Chapter Nineteen: Amber

Mom had an acquaintance, Mrs. Connor, who stopped by the house occasionally. Sylvia Connor was very attractive. She was tall and had a very voluptuous figure. Her legs were long and very shapely and she wasn’t shy about showing them off. Her daughter Amber, like me, was fifteen and it was obvious that when it came to good looks; Amber took after her mother. Since Amber went to the Bolton Girl’s School, I didn’t know her very well.

One Saturday afternoon I heard the front doorbell ring and I as I came down from my room, mom was showing Mrs. Connor and Amber into the living room. Mrs. Connor was dressed in a short tight fitting skirt and a cream colored silk blouse. I noted that Amber was similarly dressed in a short skirt and blouse combination and she was beautiful. She already had a great figure and it was shown off to advantage by the tight short skirt. The curve of her bottom and her shapely tanned legs set my pulse racing. It appeared that her breasts were small; but they stood out enticingly beneath the thin silky material of her blouse. Her complexion was perfect; she had big green eyes and long blond hair. To top it all off, her face was beautiful. She could have easily been a cover girl for any of those teen magazines.

Trying to be as unobtrusive as possible, I followed the group into the living room and settled into an arm chair facing the couch. Mrs. Connor sat back comfortably on the couch. Her long legs were encased in sheer stockings and I felt my pulse increase just a bit when she crossed them, because her short skirt rode up exposing a goodly expanse of her thighs. After a while Mrs. Connor glanced my way and she must have noticed my intent stare, because she uncrossed her legs, pulled her skirt primly down and said, “Amber why don’t you and Billy go find something to do.” Mrs. Connor always called me Billy and I hated it.

Mom said in agreement, “Yes son, why don’t you entertain Amber while I visit with her mother?”

I said, “Sure Mom,” and turning to Amber I said, “Come on Amber, let’s go to my room and play video games.”

Amber got up from the couch and as we left the room she asked, “Are you sure it’s safe for me to be alone with you?”

I didn’t reply and started up the stairs.

When we got to my room I asked Amber, “Do you want me to leave the door open so you can yell for help if you need to?”

“Oh you can shut it and lock it for all I care,” she said airily.

Taking her at her word, I shut and locked the door. Then I got a surprise, Amber began rummaging around my room like she owned it. I wasn’t too happy about this, but I didn’t say anything. Amber was extremely attractive and I wanted to get on her good side. When Amber opened the closet I began to get worried. I was getting ready to risk telling her off. Unfortunately before I could say anything, she came across my stash of porno magazines. She brought them out of the closet, sat on the bed and began leafing through one of them.

As she looked through the magazines she clicked her tongue and said, “Bill what a nasty boy you must be. About half of these are full of pictures of women being spanked. I guess you are a little kinky too. I expected to find something like this in here when I saw you trying to get a look up my mom’s skirt. Of course she noticed it too. You weren’t nearly as sly as you thought. You need a lot more practice. Oh by the way, I hope these things are sanitary. I haven’t run across any sticky spots yet; but one can’t be too careful these days.”

By this time I was really getting pissed and I didn’t get pissed very often. I prided myself on keeping my cool; but Amber was getting to me. She was a very sexy girl and she knew it. That was the problem. It gave her a superior attitude and I couldn’t stand that. I said, “It’s too bad you go to the Bolton Girl’s school. I guess you can’t know too much about sex. If you wanted to look at some pictures to figure it out, you could have just asked me instead of snooping around my room.”

Amber laughed and said sarcastically, “You poor misguided boy. I don’t have to go to the shitty public schools to meet boys. I have them falling all over me at the country club.”

I went over to the bed and grabbed the magazines saying, “I know the kind of boys that are over at the country club and if any one of them ever gets a hard on it won’t be from looking at your ass. You’re probably so used to hanging around with fags you wouldn’t know how to handle a real man.”

Amber laughed again and said, “Are you trying to tell me what a man you are? The closest you’ve ever come to real sex is those magazines and your imagination. I certainly don’t picture you as a stud. I picture you as a pervert imagining that you’re spanking some cute girl’s bare butt. Beyond that, I wouldn’t want to know what goes on in your twisted mind.”

I managed to regain my composure and I looked down into Amber’s eyes and said very calmly, “I have spanked some very cute girl’s bare butts and they liked it.”

Amber said, “Damn if don’t I almost believe you and I’m good at spotting a liar.”

