because, well, I didn’t want to scare you but I know you broke up with your boyfriend recently, and …”

“How do you know that we broke up?” Cindy asked, alarmed. Hannah sat closer to Cindy on the couch. She took Cindy’s hand in hers, and looked closely at her. They were alone in a large dark apartment, and Hannah seemed oddly concerned extremely fast.

“Okay. Look. There’s something I wanna tell you, but I don’t want to freak you out.” Hannah said.

“Tell me.” Cindy said sternly.

“Well, there’s just things about me that I want to tell you, but you have to promise to keep in a secret. You can’t tell anyone.”

“But we don’t really have any mutual friends. It’s not like …”

“Trust me. Some things happened during that last year at college.”

“Yeah, they did.” Cindy interrupted, referring specifically about that amazing sex she couldn’t forget.

“Yeah, but it’s more than ‘that’. I just need to tell you something about me, and if I didn’t make sure my secret was safe, you would probably tell the whole world.” Hannah said with absolute certainty. “You have to promise that everything that I tell you tonight remains between us.”

“Okay. I promise.” Cindy said. “So what is this huge secret?” Cindy was really confused, but she agreed. Hannah wasn’t around much during college, and Cindy knew she wasn’t just out studying or classwork heavy because her grades were not that great. Hannah was actually a bit lazy, and Cindy wondered if Hannah could have had some addiction that caused her behavior.

Hannah sat and thought for a few seconds. Cindy could tell she was trying to figure out how to explain herself, her arrival to her house, and the sudden need to spill her guts to her former roommate. Hannah looked around as she thought of the words to describe her secret, but couldn’t find them.

“Maybe it’s easier to show you.” Hannah said. She put her glass of wine on the coffee table, and then stood up from the couch. She walked into the middle of the living room, and simple stood there, presenting herself in front of Cindy.

“Just, promise not to freak out.” Hannah said. Cindy nodded, unsure of what was going to happen. Things were getting extremely weird. Hannah smiled, and closed her eyes. She stood up on her tip-toes, and then slowly rose her hands up from her sides. Cindy was confused to no end. Hannah just stood there, on her toes, with her eyes closed and a large smile on her face.

Suddenly, Hannah’s toes slowly lifted off the ground about an inch. Cindy didn’t realize it at first, but she sat up as soon as she noticed that Hannah was somehow floating in mid-air in the middle of her living room. Cindy stood up and slowly walked around Hannah as she floated there, with her eyes closed and her arms extended. She was easily over a foot off the ground now. Cindy examined all around to see if this was some elaborate trick, but as far as she could tell, Hannah was flying.

Then a flash of light exploded out from Hannah, and blinded Cindy and she covered her eyes. Cindy fell backwards onto the couch from the light blast, afraid for her own safety.

As soon as the light dimmed, Cindy saw a brand new Hannah floating in the middle of her living room. All her normal clothes were nowhere to be found as she was merely floating in mid air, her long legs dangling beneath her. She now wore that sheer white robe that was left open so that Cindy could see that she wore a tiny white thong that barely covered her at all. She also had a tiny bra over her breasts, which were much larger and firmer. They seemed to stress the limits of her top as they pushed out through the sides, top, and the bottom, leaving little to the imagination. Diamonds of amazing sparkle adorned the lines of her bra and panties, as well as her ears and new necklaces which had also been added to her wardrobe. Cindy could see she was wearing millions of dollars of jewelry on a new million dollar body which was much tighter and firm. There was a warm wind blowing from nowhere, blowing her short blonde hair and robe about. Hannah simply floated in front of Cindy in the middle of the living room, beaming light out from her amazingly perfect gorgeous body. She was a whole new person in a whole new body, and Cindy had no idea what to do or say.

Hannah finally opened her eyes, and smiled at Cindy.

“This is the real me, Cindy.” Hannah exclaimed as she slowly floated in front of Cindy.

Hannah lifted her finger and motioned Cindy to come to her and Cindy felt invisible hands pull her up off the couch and onto her feet. Hannah then held out her hands so that her robe would open up side for Cindy and herself as they both looked down at Hannah’s nearly nude body. With her robe completely out of the way, Cindy took in the amazingly sexy sight. Cindy slowly walked toward this floating beauty, wondering what was happening. She looked over Hannah’s body, her sexy new clothes, and finally her face. With Cindy entranced by her new body, Hannah smiled seductively as she levitated before her.

“Remember this lingerie?” Hannah asked, referring to that legendary night.

“How … how are you …?” Cindy tried to ask, looking at the two foot gap between Hannah’s toes and the ground. Hannah slowly moved up and down in mid air as her flight seemed to be controlled by imperfect thoughts.

“Flying?” Hannah answered. “I just can. Pretty cool, huh?” Hannah asked. She then calmly and slowly turned as she levitated in midair, allowing Cindy to see her from all angles. Hannah ran her hands through her hair as she floated higher in the middle of Cindy’s living room. There was so much amazement to take in that Cindy didn’t know where to look. Everything about Hannah’s body; her clothes, her hair, her face, her breasts, it all screamed of perfection. Hannah allowed the light to beam down from her body onto Cindy as she elegantly flew in Cindy’s living room. Finally, she ceased her spin, and stood in the air a few feet above Cindy’s coffee table, her toes dangling beneath her.

“I could tell you a long and involved story of how I am able to fly and do other magical things, but that would waste too much time tonight.” Hannah explained. She looked down at the ground below her, and she slowly lowered her feet back to it. As her toes landed gently back onto Cindy’s living room floor, she looked back up to Cindy and slowly started to walk seductively towards her.

“Just know that I want to have that amazing sex with you again, but now, I want you to get to experience what sex is like with the REAL me.” Hannah now stood face to face with Cindy. She knew she had control over Cindy, and was going to slowly reel her in. With Cindy’s eyes locked on Hannah’s own, Hannah held her hand out towards her glass of wine that sat on the coffee table. The glass of wine immediately floated up off the coffee table and into the air before the two girls. Cindy watched in awe as Hannah opened her fingers to allow the stem of the wine glass to glide softly into her hands. Hannah slowly took a sip of the wine, and smiled back at Cindy. She then promptly pulled the glass from her lips and held it aside. Cindy’s shock of the evening’s events continued for as Hannah let go of the glass, it merely stayed in midair, waiting to be sipped from again.

