Boy that was DUMB M/ff

Boy that was DUMB M/ff

Setting outside the principal’s office with Megan I though “boy that was dumb”.
“Do you think we will get licks?” I whispered to Megan.
“I sure hope not. I hear he hits hard.”
Just then Principal Baker open the door to his office and said, “You two can come in now.”

It all started three weeks ago. Megan, my best friend realized if we got a pass during homeroom, we could meet in the hallway and chat. We were in different homerooms, so the idea sounded great to me. We were caught once the first week and once the second. This was our third offence. We were given hour detentions, on the spot the other two times. Obviously, this time would be different.

“Well young ladies what do you have to say for yourselves?”
There was a long pause. We both just kind of looked down at the floor. Next came a long lecture. I really don’t remember much. It sounded like one of my dad’s lectures.

“I see this is the third offense for both of you. Let’s just see if three licks can prevent a fourth offense.”

Oh, man, I guess we are going to get it. This sucks. I’d never felt a paddle before. Don’t get the wrong idea; I HAD felt my dad’s belt and my moms yard stick on many occasions. Just never a paddle, I’d never gotten licks with anything at school for that matter. I’d heard at my other school, they would go get a secretary to witness the licks and latter send a note to your parents. I really was a well-behaved child and didn’t think I deserved this!

Principal Baker opened a drawer of the desk and pulled out a paddle. It looked HUGE. It was made of some sort of light color wood and had three pieces of tape around the paddle end. It was likely around a foot long, but looked a lot longer.

“Megan come here.” Megan got up and moved over to the corner of the room. “Put one foot on each dot and bend over and grab below your knees. Look at the corner of the room and remain in position.” Apparently, I would be the only witness.

I saw the principal tap her butt with the paddle a couple times, then take a big swing.
There was a huge CRACK, a pause, and another CRACK! Then a real long pause and CRACK!!

“Go take a set Megan.” “Yes sir.” As Megan walked to her chair, I could see she was in pain, but had no tears in here eyes. Based on licking I’d gotten and watched, I didn’t think this one was too bad.

“Come here Avril.” I shook my head NO!

“That’s six licks. Now get up or it will be a suspension! NOW!”

Boy was that dumb, I though to myself. What the hell was I thinking, or not thinking. As I got up I saw the principal set the paddle down. He opened the drawer and took out another one. It had a bunch of dime size holes in it and looked longer. It was made of dark wood.

“Come over here.” The principal motioned me towards the desk. “Bend over and put your forearms flat on the desk. Stay in position until I tell you to move.”

I felt a few taps of the paddle, then a swish, and CRACK! OH, DAMN THAT STUNG!
Swish, Crack. OH shit! They sounded a lot harder than Megan’s! The Sting!!
Swish, Crack! OH it is STINGING like HELL!! Tears were flowing.
“Boy that was dumb young lady. You’d be done if you had followed directions. And let me tell you, those three hurt a lot more that Megan’s three.”

I felt a couple taps, then CRACK! “IEEE” I could hold out any more. I just hurt too much. To make matter worse, I felt the tears pouring out and I had two licks left!
Swish, Crack!!!!!!!! “OHHHHHHHHH!!!” It was stinging real bad and the tears were flowing.

“Get up and take a seat.” As I got up the fire in my rear continued to rage, Megan gave me a look of sympathy. I sat slowly and uncomfortably. The principal wrote slips for us. “You both have ten minutes to get back to class. You can stop at a rest room if you like, but don’t be late. I hope I don’t see either one of you in here again.”

The tears were still flowing down my face, as we entered a rest room. “Boy that was dumb” Megan stated. I just kind of nodded and went in a stall.

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  1. snowbuck

    nice story could it be a perosnal recollection

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