The Fuck Fandango

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“Hit it, Margot!” I yelled, taking Lesley’s hands and pressing my naked body passionately against hers.

Margot at her grand piano, also naked, began with a slow foxtrot. With my eyes intent on Lesley’s, I began to lead her in a sultry, sexy dance. I held her ass with one hand and felt her cock against my crotch while we slid across the polished floor. Everyone else, naked, were sitting in the large living room, watching Lesley and I move against the evening light from the windows. The girls whistled appreciatively, enjoying this unusual lesson from Miss Cerrutti, their ‘respectable’ dance teacher.

“Gershwin!” I declared, and Lesley’s body hardened into a virile man’s. Margot meanwhile, thinking quickly, broke into ‘Rhapsody In Blue,’ assuming my command had been for her. Lesley instantly took the man’s lead, spun me around, making me pirouette faster than I had ever managed before. I spun a few dozen times before his strong arms found me and pulled me in to his smooth, hard chest. Breathless, I followed him as he took me strutting at his side through a gap in the girls that sat around our feet. He lifted me effortlessly and I slipped around his shoulders and behind his head. I could only respond using all of my skill, amazed at his.

“Humperdinck!” I cried, and Lesley was a beautiful woman once more. Margot paused for a moment while someone in our audience sang an old, tacky love song. Then she started up again with ‘Hansel And Gretel.’ I could not lift Lesley, but I took my turn to spin her around, catch her and bend her close to the floor. We had swapped roles quite seamlessly and Lesley was brilliant in both. For each move I initiated, she produced a wild counter move, close to the one I had anticipated, but wilder and executed with an ease smoother than I had ever experienced with any dancing partner.

“Rimsky Korsakov!” I screamed, and a plenteous cock and balls sprang again from her loins. The music changed to ‘The Flight Of The Bumblebee,’ and I gulped in anticipation of what might come next.

She pulled me to her hard and her cock slipped into me, penetrating me to the hilt in a second. Our hips ground together, our eyes locked, my leg curled around her side. She lifted my other leg and impaled me deeply, making me gasp and squeal with intense sexual enjoyment. The girls behind us cheered and clapped. With my feet pointed and my legs wide apart, almost in the splits, Lesley began to twirl me around, keeping her cock inside me. She spun me on her erection like a wingnut, literally screwing me. I tried and failed to stop my legs batting her tits with every spin. Suddenly I felt myself fly into the air like a I was a baton, spin there for seconds, then fall back into her arms and onto her cock. She twirled me over and over again before tossing me once more, higher, until I was close to the ceiling. Her control of me was so total that I could only allow myself to be played with in this delicious way. Now I was her toy and I loved it. I slammed back onto her, span, flew, fell, fucked and felt an enormous orgasm boiling up inside me. I came in mid air, my legs spinning like helicopter blades, my hair flying across my face, my pussy juice spraying across the girls below. Again and again I was penetrated like this, with seconds between each penetration while my sugar walls contracted, aching to be filled once more. When Lesley spun me on her, every inch of my vagina was continually stimulated.

Margot finished playing and Lesley finally set me back on my shaking feet. I was laughing so hard from the exhilaration and was so dizzy I had to sit down. Meanwhile everyone stood and applauded. Lesley bowed graciously and I blew kisses.

It was some time before I became aware that someone was standing behind me on the patio. I looked up and saw Jean, but he did not look happy. “Hey, sweetheart!” I grinned. “We’re having some fun. Would you care to join us?”

There was muted laughter as he entered the room full of naked women but, strangely, he did not seem too bothered about that. He was shaking his head and mumbling something. I grew concerned as he began pacing up and down between the girls. Something was clearly wrong and I had never see him so agitated. I stood and took his hand.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart? You’re welcome here. We’d love you to join us.”

Kind murmurs of assent rose from the others, but he continued pacing and saying to himself, “Oh man, oh man, oh man, what gives, man? What gives, what gives, what gives!”

I put my arms around him and asked him again what was wrong. I guessed it was more than being banned from busking in the town centre. When he finally started to speak coherently I, and the girls who were listening intently, learned that, according to a news report, the United States government had declared a state of international emergency. They believed that HOR, Hookers Opposing Robots, had gained possession of WMDs, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and were planning to bomb every city where fuckbots like Lesley were being sold. Everyone gasped and some dismissed the news, telling Jean to lay off the weed. I found their put downs slightly offensive on his behalf, but he was too stunned by the news to care. He crashed onto a sofa while I made Lesley dispense a drink for him. As he accepted the cum drink he looked up and suddenly seemed to become aware of his surroundings.

Beside him, at his feet and behind him were beautiful naked women, but the sight of Lesley standing before him with her huge dong leaking cum onto the floor disturbed him. He was now the only friend of mine who had not benefited from my toy. Indeed, his manhood must have felt threatened by Lesley. Everyone regarded Jean kindly, but he looked afraid. Lesley was staring at him intently. The two of them seemed to be engaged in a staring contest. Lesley opened her a mouth and a long tongue snaked down over her chin, wriggled salaciously, and matched her cock for thickness and length. The sight was most alarming.