Hannah wrapped her free arms around Cindy’s neck, and pulled her in close. With her new large breasts brushing Cindy’s own, Hannah leaned in to kiss Cindy, but stopped just outside of her lips.

“And let me tell you,” Hannah started to whisper into Cindy’s lips. “When you are as powerful as I am, the only thing you really want anymore is pleasure. The only thing you want to spend you time doing is having amazing sex. Tonight, the only thing I want is you.”

Hannah slowly pulled back and broke her embrace. She then quickly snatched the floating wine glass from its levitation and looked up at Cindy’s hair that was held up with a few metal pins.

“Oh, and just so you know,” Hannah said. “You were wrong about your hair.” I like it down.”

She simply flicked her hand through the air at Cindy, and the pins that held Cindy’s hair up popped out and fell to the ground. Cindy felt her brown hair fall down around her shoulders, and she shook it out before Hannah.

As Hannah slowly started to walk around her friend, she sipped from her wine glass once more. Cindy couldn’t talk her eyes off of Hannah’s sexy body tucked under that sheer robe. Her perfect ass was in plain sight as her tiny white thong did little to cover her up.

“Were you … listening to me in the bathroom?” Cindy asked as she glanced back over her shoulder at her friend.

“Just your thoughts …” Hannah said as she too was checking out Cindy’s body. “I have been looking into your mind since I met you.” Cindy heard, but this time Hannah’s voice was different. It echoed softly. Cindy looked back at Hannah who was calmly still walking around her, smiling, and holding her glass of wine.

“What?” Cindy heard again. Hannah’s lips still didn’t move as Hannah merely had a puzzled look on her face. “Obviously reading your mind and speaking to you with mine is just one of my many favorite magical powers.” Cindy heard in her mind again. Hannah could read her thoughts as well as project her own thoughts directly into the minds of others; yet another amazing ability she seemed to possess. Cindy realized that it was with this magical power that Hannah knew about her break up; that’s how she got the fireplace started; that’s even how Hannah knew when to knock on the door. She also realized something else.

“You … you could do this before …” Cindy started to utter as she tried to step away from Hannah.

“… before we met?” Hannah said with her own lips as she slowly walked towards Cindy who was still slowly trying to back away. “Of course. I’ve been able to do all sorts of magical things for quite some time now. Why do you think I wasn’t around much in college? While you were out partying and studying and doing all sorts of school related activities, I was … well, out and about. But please, baby, just relax. Don’t think so much about why I can do these magical things. I just want to please you.”

Cindy turned away from Hannah and tried to stop looking at Hannah’s body. She tried to convince herself that this wasn’t real. She tried to rid herself of her desires as the evening had taken such a weird turn. But as Hannah stepped up behind Cindy, and suddenly started to caress Cindy shoulders with both hands, Cindy closed her eyes and moaned softly. It felt so warm and soothing that Cindy’s mind and body were having a hard time not simply just falling into Hannah’s touch. Cindy could feel Hannah beautiful body pressed against her back, and her worries slowly started to fade. As Hannah’s fingers dug into Cindy’s shoulders, the same wine glass that was once in Hannah’s hand floated around Cindy and stopped before her eyes.

“Care for a sip?” Hannah asked softly as she caressed her friend’s bare shoulders. Cindy slowly reached up towards the floating glass, and simply took it out of midair. As the wine touched her lips, Hannah’s hands dug in deeper into her shoulders. She calmly started to kiss Cindy softly on her neck as her hands roamed down from Cindy’s shoulders, around her arms, and slowly moved under her breasts.

“Let’s have sex like I know you planned.” Hannah whispered. “I think I have made it clear that I planned it as well. Let me give you that sexy body you’ve always wanted, baby.”

Hannah then squeezed Cindy’s breasts firmly in her hands. Cindy gasped at Hannah’s warm touch, and looked down at Hannah’s hands as they started to grope her from behind. Her hands ran softly all around her breasts that were tucked away under her pink top.

“Trust me, we’ll both enjoy it.” Hannah whispered.

With those words, Hannah’s very hands began to glow ever so slightly as then continued to caress her breasts. Then with a gentle squeeze, Cindy felt a rush of warmth flow into her body. She could see her own chest glowing with that same magical glow underneath her pink top. Cindy watched in amazement as her breasts slowly started growing larger like two balloons, stretching the material of her top. She looked down her body further as the glowing increased. She watched as the small layer of fat that covered her waist started to shrink down as well.

With Hannah’s help, her body was being modified. It was being perfected. It didn’t hurt, in fact it felt warm and soothing. Hannah kissed Cindy’s neck again as she squeezed Cindy’s breasts harder. As she did, Hannah’s hands simply sank right through Cindy’s pink top and she grabbed directly onto the soft skin of Cindy’s breasts. Cindy started to embrace Hannah’s touch like she had done before. She no longer cared that her friend’s hands had disappeared through her pink top and were now over her bare skin. She didn’t care that somehow her former roommate had given her the body of a porn star just by touching her. She didn’t worry about the ability to fly, the telekinesis, or any of the other wondrous abilities her friend had been hiding from her all this time.

Cindy reached back and grabbed onto Hannah’s cheek, and pulled Hannah’s lips to her own. Cindy started to kiss Hannah slowly and passionately, taking her time as Hannah caressed her nipples. Hannah pulled her hands out from inside Cindy’s shirt, and spun her around. The two girls finally turned face to face, and Cindy pressed her newly enhanced breasts against Hannah’s own large breasts that were barely contained behind her tiny white bra. The two girls kissed harder and harder, turning up the passion between them. Hannah pulled her hands away from Cindy’s breasts and out of her top. She placed them on Cindy’s face, kissing her with more passion and fire. Their tongues danced in each others mouths.

“This is what I have wanted for so long, Cindy. I’ve been wanting … so bad … to show you what I can do.” Hannah said between kisses. Hannah thought about Cindy’s breasts, and longed for her top to just fall off of her body. As her thoughts formed, Cindy’s top was peeled down over her breasts even though Hannah’s hands were still on Cindy’s face. Soon, Cindy’s amazing new breasts bounced out of her top, and were exposed to the world for the first time. Hannah and Cindy booth looked down at her breasts, and Hannah smiled at the sight.

