After School Detention

Margie Reed was stunned when her history professor asked her to stay after class. She had not been asked to stay after school since the 8th grade. She wondered what was wrong. Her grades had been slipping recently, but she knew that she would be able to get them back up once she worked out her school schedule with her new job, but right now…
Professor Mackey watched her in silence. He knew she was worried about his reasons for keeping her but he would have to warn her about the problems facing her if her grades didn’t come up with the next test. Silently, he hoped she failed this time…he wanted to see her get punished. He wanted her…
“Ms. Reed, you know why I asked you to stay?” he asked when the room was cleared of the remaining students.
She only shook her head, her mouth had gone suddenly dry.
“Your grades have slipped beyond the norm this past semester…in fact they have dropped drastically just this past few weeks. Is there a problem that I should know about? Perhaps something I can help you with?” he asked, hoping she would tell him.
Dropping her head slightly, Margie licked dry lips. John Mackey felt himself harden immediately and swore under his breath as he did a quick adjustment to his now tight crotch.
“I…I…I just started a new job and haven’t been able to concentrate much on school these few weeks, but I am working out a new schedule and hope to be able to get things back on track real soon Professor” she said at last.
John merely watched her for a moment before speaking.
“I have to warn you Margie, that your grades must come up with the upcoming test or I will be forced to put you on detention for a month.”
“Detention! For a whole Month! No way! You can’t do that Professor!” she exclaimed in a worried voice.
“I can and I will. I have spoken with several of your other instructors and I see a bad situation happening. Your grades have slipped in all of your classes, not just mine and several of your professors, including myself have decided that detention will be the only way to insure that your grades DO come up. You will serve detention with two professors at a time, twice a week until your month is over…thats six of us Margie…should you not make at least a B on this next test; and lest you forget, it is in two days time. Should you fail to meet the required B your detention will start on the following Monday. Do you understand?” and he waited.
Margie could only shake her head in acknowledement. A “B” or detention. She really needed to crack the books but she also had to be at work in an hour and when she finished her shift at the restaurant it would be almost 1 in the morning! Man, she was in trouble!
“We will discuss this further following the test on Friday. You have to study this semesters’ work and make your “B”. I will see you tomorrow, you may go now”.
Margie stood and hurried from the room. John Mackey breathed heavily for several moments. He was looking forward to his detention session with Margie, and he knew that his fellow instructors were also eager to get their hands on her as well.
Margie Reed ran all the way to her dorm room and flung herself on the bed. Tears flowed freely as she cried out her fears. Several minutes past before she pulled herself together and sat up on the edge of the bed.
Rising, she went to the bathroom and washed her face, then changed clothes and headed for work. She would worry about the test tomorrow. She was off then and could study all evening. She would make that “B” and then Professor Mackey could go to hell.
Work was hard, her performance minimal, her tips lousy. Margie was not thinking of waiting tables, but on her history professor and his words of warning. Twice she dropped plates and once gave an order to the wrong customer. What a lousy night!
Flopping into bed early in the morning, Margie fell asleep and dreamed of her history professor. When she awakened the next day she had a splitting headache and decided to skip classes that day. She turned off the alarm clock and went back to sleep. Later, when she awoke for the second time, she found that she had slept the morning away and it was now coming up on two in the afternoon.
Rushing to get showered and cleaned up, Margie ran out the door of the dormitory and smack into her economics professor. He grabbed her shoulders to keep her from falling and smiled at her.
“Rushing off to class, Ms. Reed?” he asked softly.
Blushing, Margie licked her lips and smiled before speaking.
“Yes Professor, I am. I need to get to history class, and I am late.” she lied.
“Very well, I will see you in class tomorrow. Don’t be late.” and he let her go.
Margie headed across campus and went to the library. She hoped to meet up with her roommate and best friend, Beth. Sure enough, Beth was sitting at a large table surrounded by several boys and by the sound of the whispering and laughter emanating from said table, they were enjoying each others’ company immensely.
Margie approached casually, and Beth waved her on in.
“Hello sleepyhead! I was telling the guys here about you. They think you should just take the detention and be done with it. That way, you can join us tonight for a keg party at the frat house. What say you…care to join in the fun?” Beth asked.
Margie shook her head in the negative…but the guys began to give her the bums rush and soon had her giving in. She agreed to go to the keg party for would only stay for a short time, before leaving to go back and study in her room.
Everyone agreed, but sly winks passed between several of the guys and Beth. Margie would be enjoying the party most of the night.
The clock read 8 and Margie just groaned. She had only just climbed into bed…barely closed her eyes when the alarm clock went off. Beth was still sleeping…she didn’t have any morning classes today.
Scrambling out of bed, Margie grabbed her head. She had been at that damn kegger till just before 5am. Together, she and Beth had had a great time, but she hadn’t kept her promise to study and the test was today. Oh well, maybe the guys were right, and she should just take the detention and get it over with.
Walking into history class later that afternoon, Margie felt her stomach tighten. She was totally unprepared for this test, and knew she was going to get a bad grade. She sat at her desk, staring at the written test before her. Some of the answers were easy, she could pull off a “C”. She turned in her papers when Professor Mackey called for them, knowing she had done poorly.
Waiting patiently she heard him call her name and headed to his desk. He only showed her the large red “D” at the top of the page and nodded as he mouthed “see you Monday after class”.
She left the room feeling like a lead weight was lifted off her shoulders. Detention wasn’t too bad…she would get through it and be done with it.
The weekend flew by and Monday was almost over. Professor Mackey dismissed the class and asked Margie to stay. When everyone was gone, he motioned her to come to his desk.
