A lil bit of more Dirtiness on Campus

Next day had arrived and I was so ready! Earlier this morning i was practicing my karma and keeping my hormones under control so I could have fun with Debra again and this time her friend. I wonder who was it going to be and I wonder who is Bi and would let me and Debra have sex while she joined in?
Well I am sitting in my classes as i think and ponder my mind dazing off into thinking bout what would happen in 5 hours i lost track of my professor as she called on me she looked at me and scowled me and said I would be punished for what I had just did. Unknown to me that my Professor was Debras friend and an old High school friend of mine i had forgotten all about. Oh Boy am I in for it.
As the classes end I wait around as i see her Red Lexus pull up. I smile as she smiles as well this time wearing a soft silk see though baby-blueish dress that was low cut. As I statrted the conversation I asked her whose car this time and she smiled pointing as my professor drove up in a Black Ford F150 with a blanket already set up in the back of her truck i looked at my professor and she smiled. “Now Mr. ?????????, I know you havent forgotten me now have you?”, I stared at her as she then put on a apir of glasses and stepped out of the truck. She was Veronica Finnie. She was now wearing a low mini skirt that was black satin as she wore a small tight white shirt as her nipples were erect from being out in the cold so without thinking i took her into my arms and started rubbing my hands over her body. She then leaned back into my arms and guided my hands straight to her clit that was awaiting me nice and wet. As i started fingering her i heard Debra moaning from in her car as i looked back and saw she had a silver B.O.B. and was fucking herself with it. Seeing this made Veronica open the passenger door and pushed me away as she then placed her face in Debras lap and started eating her out as i watched i smirked and pulled out that vaseline again as this time i pulled out my cock and lathered it up and hiked up Veronicas skirt as i started fucking her from behind as she stayed licking on Debras pussy this time she was moving as i fucked her in the ass making her face go up and down on Debra. As i was fucking her from behind Debra took her B.O.B. and shoved it in Veronicas pussy and turned it on full as “V” then moaned out and pulled off as “D” shoved it in farther and i smashed my dick up her ass as she then pulled her back to her pussy. While doing all this i smiled as i then placed my cock on the tip of her ass as “D” placed her head on top of “V” and opened her mouth as i shot my load into her mouth with perfect aim she swallowed all of it as her and “V” then shook ravelessy in a fit of convulsions as the both reached and had their orgasms.
With all this done and over with I smiled as I ran my hand over “D” face and then over “V” and got dress as i then walked away and jumped into my Lambergini Diablo and took off. As i got to my house i smiled shit faced as i just fucked 2 of the hottest girls that ever went to my old high school. Now having this all done i took a shower and went to sleep smiling and dreaming of what happened.

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