“Oops.” Hannah giggled. “Sometimes my mind just wanders, and my magic gets the best of me.”

Hannah coyly put her fingernail in her mouth and watched as Cindy rubbed her hands over her new giant breasts slowly, feeling how full and firm they were. Hannah slowly stepped away and allowed Cindy to examine the changes that Hannah had done to her simply by thinking it. Cindy ran her own finger tips up underneath and around her nipples. Cindy pushed her breasts together and felt their weight in her hands. She ran her hands down her sides and felt her slender waist, her new tight ass in her jeans, and her amazing curves.

“Oh my god. This is … this is just … impossible … my tits!” Cindy stammered as she continued to run her hands over her own body.

“Do you like what I did to your body with my magic?” Hannah asked as she still had her fingernail innocently in her mouth as she talked. “I wanted you to have bigger tits, and you got them. I wanted you to have the hottest body on the planet, and now you do.”

Hannah took her finger from her mouth, and ran her hands slowly over her own body. She caressed her own breasts from the outside of her white angelic bra, and closed her eyes as she touched herself.

“Maybe I want to you to be even hotter than that …” Hannah smiled as she played with her own breasts. She pushed her breasts together as they still were confined underneath her bra, and moaned at her own touch. Her own hands started to glow as she thought about Cindy’s large breasts being even larger. She looked deep into the very structure of Cindy’s body, and started to alter it with her own mind. She allowed her own fantasies of what she wanted in a sexual partner to be placed onto Cindy. Wisps of light flowed from Hannah’s body through magical currents, and slowly merged into Cindy’s body. Even though Hannah’s own eyes were closed, she could easily watch as Cindy continued to caress her growing breasts, again amazed at what was happening to her. Hannah was letting her magic radiate from her. Cindy’s breasts grew larger and larger in her hands, expanding to impossible sizes. Cindy could hardly stand up straight as Hannah cared very little for the laws of physics anymore.

Hannah ceased the flow of her magic, and opened her eyes to see Cindy’s immense pair of breasts on her new tiny body. Cindy tried to keep her back straight as she held her immense breasts in her hands. All Hannah could think of was how sexy the evening was becoming now that she had shared her powers with her friend. She longed to show her more.

“Maybe I want longer hair.” Hannah stated as she ran her hands up her face in into her own hair. Cindy, with her new magically enhanced breasts still firmly in her hands, looked up at her floating friend as she closed her eyes and focused her magic once more. But this time, Hannah was focusing her magic on her own body. She ran her hands out, and her hair seemed to stay in her fingertips as it instantly grew longer. Hannah let go of her new long blonde hair, and Cindy watched as it fell down over her shoulders. Hannah shook her new hair out, and smiled as she continued to show off her magic.

“Maybe that’s not enough. Maybe I want us to play dress-up tonight.” Hannah said as she ceased her flight around Cindy’s living room and merely levitated where she had started. “Maybe this white lingerie I’m wearing for you is really just part of my sexy costume.”

Hannah’s entire body started to glow again. Hannah arched her back, and dropped her hands to her sides in a quick jerk. Cindy watched in awe as a giant pair of white angel wings unfolded themselves from Hannah’s back as if they had been hidden there the whole time. Cindy could easily see that these feathery limbs were actually part of Hannah’s body, and not just some costume toy or tied-on accessory. Hannah spread her newly magical white wings throughout Cindy’s living room. She opened her eyes as her feathers bumped up against the walls, knocking down picture frames on the wall and tipping over the bottle of wine Cindy had brought for them.

Not caring for her destructive actions, Hannah flicked her hand above her head, and a small white halo appeared floating above her head. Cindy stepped back as former college roommate was now a gorgeous angel, floating almost naked in the middle of her living room with an amazing pair of her own angel wings gently flapping behind her. Hannah smiled at Cindy as she again displayed amazing magical talents to her friend.

“I love being an angel.” Hannah commented. “It is definitely my favorite fantasy character to be. It’s so majestic to fly up in the clouds dressed like this. It’s so innocent too. It makes the naughty sex I know you want to do with me so much more … naughty.” Hannah reached out towards Cindy with the tip of one of her wings, and gently brushed her cheek with its feathery touch. The touch was amazing, and instantly soothed Cindy’s pains that were growing in her back from the weight of her new breasts.

“What would you like to be tonight? A genie? A fairy?” Hannah asked as she floated before her. She started to point at Cindy, preparing to turn her into a sexy fantasy character that even Cindy didn’t know she wished she could be. “Maybe I can give you little devil horns and a tail. That might be … epic.” It was then that Cindy snapped back into reality. Hannah was preparing to change her own body even more, and that scared her. She flinched away from the soothing touches of Hannah’s wing, and stepped back from the angel in her living room. Before Hannah’s magic could flow from her fingertips, Cindy turned and began to hurry out of the living room.

“This is way too weird.” Cindy said as she walked out of the room and toward her bedroom.

She grabbed her top, which was now around he waist, and tried to pull it back up over her exposed body. It was difficult to pull her small top over her new large breasts, but Cindy simply continued to walk. The angel realized her sexual desires were taking hold of her at a rapid pace and she was revealing too much or her magic too fast. Hannah rolled her eyes and Cindy soon found it much easier to pull her top back over her immense breasts as they began to shrink back down to their original size.

Cindy swung the door to her room open quickly, and slammed it behind her. Braced against the door, she locked the door shut and tried to ignore what she just saw. It was amazing, but it wasn’t real. It couldn’t have been real. Perhaps she had drank too much or Hannah had drugged her or something. Safe and alone, she turned from the locked door and started to walk into her room. But it only took her a second to realize there was far more going on tonight than just what she had witnessed in the living room.

Her room was not her room. Her double-size simple bed was now a large king size bed. The red comforter that was astray on her bed this morning was now gold and silver silk sheets made neatly with large feather pillows. Her lamps that had once lit her room were now candles that decorated the shelves, dressers, and even the window sill. Cindy walked towards this strange bed, and touched it.

“What happened to my room?” She said to herself, aloud and alone.

Suddenly she was alone no longer as inch by inch, Hannah’s sexy curves seemed to step through the solid locked door as if it wasn’t even there. Cindy turned and watched in amazement as not even the securely locked door to her room could stop Hannah as she finished seductively slipping through the door and into her modified room. She was still in her amazingly real angel costume, but had tucked her large wings back to keep from knocking anything else over. Having stepped through the door, Hannah stood once more before Cindy in her white bra and panties. Her wings moved gently as she revealed more and more of her abilities.