She stood before him, breathing heavily. Margie was very well endowed; her large breasts strained with each breath she took. Finally, John lifted his head and looked at her. Smiling, he told her that her detention was to take place that evening, in Professor Smiths’ room. He would meet her there at 7 pm. She was not to be late, or detention would double. Nodding, Margie hurriedly left the room.
Once back in her dorm, Margie lay down and promptly fell asleep. When she opened her eyes it was to see the clock glaring at her…the time was 6:55pm. With a cry, Margie bounded out of bed and rushed out the door. It was a long way to the shop rooms where Professor Smith taught metalworks and welding. She reached the door in record time, but her watch still showed her that she was 5 minutes late. Sighing, Margie opened the door and hurried inside. She saw the scattered desks and worktables, but no sign of the professors.
Approaching the large layout table, Margie heard a noise behind her and spun around sharply. Professor Mackey stood behind her, and to his left stood Professor Bob Smith. Both men were smiling and staring at her slightly disheveled appearance.
“Ms. Reed, you are 5 minutes late. That means you will owe us an extra month of detention. Your detention is voluntary however, and you can refuse to serve it. Should you do so, we will be forced to fail you in your classes this semester, and you will have to make up the classes during the summer session. However, if you decide to take the detention you must agree to do any and all things asked of you, no questions asked and not speak of anything that occurs during your time with us to anyone other than ourselves. We will give you 1 minute to think things over. Should you agree, you are to go into the inner room and read the missive left there for you. Upon doing so, you are to do exactly as ordered. Do you understand?” and both men waited.
Margie nodded and the men stepped away and waited.
Margie didn’t need to think things over…she headed for the inner room and the men smiled behind her.
Picking up the printout, Margie read silently and her eyes widened in disbelief. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw the two men begin to disrobe and knew that this detention wasn’t going to be all that bad after all.
Quickly following the instructions, Margie stripped out of her clothes and walked back to the large table. She climbed up on it and immediately lay down, spreadeagled as ordered. No sooner had she done so, than she felt her wrists being bound and then her ankles as well. A man stood on either side of the table and she was touched and stroked and squeezed and rubbed until her breasts were swollen and the nipples stood out like small bullets. Her pussy was rubbed and poked and was soon sopping wet and she heard Bob Smith sigh in satisfaction when he pushed two fingers into her tight cunt and she moaned in pleasure.
John Mackey was busy suckling on her breasts and she moaned with delight as he drew first one and then the other nipple into his hot mouth. This pleasure lasted for several minutes before the two men stepped away from her.
Bob looked to John who only nodded. Climbing onto the table, Bob didn’t waste time on preliminaries. He lay between her spread legs and with a quick shove, buried his large, swollen cock deep into her wet pussy. Margie cried out at the sudden pain she felt as his huge member went deep inside. He was at least 10 inches long and fully 3 or 4 inches thick!
Bob pumped furiously and in no time was shooting a large load of hot cum deep into her cunt. John was watching her and knew that she was near climaxing, so instead of climbing on her next, he climbed up and straddled her chest, his large 13 incher shoving into her mouth. He wanted her to eat him and he let her know it by pushing deep into her throat. Margie gagged but he didn’t relent. Soon, she got the rhythmn and was sucking him as he plunged in and out of her wet mouth. He was ready and soon she was ordered to swallow every drop as he unloosed his load into her waiting gullet.
After several minutes passed, John climbed off her, and the two men looked at her as she tried to catch her breath.
John spoke first.
“Margie, we have more in mind for you, but we want to give you a final chance to change your mind. Do you wish to continue with your punishment?”
Margie whispered yes, and the two men smiled at her.
Bob headed to the inner room and returned with a long pole that had a strange knob on the end. He nodded at John and waited while John undid the cuffs that were holding Margie to the table. He told her to get to her knees and lower her head to the table, keeping her hands out. He then reattached the cuffs to her wrists and ankles, spreading her wide once more.
Bob approached from behind and took his place. He had lubed the large knob and it was now ready for her. Slowly, he pushed it into her ass; John opening her cheeks wider as he pushed deeper. Margie cried out in pain and squirmed but couldn’t get away from the new intrusion. After only a moment, she was stuffed with the rod and knob, her ass spread wide. Bob began to pump her hard, the metal dildo moving in and out rapidly. Margie was on the brink and it didn’t take long before she cried out in orgasm after orgasm. Bob continued to stroke the dildo in and out of her tight ass, and John felt his cock rise to the occasion. Nodding at Bob who moved to one side, John took his place behind Margie and taking his swollen cock in hand, shoved home. Margie felt him enter her now sopping pussy and clamped down on him, drawing him deeper into her. He moved rapidly, and was soon pumping in time with the movements of the metal dildo. Again Margie cried out and climaxed over and over again as John let his orgasm go. Together they flowed as one and soon Margie was dripping cum onto the table. Bob slowly pulled the rod out, and after several more minutes passed, John pulled out too. Margie kept her head bowed and waited.
“Margie, you are one hot woman! I need to have my cock sucked now!” said Bob as he handed John the rod and approached the head of the table.
Margie lifted her head and opened her mouth. Bob slid all 10 inches deep into her throat. She knew what to do now, and wasted no time. Soon he was moaning his release as she swallowed his cum and licked him clean. She was pleased with herself. Her detention was fun. She looked forward to the next two months of detention with her professors and she hoped the others were as nicely endowed as these two.
“We will be seeing you again Margie. Your next detention will be on Wednesday, and Professor Kline will be officiating. He will tell you when and where. You may get dressed and leave now.” John told her as he undid her bindings. He and Professor Smith left the room and went into the office to get dressed as she hopped down from the table. A glance at her watch showed the time to be 9:30. Detention had been fun and she wanted more of it. Smiling widely, Margie went to get dressed and was, for the first time in months, looking forward to classes the next day.

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    What a great story, i wish there was more for my enjoyment

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