Bus Ride Home

We had just played a basketball game and won, in a town like 3 hours from where we live. Everyone was excited as it was our first road victory, and we had a 3 hour bus ride back to school at like 10:00. So it’s dark out, us varsity guys are in the front of the bus (stupid rule) talking about the game, the JV’s are in the middle of the bus and the cheerleaders are in the back. We keep talking and stuff, until our coach gets off the bus (he lives closer). Then the cheerleaders coach got off the bus a few minutes later, and me and Jared moved to the back of the bus. Now Jared’s girlfriend is like 5’5 and hot. She’s got a great rack, kind of a small ass, but a pretty face. I just broke up with my girl a few weeks ago, and am still single. Here’s the layout, Ashley is in the back seat, by herself, and Marcy (Jared’s girlfriend) is in the seat in front of her by herself. So Jared sits with Marcy and I sit with Ashley. We start talking and then Jared and Marcy start to make out. Now, Ashley is short about 5’3, but has one of the hottest body’s ever. At least C cup tits, and a fine, fine ass. Anyway, I keep talking with her until finally she just leans into me and gives me a really sexy kiss. I sat there stunned for a couple seconds while trying to figure out where I was, then leaned over and kissed her back. I’m really starting to get horny now, so I reach under her shirt and unhook her bra. She acts surprised but just kisses me harder. I pulled off her bra underneath her shirt, and then stuck my head underneath her shirt and started to suck on her nipples. I caressed her left breast with my hand while slowly licking circles around her right nipple and sucking on it gently. She lets out a little moan, but I think nothing of it. Slowly I kiss my way down her stomach and begin to lick around her belly button. While doing this I slide off her pajama pants and then begin to tease her thighs. Kissing licking and sucking all around her pussy gets her really aroused. Finally I lick her through her soaked underwear and she lets out another sexy moan. I take off her panties and really go to town. My left hand is still rubbing her breasts but with my right hand I slide two fingers into her soaking hole. She starts to hump my hand while I add my tongue to the mix. Pumping in and out of her with my hand I lick all around her pussy sneaking in a little flick at the clit now and then. With a few more moans and uncontrollable humping she explodes, and I quickly slide over and tongue her while she cums into my mouth. Taking a few quick recovery breaths, she slides down to the floor and I take a seat. My cock is so hard I feel like it’s going to rip through my pants. She releases my cock by unbuttoning my pants with her mouth and pulling down my zipper with her teeth. All that separates my dick and her mouth is a thin layer of Hanes underwear. Teasingly she licks my cock from my balls to the tip before finally taking off my underwear. She starts swirling her tongue around my dick, all over the tip in between my balls, everywhere. I need to get into her mouth, and I grab her head and force her to take my cock into her mouth. Then she starts to suck. Oh god this is the best feeling in the world. Her tongue is still swirling all around the head of my dick and she is sucking like there is no tomorrow. Taking all of me into her mouth and halfway down her throat, I have to let go and rub her tits before the final moments. Finally I can’t take any more and blast glob after glob of cum into her mouth. She frantically scrambles to swallow all of it, but can’t and some dribbles out of her cheek. She keeps on sucking and I’m still hard, so I get her up and sit her on my lap. She’s facing away from me and I can feel her ass grinding against my stomach as she bounces up and down on my cock. My hands are rubbing everywhere, her stomach her legs her clit, her breasts everywhere. She starts moaning again, so I lean and turn my head and kiss her deeply. This is kind of hard since she’s riding my cock like a pogo stick. I break off the kiss and suck on her neck. I can’t hold on much longer and she is really speeding up now, so I know we’re both gonna cum. I ask as quietly as I can, (a shaky halting voice) if she’s on the pill or anything. She said don’t worry about it (practically shouting) and kept riding. I gave in and started to match her down strokes with upstrokes. People are starting to notice now as she’s practically screaming in pleasure. Marcy and Jared are both looking back at us almost jealously, and then it happens. Marcy leans back and kisses Ashley to keep her quiet and I can’t take it. Clutching onto her breasts and bouncing her harder and faster I blow a nut into her pussy at the same time her cunt clutches down on my cock and juice flies all down my legs and onto the seat beneath us. Exhausted, we both just sit there, me still inside her and gently caressing her breasts and stomach, while she leans back onto me reveling in the feeling. My cock is softening but I stay inside her. We sat like that for about another 5 minutes before breaking it off and cleaning up as best we could. Needless to say, I can’t wait for more away games.

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