A Lil Dirtiness in the Girls Bathroom!

Well it was now just turning into the lunch break and i wasnt feeling that hungry at all. On my way to the lunch hall i was walking by the girls large restroom and someone had pulled me into the bathroom. At first i protested then looked and saw my girlfriend standing there with a smirk on her face as she leaned forward and gave me a passionate french kiss as our lips met first then i dropped my books as i caressed her cheek and then our tongues went to work at each others. after some intense kissing she then broke the kiss and i smiled as i tried to walk away but she then pulled my hand back and i smiled looking at her as she smiled naughtily i looked at her as he played with her finger in gher mouth i looked at her and smiled. so baby wanna do it here just me and you? she smiled again as she shook her head as one of the stalls opened and another drop dead gorgeous female stepped out. at first they looked the same then i compared. My baby was a 34c short blonde hair with red streaks she was wearing a tight red tube top as he nipples were erect and needed tending she had luscious baby blue eyes that would make anyone drool. i then looked to her friend as she was slightly different she was a 44dd short but not chubby had black hair soft as silk and cat eyes that made you just stare at her. she was also wearing a tight red tube top and both were wearing some tight blue jeans. I then looked them both over and my girl made the first move as they started kissing i just stood and watched as i went around and locked both the doors and made a fake Out of order sign as i then came back and both grils already had their tops off and my girl was just fingering herself. i then made the move as i walked over and kneeled down as i started lapping at my girls shaved wet pussy as my tongue glided through her juices until i found her throbbing clit. as i started licking on her clit i then noticed and felt that the other girl was starting to hump the back of my head and she was moaning as she did this and my girl sucked and bit and tweaked on her nipples. finally my girl bit hard on her friends nipple as she then climaxed all over her legs me loving the taste of her i licked everydrop off her leg and her cunt. seeing how much pleasure she had i then stood up as he friend offered to have a congress of the crows with me. i looked at my girl as she smiled and pulled out a vibrator as i then smiled as i laid down and her friend distinctly pulled down my pants and boxers in one swift move that kinda hurt because my rock hard 9 inch cock was pulled down and hurt as it flung up she just looked at it all googly eyed and couldnt believe that my girlfriend had told her bout it but never believed it until now. i smiled as she then got her panties in my face as i stuck my nose in her through the soft silk panties and inhaled the smell of her jucies it was so sweet. i then pulled them down as she was already at work with my dick she couldnt get the right leverage so we then laid on our sides as she started sucking my dick better which felt good considering she had her tongue pierced and she would flick into into the small opening of my penile. i then pulled her luscious pussy lips apart as he i then found her clit already throbbing as well and she was slightly bleeding for some reason which made me now think i was doing a virgin i smiled as i started to flick her clit everytime i did she would squirm as i then smiled and knew i had a virgin i then asked if she was on the pill and she answered with a yes as i then pushed her off and laid her on her back as she asked me to be gentle and she said she knew how to be on top so i rolled over and let her go at it. boy she did know what she was doing as she rode me i leaned forward and sucked and massaged each one of her large breasts. I had forgotten about my girl until i heard her friend moan deep and loud as i looked behind her and my girl had done stuck the vibrator up her ass on full which made her rock hard as she then made her friend suck on her niplles and rub her clit as she fucked me. it seemed like an hour and the bell was bout to ring as we all were sweating as we all then collapsed in a giant mess of orgasms. after we laid and sat their for twen minutes i made sure each girl was cleaned personally as then also washed themselves as did her friend also have a spare pair of panties as she put them on we all got dressed i kissed each girl softly as the bell then rang i unloacked the door and quickly walked out before anyone saw me.

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