Blossemed (Chapter 2)

Chapter two:
Brad returned home from work the following night with a raging hard on. He had not been able to stop thinking about the way Jessica’s hot mouth had felt around his dick the previous evening. He couldn’t wait to see what would happen next.
Jessica had been planning tonight for weeks. She had fantasized about Brad ever since she started baby-sitting for him and his wife Amy, but it wasn’t until recently she noticed him paying more attention to her. At first her plan was to let him seduce her, but it seemed he would never make a move. Then last night when she caught him feeling her up in her sleep (or at least he had thought she was sleeping) she realized that then was her opportunity. Tonight how-ever she had far bigger hopes then just sucking him off.
Jessica heard Brad’s truck headed towards the house and raced upstairs to his bedroom. She quickly shed her clothes and lay waiting for him. Brad was surprised to find the living room empty when he finally got home; he had expected that Jessica would be there asleep. Figuring that Jason must not be asleep yet and Jessica was laying him down Brad took off his work boots and headed upstairs. When he got to Jason’s room how-ever he was surprised to find the boy snuggled in bed fast asleep. He then headed to the office thinking maybe Jessica had decided to come up and play some computer games, but she wasn’t there either. No longer knowing what he should be expected Brad headed to the last logical place for Jessica to be, the master bedroom. As he neared the door Brad could see the faint glow of candles lighting the room. He took a step into the room and stopped there on the bed was Jessica looking more beautiful then ever. Jessica rolled onto her side so that she could look at Brad directly she smiled and asked him what he was waiting for. Brad shook his head as if he had been in a daze and headed towards her. As he leaned over her young body he couldn’t help but think of how lucky he was to have such a beautiful young girl want him. He ran his fingers lightly over Jessica’s body starting at her neck and then continuing down to her beautiful breast. He cupped her breasts in his hands and brought them together so that he could flick his tongue over both nipples at once. Jessica let out a low moan at the feel of Brad’s hands on her body. The mix of the calluses on his hands from hard work and the gentleness of his touch made her whole body tremble. She reached towards his face and brought it to hers so that she could kiss him. She pulled him onto the bed next to her and began taking off his clothes as they kissed.
Brad kissed Jessica hard as she took his clothes off; he let his hands wander over her body only stopping when she pulled his shirt over his head. Before long he found the familiar wet spot between her legs, and began running his fingers over her swollen clit. Jessica rubbed her hand over Brad’s aching cock and began slowly stroking it. Then she whispered to him “Mr. P make yours please.” Brad needed no further encouraging. He kissed his way down her body slowly slipping first one and then two fingers inside of her tight pussy. He was amazed at how tight she was; actually Brad wasn’t sure if she could take his whole eight inches with out any pain. So he continued licking and fingering her before he positioned himself in front of her wet hole. Jessica was about to cum from Brad’s fingers and tongue when she felt him pull away; she was almost disappointed until she realized that he was getting ready to fuck her for real. Brad stopped before entering Jessica’s tight pussy, he wanted to ask her if she was positive she wanted to do this, but he never had the chance. Jessica pushed herself onto Brad’s hard aching dick as soon as she felt the head rub against her cunt. They both let out a moan as he filled her pussy with his dick. Brad stopped after he was fully inside of Jessica to let her adjust to the fullness of his cock inside of her. Jessica how-ever did not want a minute to adjust, she began to move her-self up and down his pole like a master and it wasn’t long before Brad felt her pussy begin to contract around his dick in an orgasm. Brad began to pump himself in and out of Jessica faster as her juices made her even wetter. As Jessica neared the end of a mind blowing orgasm she sensed that Brad was ready to blow his load too, but Jessica didn’t want him to do that just yet so she pulled her-self off of him and replaced her pussy with her mouth.
Brad leaned back and enjoyed the change in pace. Jessica must have sensed his impending orgasm, and he was glad. He wanted to fully enjoy her tonight and wasn’t sure he still had the stamina to go for round two as fast as she may have wanted it. Jessica sucked on Brad’s dick for a few minutes before pushing him onto his back. She slid her body up his and began kissing him. The she positioned her dripping hole over the head of his penis and slowly slid his eight inches inside of her. Brad moaned as Jessica’s tight pussy engulfed his cock again, he loved the feeling of her stretching around his dick, and wasn’t sure that he would last long. Jessica slowly rode Brad’s dick, pulling him almost completely out of her before lowering herself on him again. Brad moaned out as Jessica began to ride him faster, he watched as her full breast bounced and her eyes slightly closed from the enjoyment she was getting. “Oh Mr. P” she moaned out “your huge dick feels so good inside me, OHHHH, I’m gonna cum soon, please baby cum with me.” Jessica humped herself faster on Brad’s cock feeling him tense up underneath her. “Oh god Jessica, your pussy is so hot, I’m gonna blow baby are you ready?” Brad asked Jessica didn’t respond she just rode faster until she felt her own orgasm hit and then she screamed out ” Oh Mr. P fill me with your hot cum, blow your load in my pussy please oh god yes.” With that Brad let loose of his load in Jessica’s hot pussy pumping her full of cum stream after stream.
Brad was finishing cleaning himself off when he heard the door shut downstairs; apparently Jess was in a hurry to get home tonight too.

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