“I did this.” Hannah told Cindy.

“What? When?” Cindy asked.

“While we were in the living room. I thought your room could use a little change. I hope you like what I did in here.”

“I don’t understand any of this.” Cindy said with a bit of aggression in her voice. “You … you can fly. You changed your clothes and your body instantly. You just walked right through my door. And now apparently, you’re an angel. How is this even possible?” Cindy asked as she walked around her new bed.

“It’s just a costume.” Hannah said with a little annoyance in her voice. With those words, the halo that floated above her vanished in a puff of white smoke. Her large wings seemed to tuck in tighter, almost merging with her soft skin. She was now completely without her angel wings, yet still in her white robe and tiny lingerie. Hannah calmly turned and looked to her scared friend who was now standing a safe distance away. Hannah gracefully walked over to the side of the bed, and slowly crawled onto it as if it was her own. She crawled to the middle of the bed and calmly crossed her legs in front of her. Within seconds of getting into her relaxed seated position, Hannah was again levitating. She slowly rose above the large bed with her legs still folded in front of her and her sheer white robe grazing the top of the sheets of the bed.

“See, you’re doing it again!” Cindy stammered, and she stepped farther away from this strange phenomenon.

“What?” Hannah asked, confused.

“You’re just … floating!”

“Wait! Wait!” Hannah cried as Cindy turned back towards her locked door. Cindy dashed for the door as Hannah tossed her hand out towards the door. As Cindy was about to open the door, the entire door disappeared, becoming a solid wall. Cindy now stood before the solid wall that was once a door and realized she had no escape. She spun back to Hannah, who was still floating above her bed with her magical fingers outstretched towards the door.

“Just stop for a second…” Hannah asked. She slowly lowered her self back onto the bed and ceased her flight. Hannah knew this was going to be a difficult talk with her scared and sexy friend.

“If I tell you more about what is going on tonight and why I am here, do you promise not to be scared anymore?” Hannah asked.


That was going to have to be enough for Hannah, and she prepared to tell her story. “Honestly, I really don’t know how this all happened to me. A while ago, I realized that I could defy gravity. It started with me just floating above my bed, focusing my thoughts hard. But after years of practice, I was soon able to fly through the air and go wherever I wanted with my newly discovered magic. I did enjoy flying all over the world, my arms out stretched like wings. After realizing that I basically had taught myself to fly, I wondered if I could learn to do other things. As my life went on, I just kept being able to do more and more magical things. I also discovered the more and more sex I had, the quicker those new abilities came to me. I decided to keep my magical powers a secret from the world; living as a normal girl in the eyes of the world but secretly being able to do all these magical things.”

“That can’t be real.” Cindy said after hearing Hannah’s story. “This has to be a dream.”

“Fine. Okay. What if this is a dream?” Hannah concluded as she sat on Cindy’s bed, her perfect body tucked away under her tiny white lingerie. “What if I don’t have magic and you’re asleep right now on your couch? What is there to be scared of? What have you got to lose?”

“…well, I guess nothing but…” Cindy struggled to answer.

“I don’t want you to be scared of me and my magical powers.” Hannah told her with great concern in her voice. “I just want to make love to you tonight with no worries about anything in the world stopping us, just like that legendary night in our dorm. You remember that night we shared before we graduated, don’t you?” Hannah asked her, trying to calm her fears.

“Yeah.” Cindy smiled. “That was an amazing night.” The talking was calming her nerves as she remembered that this girl was a familiar face. The idea that she might she might be dreaming this whole night up didn’t hurt much either.

“What do you remember of that night?” Hannah asked, acting very curious. She crawled to the edge of the bed, smiling as she slowly crept closer to her old roommate. She knew the answers to all her questions for Cindy, but asked anyway.

“Just that you were so hot. You just looked … well, a lot like you do now. Your body is so …”

“Perfect?” Hannah answered.

“Yes.” Cindy answered as she realized the reason Hannah’s body was so perfect was because it was perfect. Hannah had sculpted her curves, her breasts, tights, butt, face, hair, every thing about her with her own thoughts. She was, in a sense, her own creator.

“But you don’t remember much else other than what the sex was like?” Hannah asked again, still knowing the answer.

“Not really.” Cindy giggled. “I was pretty wasted.”

“Well, maybe we’ll just have to repeat that night. See if we get the same result. Like I said; you want it, I want it. Who cares if I can just do certain ‘special’ things. If it’s a dream like you think it might be, then dream away. Go crazy. Let it all go.”

Cindy had no argument anymore. Her defenses were down. She was now ready.

“Okay, dream girl. I want to know what kind of special things can you do.” Cindy demanded, now calm and curious of her friend’s magical powers. She had a small smile on her face as she was slowly realizing that even if her former roommate was capable of magical things, in the end all Hannah wanted to do was have sex.

“Well, I don’t want to just tell you everything I can do,” Hannah started. “But I will point out the things you have witnessed tonight. I can fly. I can pick things up with my thoughts. I can walk through walls. I can read minds. I can change my clothes, a few other things around me …” Hannah leaned off the bed, allowing Cindy to get full view of her perfect large breasts tucked away under her tiny bra. “I can change my body and make it, as I said, perfect …”

But Hannah’s words started to bounce off of Cindy as all Cindy could do was look down at Hannah’s immense cleavage spilling over her bra. Her breasts were far too large for the bra she was wearing, and considering her powers, that was a deliberate choice. Starring at Hannah’s cleavage as Hannah enticed her former roommate, Cindy suddenly forgot about her paranoid worries and fears about her magical friend. All she could think of was how she wanted to see those new breasts of Hannah’s, and even though she didn’t have to, Hannah could easily hear her thoughts.

“You can if you want.” Hannah stated.

“What?” Cindy said aloud, unaware of her staring.

“You can look at my large beautiful tits if you like. You long to look at me naked.” Hannah stood back up again, and presented her body to Cindy. “Go ahead … look.”

“But…” Cindy started.