“I don’t care if you believe me or not. Your reaction to these magazines and especially your attitude about spanking show how unsophisticated you really are Amber. I’m sure you know all about the birds and the bees; but that’s as far as it goes. Spanking is a normal part of sex and can be very stimulating. I’m sure you don’t know it, but there’s an art to what is called romantic spanking.”

Amber looked at me with a little more respect and asked, “You really have spanked some girls, no bullshit? Why would they let you do that? Did you do anything else?

I replied, “Yes I have spanked girls on their bare bottoms. They let me do it because they liked me and it turned them on. I did other things that they liked too. I can do some very nice things and when you grow up a little, maybe I’ll tell you about them. I might even show you a thing or two. By the way, I don’t mean physically grow up. I mean mentally. Because, face it, you lead a very sheltered life. The Bolton school and the country club are not the real world.”

Amber said, “Come on Bill, can’t you take a joke? I know about all those things. I was just busting your chops a little.”

“Amber you might have traded a little spit with a boy or two, but that’s all you’ve done. I’m good at spotting a liar too. If you’re not careful, that cute little nose of yours is going to start growing.”

“Don’t give me that superior attitude Bill Bradley. I said I almost believed you. I expect you might have done something nasty with some naive little girl. But I don’t believe you’re any sex expert. Maybe I haven’t done much of anything yet. But it’s not because I don’t know anything like you seem to think. When the right person comes along I’ll be more than ready.”

I stared at Amber intently for a moment and said quietly, “Maybe the right person has come along and you just don’t know it.”

Amber said, “Meaning you.”

I nodded and I pushed Amber back onto the bed and leaned over her. She opened her mouth to say something, but I covered her mouth with mine before she could get a word out. As I began kissing her, Amber tried to push me away; but her resistance was short lived. Within a few seconds she was returning my kiss. As I continued kissing Amber, I slid a hand up under her skirt and maneuvered it between her legs. Again she resisted a little, but as I became more insistent she moved her legs apart and I began stroking her pussy through the thin silky material of her panties. Then I got a finger inside her panties and continued to probe as I felt her pussy becoming moist.

I could tell that Amber was getting turned on and then she suddenly pushed me away and sat up. Her breath was coming in short gasps and she said, “That’s enough! Are you crazy? Our mothers are right downstairs; what if one of them de
cides to come up here?”

I knew that I was making good progress. So I decided to take a risk. Knowing Am
ber’s personality, I expected daring her to do more would work better than if I let her know how much I wanted her. So I replied, “Do you want me to make an excuse to see what they’re doing? Or are you just afraid to stay up here with me? You don’t have to stay if you can’t handle this. If you’re afraid, you can go back down to your mommy. “

Amber’s reaction was as I expected. She said haughtily, “Look Bill, I don’t know who you think you are, but please let me assure you that I don’t find you the least bit scary. You’re just a typical horny teenage boy, trying to get into my panties and I’ve dealt with your kind plenty of times before. You’re not doing anything unless I let you. I just don’t want to be caught in an embarrassing situation while you try to make one of your wet dreams come true.”

I said smugly, “Well Amber, I guess a poor excuse is better than no excuse. I’m sorry if I went a little too far for you. It’s Ok you can back out gracefully and go back to the country club boys until you grow up.”

Amber said, “Damn it Bill, what do I have to do to get through to you?”

I replied, “That’s easy let me spank your bare butt.”

“I’m not about to let you do that just to prove a point. You can just forget that little fantasy Bill Bradley. If I did that I can just hear one of our mothers asking, what’s going on up there? And I’ll have to say, oh nothing I’m just letting Bill give me a bare ass spanking.”

My bedroom window looked over the back yard and I wondered if fate would be on my side. I went over and looked out. I couldn’t believe my luck. Mom and Mrs. Connor were having drinks on the patio. I turned to Amber and said, “Our moms are out on the patio partaking of adult beverages. It looks like we have the place all to ourselves for the time being.”

I went over to the computer desk, pulled out the chair and sat down. Then I looked at Amber and said, “Well how about it? You just might like it. That is, if you’re not afraid to try something new.”

Amber said, “I give up Bill. I think you’re a little crazy and I guess I must be too; but since nothing else is going to satisfy you, OK.” Then she came over, raised her skirt above her waist and got across my knees. Amber was wearing red satin panties that molded to her beautifully rounded bottom cheeks perfectly. I could tell, even before taking her panties down, that Amber had the sexiest butt that I had dealt with so far. I moved my hand slowly over Amber’s sexy butt. The feel of it through her panty seat was exquisite and I felt myself becoming hard just from this preliminary sensation. I was getting so aroused that I couldn’t wait to see Amber’s bottom so I quickly pulled her panties down to her knees and then slid them off over her feet, dropping them on the floor by the computer desk.