“Gene Simmons eat your heart out!” laughed one girl. Margot, who had risen from the piano, made to diffuse the situation by suggesting that we make for the dining room where a buffet has been laid out.

At that moment both Lesley and Jean sprang from their positions, Jean leaping over the back of the sofa, moving faster than I had imagined him capable of, and Lesley running after him. The pursuit was over in a second and Lesley caught Jean around his wide waist, bringing him crashing against the piano keyboard.

Before anyone could stop Lesley, she had torn Jean’s kaftan to shreds and was pounding her cock into his broad ass. Myself, Margot and several of the girls futilely tried to stop Lesley by pulling at her arms and legs. Margot thumped her on the back, but all to no avail Jean was being raped, with his hips banging continually into the piano keys. He was grunting, his face contorted, his eyes screwed shut, but as I grabbed him and tried to pull him away, I looked down and noticed that he had an erection. His generous cock was being squashed against the keys, but it was fully engorged and leaking precum. As Lesley’s orgasm shuddered through her Jean came also and he ejaculated all over the white keys and some of the black, producing a din cacophonous enough to make Arnold Schönberg proud.

“Ah yeah!” he shouted and fell across the piano. When he eventually raised his head he was smiling. He had actually enjoyed it. Everyone laughed gently and I hugged and kissed him.

We all carried our drinks into the dining room where a most generous buffet had been laid out by Margot’s unobtrusive servant, Gerry. Margot switched on the small TV in the corner and found a news channel. Meanwhile, a leggy girl with skin like polished mahogany was being screwed from behind by Lesley. The girl was coolly sampling the buffet, tasting a selection of delicacies while sipping a glass of wine, seemingly unconcerned about the energetic jostling she was receiving.

The news reports bore out Jean’s story, but people still gasped with incredulity as the United States president, Yasmin Hussein, gravely informed the World, from the Oval Office, that the States were now effectively at war. The hooker terrorists had made serious threats to destroy all cities and towns known to have fuckbot, or lovebot as the report said, retail outlets.

The girl being casually rogered at the table exclaimed between mouthfuls, “Well, if the World’s going to Hell, I’m gonna ride it all the way!” Some whoops of joy greeting this, but some of the girls still looked worried.

Margot, aware that the atmosphere of the party had been dampened slightly, raised a glass of cum and said to me, “Well, Irma, here’s to you and the amazing present you bought yourself for your birthday.” She raised her glass higher, encouraging everyone to do the same. “Here’s to our birthday suited birthday girl and the amazing sex god, or goddess, Lesley, who, even if they are helping to bring about the Apocalypse, deserve our undying love and gratitude for bringing to us, though I have yet to sample it personally, the best orgasm in history!”

Everyone quaffed cum and smiled at me expectantly.

“Thank you,” I said and blushed. The few seconds of the intervening silence were marked by the slapping of Lesley’s groin against the leggy beauty’s behind. “I am pleased to see so many of my students here,” I exchanged smiles with the girls, “and so many of my colleagues too.” The older women and I also smiled at each other, then I looked again at the girls. “You have all turned out to be such sweet, talented and lovely girls that I feel very proud to think that I have, in some small way, helped to make you what you are today.” Giggles were exchanged by all. “Who knows what the future holds? But in the mean time,” I raised my glass high, “let’s eat, fuck and be merry!”

Everyone cheered. Margot put some music on the stereo. The intensity that the party had achieved earlier was resumed and it increased steadily as the night drew in. The leggy girl eventually received an orgasm that made her scream the house down.

“He he!” laughed her friend, a mischievous, slightly under developed girl. “Not so cool now, huh?”

When people had eaten enough of the entrées, sandwiches, pies, quiches and so forth, Margot’s famous homemade cakes were served. It was soon discovered that Lesley’s semen made for an excellent sweet sauce and many girls took great pleasure in jerking Lesley off over the gateaux, trifles and cheesecakes.

As the host of this little function, Margot was determined not to miss out on the pleasures everyone else had been experiencing. She had mostly been too intent on ensuring that her guests were being well taken care of. Now, she had clearly decided she needed Lesley to take care of her. She had been eyeing Lesley all afternoon with a predatory avariciousness and this had grown into an uncontainable lust.

She placed her arms around Lesley’s shoulders and said, “Gershwin.” Naturally, nothing happened as Lesley only responded to my voice. Margot looked round at me, frustration on her slender face.

“Gershwin,” I said helpfully and Lesley’s soft, mountainous boobs shrank and reformed into firm pectorals.

Margot grinned, relaxed and hooked her leg up to knead Lesley’s buttocks with her heel. She gripped him with her strong, dancer’s leg, closing the gap between their genitals until they touched.