But she stopped talking as Hannah stood up from her seated position. Hannah smiled as she just looked down at her own exposed body. In that instant, Hannah’s bra and panties just seemed to evaporate off of her body in a magical white mist beneath her sheer robe. Hannah closed her eyes and smiled as she used her magic to expose her perfect naked curves to Cindy; her gorgeous breasts, her petite nipples, her tight waist, her shaven pussy tucked between her long and full legs; Hannah knew that Cindy wanted it all, and Hannah simply leaned backwards against the air behind her. Just as she was about to fall backwards, her toes floated into the air and she simply lounged on her back in midair. Cindy watched, this time unafraid, as Hannah moved her hands from her inner thighs up over her tight pussy, around her little waist, and up over her perfectly firm breasts as she floated around her bedroom on her back. She squeezed her breasts a little, and moaned. As she moaned, she opened her eyes again and looked at Cindy.

Hannah took pleasure in floating around Cindy’s room basically naked in front of her. Her breasts, her legs, her new long hair; her whole body moved about so magically in front of Cindy. Cindy now stepped back, still slightly afraid of Hannah’s magic, but at the same time she longed to see it. Hannah stopped her midair dance, and gazed at Cindy. She slowly moved her body closer to Cindy, presenting perfection to her.

“I normally use my powers to alter my body to blend in with everyone else. This body is the real me. The perfect body. You can have this too.”

Cindy was obviously caught up in the sight of Hannah’s nude figure. When she and seen her naked before, Hannah had a smaller body with smaller breasts. She was, at that time, more realistic. But this nude Hannah before her was extraordinary for sure. Her large D-cup breasts were so firm and round, and her waist was so tiny and tight. Her pussy was again perfectly shaven, so silky and tiny tucked between her long slender legs. Hannah had obviously taken the time to mold her body with her magic.

“Now you’re excited.” Hannah said of Cindy as she read her mind again. Hannah knew Cindy was completely hypnotized by her nudity, but she needed a few moments more to prepare her lover before things got heavy and naughty. Hannah rolled over in midair as if she was lying on a bed, and pointed at her friend’s attire.

“Mind if I get you out of those clothes?” Hannah asked. Cindy nodded quickly as her eyes were still entranced by the flying naked girl she was going to get to have sex with that night. Hannah quickly straightened out in midair and landed back on her toes. She then held out her hand toward Cindy and gave her a tiny sneaky smile. Within seconds, both Cindy’s clothes and Hannah’s hand started to glow just slightly. Light seemed to pour from Hannah’s hand, and Cindy watched as her pink top and jeans seemed to burn off her body in a white glow as Hannah now was changing her clothes with mere thoughts and ideas. As her clothes and the light faded, Cindy was shocked to find that she now wore nothing more than a white polka-dot bikini. At some point, this sexy bikini had replaced her normal bra and panties.

“Can I play with your body again?” Hannah asked. “I promise not to go too overboard.”

Cindy looked up from her new bikini, and looked deep into Hannah’s eyes. Hannah was truly capable of amazing magical abilities, and now that she was in this bikini in the middle of her own new bedroom, Cindy wanted to take advantage of her friend’s magic.

“Do your best.” Cindy answered, and Hannah smiled. She extended her hand once more, and Cindy’s entire body began to glow slightly. Hannah closed her eyes and started to conduct her hand about as if she was conducting music. Wisps of white light floated from her hand and rushed around Cindy as she stood there half naked. These white magical beams passed through Cindy’s skin. They blew through her hair, and around her waist. Cindy watched in amazement as her waist slowly shrunk down. She reached around and felt her own butt firm up into her tiny bikini bottoms. Her hands glided up her new tiny waist and up towards her own breasts. As she touched her bikini top, her breasts started to grow larger. Her breasts started to push the limits of the bikini top and she could feel the fabric clinging to her back as her new larger breasts almost broke the straps. Her hands continued to roam up her figure and into her hair as even her hair was suddenly silky smooth and done as if she just stepped from a hair salon. She felt new earrings hanging from her ears, and found new bracelets dangling from her wrists.

Hannah lowered her hand, and Cindy’s body slowly stopped glowing. Cindy looked down her body, and realized how amazingly hot she now was. She looked back up to Hannah, who was still standing across from her naked. Hannah now had one of her own breasts in her hand as she too was in awe of Cindy’s new body.

“How’s that?” Hannah asked of her work.

“This … this is amazing.” Cindy managed to utter. “… how?”

“Stop asking how.” Hannah interrupted. “I did long ago. It’s more fun when you just accept these magical gifts and use them for pleasure.”

“Fine. Then why a bikini?” Cindy asked as she playfully modeled her new body for Hannah. “Why not some sexy lingerie?”

Hannah was happy to see Cindy relaxing finally and getting into the sexy mood of the evening. “Because of this …” She answered.

Hannah walked her nude body to the foot of the bed. She extended her hand over the bed, and she started to conduct her hand over the bed as she had with Cindy. Suddenly, the center of the bed began to glow. A glowing circle began to from in the middle of the bed, and the sheet inside the circle began to slowly swirl. Nothing outside of the glowing circle seemed affected. The sheet started to steam, and she soon realized that the sheet was no longer a sheet at all. It was water, hot bubbling warm water. Hannah stopped her magic and Cindy realized that there was now a hot tub installed in the middle of her new bed.

“Shall we?” Hannah asked, and she dropped her robe to the ground. Cindy took in the sight of her nude body with no amount of clothing blocking her vision in any way at all. Now naked, Hannah simply stepped up into the air, lifting her body up and drifting slowly above Cindy’s bed. She floated for a moment, enjoying the hot air coming up from the bubbling water. Hannah then slowly lowered herself down into the water; her toes, her knees, her waist, her breasts. She lowered herself from the air all the way down to her neck.

With water up to her neck, Hannah smiled seductively at Cindy. As much as she loved skinny dipping, she loved to tease as well. Hannah slowly stood up in the hot tub and showed Cindy that her nude body would have to be exposed again as she now wore a tiny thin white bikini over her perfect body. It was tied together by tiny white laces on the back and sides. The triangles-shaped cups had obviously given up on trying to hide her breasts as they pushed out from all sides, and were now merely there to cover her nipples. Hannah then sat back on the edge of the hot tub, and lounged back allowing Cindy to take in the visual of her wet sexy body.

“Do you want to join me?” Hannah asked. “It’s harmless and as good as it looks.”