Amber’s butt was so perfectly formed that the sight of it across my knees actually sent an electric shock through my body. I couldn’t help myself; I immediately landed a couple of sound swats and Amber yelled out in surprise, “Ouch take it easy! That hurt!”

I had never seen a butt as firm and resilient as Amber’s. It was perfect for spanking. It was all I could do keep my voice calm as I said, “Don’t be such a baby. There’s plenty of padding on this little butt of yours. I’m not going to hurt you.” Getting myself under control, I began to run my hand gently over Amber’s lushly curved bottom and she responded by moving her butt against my palm. Then I began to lightly swat her bottom cheeks. My palm was making soft cracking sounds as it repeatedly bounced off one firm cheek and then the other. I continued to skillfully bring Amber’s butt up to a light pink glow without really spanking her very hard at all.

So far Amber hadn’t made another sound so I decided that I could increase the force of the spanking. I placed a half dozen well aimed forceful swats right in the middle of her seat and she cried out again “Ouch that’s enough. You’ve had your fun. Now let me up.”

I was in no hurry to let Amber get away so fast. I began to gently massage her bottom and slipped my other hand between her thighs. I nudged a little and Amber spread her legs a bit. I knew I was home free as soon as my finger slipped into her pussy. It was moist and her little clitoris was already swollen. I expected she was the kind of girl who would get turned on by a good butt warming and I had been right.

As I lightly massaged Amber’s little love button I continued rubbing her sexy butt. Then I decided to try for something else. After I had her aroused to the point that she was moaning a little and moving her bottom against my hand, I slid a finger between her nicely mounded bottom cheeks and began to use the tip to massage her anus. Almost immediately Amber began thrusting her butt against my probing finger and it slid into her tight little bottom hole. As I rotated it pushing it deeper inside, I could tell that she was getting very excited and within minutes she had a shuddering orgasm. I could feel her little elastic rim clenching against my finger as she continued to experience little after shocks with the help of my continued manipulations.

In another moment things were interrupted by Mrs. Connors voice calling loudly from the bottom of the stairs, “Amber come down here this minute! We have to go. What are you doing up there.” Then we heard Mrs. Connor coming up the stairs.

Amber exclaimed, “My God!” She jumped up off my lap, smoothed her skirt down and began patting her hair back in place. I quickly slid the chair back under the desk and dashed across the room to unlock and open the door. When I opened the door Mrs. Connor was standing on the other side with her hand outstretched. She had just been at the point of trying the knob.

When she strode past me into the room, Amber was sitting at the computer desk apparently absorbed in a game. I mentally gave her credit for some quick thinking. Then my heart gave a little lurch; Amber’s panties were lying on the floor by the corner of the desk. I quickly strode to the desk and as I looked at the computer screen over her shoulder, I used my foot to surreptitiously push them around the corner of the desk and out of sight.

Mrs. Connor said, “Come on Amber we’re going right now!”

Amber calmly replied, “OK mom I was just finishing up this game. You know Bill is a real wizard at this stuff. I believe he has a magic touch.”

As Amber left the room with her mother, I breathed a sigh of relief because we hadn’t been caught, but at the same time I was very disappointed considering what I might have been able to accomplish given a little more time. In fact I was puzzled. Mrs. Connor didn’t stop by very often, but when she did she usually stayed much longer. When I saw her and mom out on the patio I expected she was settling in for a nice long visit.

When I went downstairs mom was sitting on the couch with a grim look on her face. I said, “Hey mom why did Mrs. Connor leave so soon?”

Mom didn’t reply right away. Then she looked up and I could tell that she had been crying. She finally said, “That bitch! All I can say is good riddance!”

I was floored by this. I couldn’t ever remember hearing mom use a single swear word. For mom to say even as an innocuous one such as bitch was amazing to me; I knew something really bad went down between her and Sylvia Connor.

I asked, “Are you OK mom?”

“I’m fine son. Why don’t you find something to do until dinner is ready? I expect your dad will be home in an hour or so and we’ll eat then.”

I couldn’t imagine what had happened, but it didn’t look good for me with regards to building my relationship with Amber. The Connors lived nearly ten miles away and Amber went to the Bolton Girl’s School. If mom and Sylvia Connor were on the outs for good, it might be a very long time before I saw Amber again. I could only hope that maybe they would patch things up.

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