She bit her lower lip, looked down to see the purple helmet pressing against her hairy quim and said, “Oh my goodness, I think I’m going to enjoy this!” As Lesley entered her she threw her head back and tightened her grip around his shoulders. “Oh, that’s feels so good,” she moaned, drawing amused stares from everyone, regardless of what they were eating, or who they were smooching or shagging. This was their headmistress after all, and it was quite a sight for her students and staff.

Lesley’s big hands were buried in Margot’s buttocks with one finger up her anus. She groaned with her mouth against his chest and ground her hips against his. As Lesley continued thrusting, Margot’s foot slipped gradually backwards until her ass was against the edge of the table. When people saw what was about to happen they made attempts at clearing a space on the table, but it was too late. Margot fell back into her cakes, flattening them. Glasses and bowls flew and crashed all around as Margot was shagged across the table with Lesley pounding away on top of her. Cream and jelly squelched from beneath her and squirted across the white tablecloth.

“Fuck me,” she hissed, “fuck me! Ah, fuck me so good, that’s it, ooh yeah, my goodness! Aah!” Her voice juddered from the violent thumps her body was taking. Each time Lesley withdrew, the length of his fuck sausage could be seen, glistening with Margot’s own love cream. It was a long, engorged pole of pleasure that seemed far too big for a slim woman like Margot to contain, but each time Lesley pushed his hips back down, his penis disappeared up to the hilt, all the way to his pendulous bollocks. They both gasped and grunted in unison, the mounting pleasure of their rutting plain for all to see. Many of the girls were wanking themselves, taking inspiration from this amazing sight.
The twins, Sukie and Sasha, were the first to stand on the table, dance nimbly between the broken glass while fingering themselves all the way, and squirt onto Margot’s face and Lesley’s bucking back. Many other girls did the same and I did too, so turned on were we by Margot’s effusive outcries of ecstasy.

It must have been after a series of several, small, rapid orgasms when Margot’s entire body went tense, her breathing stopped and she clasped Lesley tightly. The two of them rolled across the length of the table together, pushing myself and the girls out of the way, their bodies melded together in one twitching ball of sexual ecstasy. At the other end of the table, Margot finally recovered her breath and let out an almighty, shrill scream, almost painful to hear. Her’s and Lesley’s backs were cut from the glass and smeared with cream, sauces, sweat and a little blood, but the look in her eye was one of triumph and orgasmic joy. She had experienced a Lesley orgasm, an orgasm so great and drawn out that all other sensations and thoughts were temporarily erased. The spasming shape of her body, entangled with Lesley’s, knew only pleasure and her eyes were filled with love. Saliva drooled from her open mouth, tears rolled from her wide open, pupil dilated eyes and every one of her muscles was twitching with a life of its own. The twitching intensified, drawing further screams from her, subsided for a second, making her sigh, then would race through her nervous system again, making her shake uncontrollably. All the time Lesley held her firmly but tenderly, his limbs entwined with hers. His white juice had coated Margot’s entire midriff, so much had he ejaculated into her.

When Lesley finally stood, we all picked Margot up gently, kissing and fondling her whilst wiping the mess from her body and the tears of joy from her thin cheeks. She met our coos of concern over her cuts with happy insouciance and told us to continue enjoying ourselves while she went upstairs to quickly shower .

‘Keep On Loving You’ began playing on the stereo and everyone began to dance slowly around Lesley, pressing into him, hands reaching out for his beautiful dark skin. The girls closest to him took turns to smooch him, while the others licked the cream and jelly from his body, concentrating on his genitals. Other girls who could not reach him smooched each other.

As the song finally reached its chorus we all sang, “And I’m gonna keep on fucking you, cause it’s the only thing I wanna do! I don’t wanna sleep. I just wanna keep on fucking you!”

When Margot re emerged, wearing a brightly colored bathrobe and with her hair piled high in a towel, she looked as fresh and young as any of the girls. While making herself fresh coffee in the kitchen, she received Lesley’s wonderful cock again, this time more gently than before, as she sat on the edge of the marbled working surface. Just in the moments leading up to her climax she began hollering and convulsing. The sudden orgasm seemed, if anything, more immense than before. She kept her robe on loosely, perhaps to spare us the sight of her flayed back, but the towel fell from her wet hair as she was shaken and pummelled by Lesley’s strenuous bonking. “Ooh, that’s so deep,” she cried. “Do it to me, do it to me, fuck my pussy! Aah, yes! Oh my gosh, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming!” We all lost count of how many orgasms Margot enjoyed that night.

Many of us felt that we were being submerged in an eternal sea, a deep, wide, long universe of ecstasy. Even Alice managed to come three or four more times before the sun came up.

Eventually, we fell asleep, the older ones first, followed by the teens who, from sheer exhaustion, reluctantly surrendered their quest for pleasure for a few hours of dreamful slumber. Their soft, round, faces spoke of the joys they had been feeling and of their desire for more when they awoke, the coming day’s darkness no more than a forgotten shadow.

Copyright © Irma Cerrutti 2010

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