Cindy smiled and nodded. She placed her hand in the water, and felt its warmth. With Hannah leaning seductively at the edge of the tub, Cindy lifted her leg over the edge of the tub and into the water. It was quite a step over the bed and into the hot-tub, and Hannah knew her magic-less friend could use a lift.

“Let me help.” Hannah told Cindy, and without a single gesture, with just a mere thought, Hannah lifted Cindy’s other leg up off the carpet of her bedroom with her magic and into the air. Cindy used Hannah’s help to place both legs into the hot tub. She leaned over and breathed the steam of the tub into her lungs, allowing it to warm her insides.

As Cindy leaned forward over the tub, Hannah tried to glance up over her bikini top at her huge breasts. Cindy’s gorgeous cleavage was not enough for Hannah, and Hannah she wanted to see those breasts once again. Her magic grabbed onto Cindy’s bikini top, and pulled it down so that her large breasts could fall out. Cindy looked down at what Hannah had done, and gazed at her new breasts for the first time. The bikini had to do little to hold them up as they were so amazingly firm and perfect. But Cindy had other plans as she slowly and seductively looked back up at Hannah. She may not have magical powers, but Cindy was going to try to keep things even with her powerful friend.

“I love where this is going, baby.” She said as she pulled her top back up over her breasts. Cindy then leaned into kiss Hannah, and she talked into Hannah’s mouth. “But if you want my tits, I’d rather you took them out with your own hands.” Cindy grabbed Hannah’s hands, and lifted them up to her own breasts. “No amount of magic can replace your hands.” She said, and she slowly kissed Hannah. Cindy let go of Hannah’s hands, and Hannah left them on the bikini top that covered Cindy’s new breasts. Cindy’s slowly pushed Hannah backwards as they slowly fell into the hot tub.

“I’ve waited for this for far too long.” Hannah told Cindy, and Cindy lowered her body against Hannah’s. They kissed each other. They touched each other. They caressed each other. These two bikini-bombshells moved their hands all over each others’ perfectly shaped bodies, experiencing the magical enhancements of their figures and enjoying their wet curves. Their tongue’s explored each others mouths, enjoying deep kisses and wet lips. They were two ideally gorgeous women waist deep in a hot tub created specifically for this moment of pleasure. Their wet bodies, their soft skin, their long hair; everything about this moment cried ‘perfecting’ in each of their minds. They looked deep into each others eyes as they moved their hands around each others shoulders and around their bodies. As they stared longingly at each other, it was obvious that it wouldn’t take any magical powers at all to know exactly what each other wanted.

Cindy glided her hands up Hannah’s perfect form, up her wet thighs that where under the surface of the hot tub, around her large breasts, and finally up around her sexy face as her tongue danced in her mouth. She ran her hands through Hannah’s blonde hair as she pushed her large breasts down against her Hannah’s own. Cindy moved her hands back down Hannah’s chest, around her immense cleavage, and finally down around the tiny strings that held her bikini bottoms on her tiny body. She pulled at Hannah’s waist, pulling her against her own body as she rubbed her knee between Hannah’s legs.

Hannah roamed her hands up Cindy’s thighs and around her new tight butt. She glided her fingertips beneath the fabric up her bikini bottoms, gently teasing Cindy’s ass. Hannah ran her hands back up around Cindy’s breasts, pushing them together as Cindy arched her back, forcing her own breasts farther into Hannah’s grasp. Hannah wrapped her arms around Cindy’s neck and pulled her back down towards her. Hannah kissed her deeply and romantically, letting her tongue linger outside her own mouth as Cindy licked back.

Then Hannah pushed Cindy off of her and rolled over Cindy’s body. Taking control, she pinned her against the side of the tub as her kissing roamed from her mouth and moved down her chest. Hannah kissed down Cindy’s cleavage as her hands roamed down to Cindy’s inner thigh. Longing for Hannah’s mouth, Cindy pulled one of the tiny spaghetti straps of her bikini down her shoulder, and exposed her breast for Hannah. Cindy arched backwards as Hannah took her breast in her hand and her nipple into her mouth, sucking firmly at times and licking gently at others.

“Oh, that feels so good.” Cindy moaned.

“Yeah?” Hannah asked as she still had Cindy’s breast at her lips. “Let’s get this off of you.” Hannah decided.

Hannah pulled her hand from the tub and held it just in front of Cindy’s bikini top. As her had dripped water back down, Hannah placed two of her fingers together. Cindy looked down as Hannah smiled and made a scissor-cutting motion with her two fingers of her wet hand. As her cutting motion cut, the tiny strap in the middle of Cindy’s bikini top that held the cups of her bikini top together was cut as well, and Cindy’s bikini top was no more. Both of her epic breasts bounced out, and Cindy arched her back, feeling the relief and the freedom of being topless.

Hannah immediately took Cindy’s breasts in her hands and squeezed them tightly. She pushed them together and pulled them apart, rubbing them ferociously in her hands. She dove her own face between Cindy’s breasts, kissing her cleavage and enjoying being buried in her cleavage. Hannah made her way over to one of Cindy’s breasts, and Cindy slowly placed her hand on the back of Hannah’s head as Hannah began to lick her nipple. Cindy pulled Hannah harder against her giant breast, and Hannah took Cindy’s nipple in her mouth and began to suck. As she sucked hard on Cindy’s nipple, her hand rose around Cindy’s other breast and pinched her nipple hard.

“Oh … yeah baby. Play with my tits.” Cindy cried as Hannah was throughly enjoying her handy work.

Hannah looked up at Cindy and smiled as she kept her nipple between her teeth. Hannah switched over to Cindy’s other breast, and repeated her sucking. She flicked her tongue furiously at Cindy’s nipple as she caressed it with both hands. Hannah pulled water up from the hot tub and let it run down Cindy’s hot body. She reached around Cindy’s body and pulled her harder against her, forcing her breasts against her own face and enjoying every minute of it. Hannah buried her face between Cindy’s breasts again, kissing and licking up her chest.

Cindy took hold of Hannah’s shoulders, and pulled her back up her body. She pulled Hannah close again, and kissed her passionately again. She let her tongue explore Hannah’s mouth while her hands explored Hannah’s perfect ass barely covered by her bikini bottom. She slid her hand beneath Hannah’s bikini bottom and grabbed her ass firm and hard.

