After school In The Library

After School In The Library pt 1

Mrs. Emily Weeks has been the school councilors for ten years at Mount Eagle High and has never met a girl like Lisa Truman. Lisa had all the boys wanting to date her and she never seemed to want them maybe because she liked older boys. Lisa had just turned eighteen over the summer and was a senior. The first day she came into Mrs. Weeks office was an eye opener for her. Lisa came in to find out what she needed to do for her senior year so she was ready for college she wore a tight t-shirt and Emily could see her nipples sticking out at her she also wore a skirt that was right at the school limit for the dress code. Lisa sat across from Emily and she noticed that Mrs. Weeks could not take her eyes off Lisa’s breast so Lisa asked her do you like what you see. Emily was taken back by that but told her that they were nice for some one her age. Then Lisa did something Emily did not expect she sat back in her chair and lifted her shirt up so Emily could see her breast. They sat high and firm and they looked like a good c cup and no tan line at all but Lisa did have her summer tan still. Emily just sat there speechless she did not know what to say, she did like what she was seeing though. Then Lisa asked if she wanted to touch them Emily wanted to tell her to leave but something in her had her get up and go over to Lisa and touch her tits she could not believe she was doing this, she squeezed both and they felt very firm and natural, then she heard a moan come from Lisa, Emily looked down and Lisa had pulled her skirt up and Emily could see a very nice shaven pussy, Lisa had her finger rubbing herself. Lisa then asked Emily if she would like to touch her there to Emily hesitated for a moment then found herself reaching down to touch that nice pussy when she did Lisa let out another moan Emily could not believe what she was doing since Lisa was a student and it was very improper for a teacher or any body in the administration to have a sexual encounter with a student. Then came the shock for Emily; Lisa had moved her hand up Emily’s dress and was rubbing Emily very wet pussy Oh Mrs. Weeks you are very wet down there came from Lisa, Emily just stood there did not move Lisa reached inside Emily’s panties and was now inserting a finger in her very wet pussy Oh my came out of Emily this felt so good and no one had done this to her in a long time. Her and Mr. Weeks had divorced about six years ago and Emily could not find anyone she wanted to be with since then. Lisa then reached up and started to message Emily’s breast though her bra Emily was feeling very good and could feel her orgasm coming just when she thought she was going to come Lisa stopped Emily looked down and said ” Don’t stop please keep going . Lisa stood up pulled her shirt down and told Emily to meet her later in the girls locker room after school.
That was the beginning to a very nice relationship with Lisa, but the year was coming to a end and Lisa was getting ready to graduate. Emily had sent a note to Lisa’s first period teacher that she needed to see her right away, so Emily sat at her desk waiting for Lisa to knock at the door. She had stopped wearing panties and always had a dress on just for those days when her and Lisa would get together. As she waited Emily could feel her pussy start to tingle and she wanted to touch herself to get some relief but decided to wait for Lisa.
Then came the knock at the door “Come in said Emily” it was Lisa she had on the same outfit from the first day they met. Lisa came in and went to sit down but Emily told her to stand not to sit then she told her to lock the door Lisa did what she was told and returned to stand in front of the desk then Emily told her to pull her skirt down Lisa did what she was told she kicked the skirt from her feet and stood there naked waist down Emily look at her told her that she looked very good with her pussy shaved like she liked. Emily then told her to take her shirt off and Lisa did that and put it with her skirt now she was completely naked in the councilors’ office Emily then told her to play and squeeze her nipples Lisa did as she was told. Emily could fell her pussy starting to get wet and pulled her dress up so Lisa could see her shaved pussy as Emily started to rub herself Lisa too could fell her pussy starting to get wet but did not try to touch herself she had to wait for Emily to give her permission before she could do that. This all started after Lisa told Emily that Mount Eagle would not make it to the basketball playoffs and they did Lisa had to do everything Emily wanted and could be spanked if she did not follow the rules. Lisa wanted to touch her pussy so bad that she waited for Emily to close her eyes just before she came to try and touch her pussy just as she put her hand on her pussy Emily spoke up “What are you doing did I give you permission to do that” Lisa just stood there then Emily told her she wanted Lisa to stand in the corner and that she would have to stay there until the bell rang for the next class Lisa moved over to the corner with her hands at her side Lisa just thought to herself what had she done the last time she had broke the rules Emily gave her a good spanking that kept Lisa from setting comfortable for three days good thing it was spring break and she had a week to get over it before she had to be at school. This time there was no break and no long weekend to help her.
Emily sat at her desk she had pulled her dress down and was thinking what could she do to Lisa this time the last she thought she might have gone to far but Lisa did not seem to mind and the sex was very nice. And where are they going to do it the softball team had a home game so they could not go there and most of the teachers were staying after to catch up on grades. Then she thought what about the AV room in the Library no one would see them there and the room was set up like a sound studio. Just before the bell rang Emily called Lisa over to her desk then she started Lisa you broke the rules and you know you have to be punished you will meet me at the Library after school to day is that understood Lisa looked up at Emily and said yes mistress, ok then get your cloths on and don’t forget Lisa got dressed and headed out to her next class. Emily could not wait for the last bell to ring all she thought about was Lisa and that nice ass of hers.

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