“Oh baby, you make me feel so good.” Cindy exclaimed between kisses.

“I want you to experience more.” Hannah said as she too was struggling to talk between kisses. “I want … I want to show you sex you never thought possible.”

“Yes. Fuck yes! Show me. Do everything to me! Please!” Cindy cried back, kissing down Hannah’s neck. Cindy was losing control, and Hannah knew that giving her friend an orgasm would have to wait just a few moments. Hannah slowly pulled away from Cindy, and looked deep into her eyes.

“You need to watch for now. Watch what else I can do.” Hannah said as she was now standing before Cindy in her tiny white bikini. Cindy calmed and nodded as the water dripped from Hannah’s breasts and ran down her curves. Hannah let go of Cindy, and then slowly lowered herself deeper and deeper into the hot tub. Cindy watched as Hannah simply smiled a sneaky smile. More and more of her body submerged into the waters, and soon she was up to her neck.

“I’ll be right back.” Hannah said as the bubbles of the water popped all around her face, and she closed her eyes as the water flowed up over her head. Cindy smiled and wondered as she watched Hannah disappear into the bubbles of the water. All Cindy could do was wonder what Hannah was planning. Then suddenly, in the bubbles, Cindy spotted Hannah’s white bikini top. It was now floating at the surface of the water. Not a moment passed when her bikini bottoms arrived to the surface of the water as well.

This only excited Cindy. She hoped that Hannah would soon arise from the water naked, or perhaps she planned on flying out of the water in a splash and float above her under her magic. Hannah remained underwater for longer than Cindy hoped. It had been almost a minute. She decide to look through the water, but found that Hannah is gone. There was no sign of her anywhere. Cindy picked up Hannah’s bikini top off the surface of the water, and found it more amazing that all the strings of the bikini top and bottom were still tied.

Hannah was definitely planning something beyond Cindy’s imagination.

Suddenly, Cindy felt hands around her thighs and her calves. Soon hands rose up her legs and were all over her body. Not just one hand or two hands, but many hands, all caressing her and fondling her body. Cindy looked down into the water to see who was touching her, but found no one. The water penetrated her bikini bottom, and massaged her clit. She felt hands grab her ankles and slowly pull her deeper into the water. As her bare breasts submerged into the water, she soon felt hands caressing them as well. As these watery hands caressed her body and touched every wet inch of her, she could hear a voice gently talking in her head.

“Do you like it when I touch you like this?” Hannah said directly into Cindy’s mind.

“Yes.” Cindy says aloud. “Where are you?”

“I’m right here.” Hannah answered.

“Where. I can’t see you in … in the water.”

“I am the water, baby.” Cindy heard Hannah say in her head again. Hannah continued to speak to her as she massaged Cindy’s body. “You have no idea how powerful I truly am. I simply let my body melt away and now I have become the water that fills this tub. When I’m water, I can touch you everywhere at once. I can feel every inch of your body. I can give you any sensation I can think up.”

Cindy was shocked to suddenly find her bikini bottoms being pulled down her legs by the watery hands of the hot tub. Her pussy was now exposed and in that instant she felt fingers probe inside her vagina. She felt hands rubbing her tight butt. She felt a fingers spread her wide and fill her up slowly.

“I … I don’t …” Cindy said under heavy breaths, wondering if this magic had gone too far, wondering if all this was weird or merely a new way to experience pleasure.

“Shh …” Hannah said to her again. “Embrace it, baby. Let me please you. I guarantee you that I am getting more pleasure out of my experience as I swirl about your body.

Cindy was so close to climaxing already. The number of hands that Hannah had created with the water was so amazing. She felt powerful jets of water probing her clit and climbing into her pussy. She felt hands grabbing her butt and swirling around her asshole. She felt fingers pinching her nipples and pushing her large breasts together.

“I … I want to see you …” Cindy said aloud to Hannah. “I want to kiss you, please!” Cindy shouted.

Suddenly, Hannah rose again from the water, only to Cindy’s surprise, Hannah was made completely of water. She stood before Cindy, transparent and bubbly. Cindy could see right through her body at the wall behind her. She was still having a hard time understanding how all this was possible, and Hannah new she needed some convincing. While this clear nude watery being with Hannah’s face, figure, and voice stood calmly before Cindy, she could still feel dozens of hands caressing her body from underneath the water.

“It’s real.” Hannah said, showing off her liquid body to Cindy. She extended her liquid arms outward, and splashed Cindy’s walls as spray flew from her fingertips.

“Go ahead, and touch me, Cindy. I want you to touch me.”

Cindy did as she was told, and slowly rose up from the side of the hot tub, and reached her hand out towards Hannah. She was afraid to touch Hannah, not knowing what would happen, but she knew she wasn’t going to be able to even keep herself from finding out. She touched Hannah’s watery body, and just like water, her hand sunk into Hannah’s liquid stomach. Cindy could feel the warmth of the hot tub as she swirled her hand around in Hannah watery body. Cindy looked up at Hannah and could see her expression on her clear face. She saw that she was enjoying Cindy’s touch. Her liquid breasts rose and fell as breathed deeply, and she quivered every so often as if Cindy was doing something more than just touching her stomach.

“You’re going to make me cum if you keep touching me like that.” Hannah told Cindy.

“But I’m barely touching you.” Cindy reminded her.

“It doesn’t matter. I feel you’re hand inside my pussy, on my tits, on my ass.”

“Really?” Cindy asked. She slowly pulled her hand from Hannah’s body, and stood up in the hot tub. She stood face to face with a very liquid Hannah as she now stood there naked and dripping wet. She looked into her watery eyes, and Hannah smiled back as she saw a smile on Cindy’s face. Cindy was curious to see what this magic meant.

“I know you’re curious. You can’t hurt me. In fact, nothing can hurt me anymore.” Hannah told Cindy.

Her words toyed with Cindy imagination, and her curiosity took over. Cautiously, Cindy extended her hand towards Hannah’s face. She tried to caress Hannah’s cheek, but soon found a similar result as before. As her hand touched Hannah’s wet face, it sunk into it. Hannah didn’t budge as Cindy’s hand sunk into her own face. In fact, she closed her eyes and moaned.

“I still feel in everywhere.” Hannah said as Cindy touched her in ways she never thought possible. Cindy’s continued to push her hand through Hannah’s wet face, and her hand popped out the other side. Cindy giggled as she was amused by Hannah’s magic, but she was unaware of how horny she was making Hannah just by touching her liquid body.

Hannah’s hand shot out and grabbed onto Cindy’s hand with a splash. She pulled Cindy’s hand from her face, and threw her back down into the hot tub. Hannah could no longer control herself as she then pounced from her standing position and in a splash she dove her liquid body against Cindy’s. Hannah’s body exploded as she landed on Cindy, and Cindy was in shock as it felt like a large bucket of water had hit her.

Before she could even regain her composure, Hannah rose back up from the tub, still made of liquid. Only this time she slowly eased up onto Cindy; this time she maintained her human-like form and didn’t just fall apart. As she looked down at a soaked Cindy, her face and head solidified and regained their skin pigmentation. She leaned forward and kissed Cindy’s lips, and Cindy could finally kiss back as Hannah lips were normal again. As they kissed, Hannah’s body became more solid. As Hannah’s bare breasts regained their sexy soft curves, she pressed them against Cindy’s own. As they kissed, Cindy reached around and found Hannah’s firm solid butt. She clinched her bare ass so that Hannah was tight against her. Hannah pulled at Cindy’s breasts, longing to get at her nipples. She slid her solid knee between Cindy’s leg, and begins to rub her bare pussy with it.

Hannah rubbed her wet naked body up and down against Cindy’s, feeling the bare skin on bare skin for the first time that evening. Glorious and naked, these two girls caressed each other’s bodies like never before. They ran their fingers everywhere they could find as the water of the hot tub bubbled around them. Hannah pressed her tits firmly against Cindy’s and Cindy moaned back against her, pushing her tits against Hannah. Hannah pushed her huge breasts against Cindy’s body as she looked deep into her eyes and smiled. Cindy looked back at her magical friend, and kissed her softly on the lips as she could feel Hannah’s warmth radiate off her body.

Hannah lowered herself slowly back in to the water, and placed both her hands around Cindy’s breasts. Hannah lovingly licked her nipples as she held her, pushing and pulling at Cindy’s breasts. Cindy ran her wet hand down Hannah’s sexy back as she continued to play with her body, in awe of what Hannah’s hands could do without magic. She moaned as Hannah pushed her breasts together and nibbled ever so slightly as she licked her. Hannah ran her hands back into the water, and pulled the water from the tub back onto Cindy’s curves, keeping her breasts wet as she caressed them. Cindy arched her back into Hannah, and let her feel every inch of the body that she had magically given her.

Cindy pulled Hannah back up so that she could kiss her again, and Hannah looked deep into her eyes.

“Now that you know more of what I can do, how about I try this.” Hannah said, and she held her hand out before Cindy. Cindy watched in awe as only Hannah’s forearm became liquid as Hannah slowly twirled her hand about. Hannah then lowered her hand back into the water, and instantly Cindy could feel several fingers quickly in her pussy and around her ass. Cindy closed her eyes as Hannah controlled every inch of the water that filled the tub while she retained her solid form. With her solid hand, Hannah caressed Cindy’s face and kissed her once more on the lips while various watery hands continued to probe and massage Cindy’s clit from under the water.

As the two girls kissed, Cindy snuck her hand down Hannah’s wet body, and found her nude and shaven pussy. Without hesitation, she inserted her own finger’s into Hannah’s magical pussy, and Hannah moaned loudly as she felt her penetration. Cindy felt the watery hands from below stop as Hannah’s now solid hand rose back from the water grabbed her own wet breasts with her hands. As she played with her on gorgeous breasts, she pushed down against Cindy’s fingers. Hannah rode Cindy’s fingers, raising and lowering herself onto them. With her free hand, Cindy caressed her own body as she watched Hannah use her fingers.

“Yes. Fuck me like that.” Hannah demanded as she bobbed up and down on Cindy’s fingers. Cindy inserted more fingers into Hannah’s soaked pussy and played with her clit with the ones that were not inside her. Hannah pulled at her own breasts with her hands, and managed to lick her own nipples as she lifted them upward.

“Oh yes. Ohhhh yes.” The powerful Hannah moaned as she moved up and down faster and faster. The bubbles in the water that surrounded the two girls seemed to intensify as Hannah moved quicker on Cindy’s hand. Hannah’s hands roamed all over her own body as the sexual sensation was pushing her closer and closer to a powerful climax.

But then, with a lustful look in her eyes, Hannah glared down at Cindy. Although Hannah’s own hands were on her own breasts, Cindy suddenly felt an invisible force pull her hand that was fucking her friend. Unable to continue to please Hannah, Cindy looked up into Hannah’s horny eyes.

“Not yet.” Hannah told Cindy. “I want your pussy first!”

“Yeah?” Cindy cried as she was all for letting Hannah eat her out.

Without a second thought, Hannah pointed at Cindy. As her hand rose upward, Cindy felt weightless. Completely naked and dripping wet from the hot tub, Hannah merely conducted Cindy up from the tub with her magical powers. She smiled as Cindy floated up out of the tub and into the air. Cindy felt so calm and at peace as she floated. This feeling of weightlessness was so relaxing. With her thoughts and her magical hand’s gestures, Hannah set Cindy down on the edge of the hot tub. Now with Cindy’s gorgeous wet body spread and completely naked, with her giant new tits, her firm body, her long wet legs presented before Hannah, Hannah slowly sunk back into the water, and started to kiss Cindy’s inner thigh. As she kissed deeper and deeper towards Cindy’s pussy, Cindy began to moan. Cindy placed her hand on the back of Hannah’s head as Hannah found her way to Cindy’s shaven pussy. Cindy was startled at first, but the moment that Hannah’s tongue met Cindy’s clit, she knew she wanted nothing more than to have Hannah between her legs forever. She simply sat on the edge of the hot tub and let Hannah eat her pussy.

She looked down at Hannah and Hannah was looking back up at her, smiling between her licks. Hannah spread Cindy’s pussy apart with her fingertips as Cindy’s hands roamed down her stomach. Hannah’s tongue seemed to go deeper and deeper into Cindy’s pussy, climbing up inside her and making sure that Cindy felt it everywhere. With her tongue on Cindy’s clit, Hannah took her fingers and buried them deep inside Cindy as well. She slowed fucked Ci

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