Candy is now 22 years old. At just a half inch over 5 feet tall she looks…much…younger. Strawberry blonde…big green eyes and freckles across the bridge of her nose give her that innocent little girl look. She is however…anything but. She was teased relentlessly as a child…”Shrimp” “Shorty”
“1/2 pint” “Midget”…well you get the picture. As a result she developed a quick wit and coupled with her intelligence…
she would often leave people speechless. She is a loner. There was a brief relationship with a neighbor. They had sex but were both inexperienced and didn’t see the big deal. It ended when he went off to college.

On her 21st birthday she did what most all 21 year olds look forward to doing…hitting the Bars!
Once she got past the doorman and ordered her drink…she noticed alot of guys were checking her out. She ignored it thinking for sure that one would come up with some smart ass joke. But instead she was getting all kinds of drinks lined up in front of her. The bartender would point out who it was from and the dude would smile or wink or grab his crotch. Even a few women sent her drinks. It was a woman who approached
“Hi…my names Rio. You sure are causing quite a stir.”
Without looking at her Candy said…”Why?”
Rio laughed…”Why?…Well look at you.”
Candy stiffened and slowly turned her whole body toward Rio…”What’s wrong with the way I look?”
Rio gasped…”Damn!” She took a drink then said…”You are gorgeous. But you are also so innocent looking…like a little girl. Get it?”
Candy was beginning to…
“You mean they are checking me out because I look like a little girl?”
“Yeah…pretty much. You are as close as they will ever get to that fantasy…without going to jail.”

It was right then and there that a whole new world opened up for Candy. She could use her size and looks to her advantage for a change. She would possess…power.

Rio tapped Candy on the arm
“Hey…I said you want to get out of here so we can talk? I live right around the corner.”
“Yeah…sure…why not!”

Now that might seem like a foolish move on Candy’s part. But just so you know she has taken martial arts and self defense classes since she was a kid. Her parents insisted that she learn self defense. The city can be a dangerous place especially for a girl…a small girl. She didnt flaunt her ability nor would she ever abuse it. (Though there were plenty of times that she would have loved to).

Candy learned that Rio was a part time college student and part time call girl. She only did that so she could afford to get her credentials in dental hygiene and have a place to live. Once she graduated would never have to do that again.
“You know…you could make alot of money…with your looks. Theres alot of dudes out there that would pay good for the fantasy of fucking a little girl.”
“Yeah well thats probably true but I wouldn’t know where to start with something like that.”
“I could help you get going if you want.”
Candy laughed thinking okay here it comes…she wants something…
“Why would you do that Rio?”
“Why not! Listen…someone helped me out once and they said that all they wanted was for me to help someone out when I got the chance. So what do you say?”
“Where do we start?”

So Candy learned what she could from Rio. Her first “gig” was set up. The two had become friends in the process. Rio was set to graduate soon and would be moving. They promised to keep in touch and said their good byes.

Candy walked in and threw down her school books. She looked at the man sitting on the bed. She blinked several times causing tears to well up in her eyes. She looked every bit the part. Hair in pig tails. white button down shirt with only two buttons buttoned where her breasts are. Little pleated plaid skirt enough to cover her firm round ass. Silk thigh high stockings and mary jane shoes…

The man said…”There…there little one…why the tears?”
“Cuz they chased me all the way here. They was tryin’ to pull off my shirt so’s they could see my titties.” She blinked in wide eyed innocence. She then blew a bubble and popped it sucking it back into her mouth.
The man patted on the bed next to him…
“Here come sit down and tell me all about it.”
Candy turned and bent down to undo her shoe…then the other as she did he saw that she had no panties on. She ran and jumped up on the bed. He saw that she was completely clean shaven. As Candy sat down she noticed that he had a boner. (So far so good).

“What’s that?” Candy was pointing at a small box sitting on top of a pile of money.
“Oh…its for you…I hope you like it.” He handed it to her. She saw the “Cartier” logo but feigned indifference…it was a platinum choker with Candy spelled out in diamonds. She looked at the man and said…
“Its pretty. Thanks.” Then tossed it aside. She gave him a hug then giggled.

His hand found its way under her skirt and she shrieked…
“Oh oh!…you touched my honey bun. You wanna to put your weeny in my honey bun huh?”
“Why do you say that?”
“Well cuz my mommy told me that boys have weenies and that they always try to find pussy so they can stick it inside. She said that it makes them feelp good. But I don’t know. I think that mine looks like a honey bun…see…”
She spread her legs so he got a birds eye view…all the while chewing on her gum like crazy. “It doesnt look like pussy does it?”
“Oh my! I dont think you have anything to worry about.
You are lovely.”

Candy knew that he wanted her…bad. So she stood up on the bed and started to take off her clothes bouncing up and down. He couldn’t get his pants off fast enough. She pushed him down and looked at his junk. He was rock hard. Candy slapped on a condom straddled him and paused…Blowing a big bubble til it popped…she tossed it… grabbed his cock and guided it into her tight little hole…saying…
“You want some Candy…don’t you?”
He didnt even get it in all the way before he pumped out his load.
Candy blurted out…
“That’s no fair.” She climbed him until her pussy was right up to his mouth. He started to lick and suck on her lips and when he found her clit she giggled…
“Here cums my honey…” juices sprayed out on the mans face and as its hot wettness dripped down his chin to his neck he shot out several more streams into the rubber still fastened to him.
Candy got up grabbed her money…choker… put on her shoes. Straightened out her clothes. She skipped to the door and without looking back said…
“Well I have to go now. Bye.”

And so it began. Men were willing to pay well for the chance to realize their fantasies. But something was missing. Candy didnt get all turned on by all this…in fact she had very few orgasms. If she was gonna do this she wanted to have a good time too.

“Hi Rio…its Candy…how the hell are you?”
“Candy! Hey girl I was just thinking about you. Dang! I’m good. What’s up?”
“Think we could meet for drinks or something?”

So they hooked up a few days later and after Rio told her about her job and new apartment Candy told her what the problem was.
“Well girl your’e the only one that knows the answer to this. I mean what does it take to get you hot? What’s your fantasy? Whatever it is that does it for you…you just add it in with what your doing now. Believe me…no one is gonna complain.”
“Candy…you know you dont always have to do the little bubble gummer. You should do…you…too.”
They visited for awhile then Rio had to get back…
“I hope I helped…keep in touch Candy.”
” You did. I will…thanks girl. See ya.”

Candy thought about what Rio said about not playing a role. And she had every intention on doing just that. But right now she had a gig that was big bucks. She was sent a package with clothes and instructions. This dude had his fantasy down. Little did she know what would come of this. She got ready and went to the address…

A oriental man opened the door and motioned for her to come inside and follow him. They entered a large room with a piano sitting in the middle. He bowed and left closing the door behind him. Candy took off her coat. She was wearing a white dress that flaired out due to all the petticoats underneath it. She had on lace bloomers…lace stockings and button down shoes. Her hair was in ringlets with several bows attached. She sat on the piano bench waiting.

When the man entered the room Candy was surprised. He didnt look much older than her. He had white hair and pink eyes…an albino. He looked at her and said…
“Very good…shall we begin?”
He sat down next to her. Candy felt her nipples grow hard. Her stomach flip- flopped and a spark caught fire. Her pussy grew warm… warmer.
She was so surprised by her reaction that she hadn’ even heard him…
“Miss…Miss? Is there a problem?”
“No? No what?”
“There’s no problem.”
He guickly got up… “Ah! But I see that there is. You will stand at once.”
Candy stood up. As soon as she did he swatted her on the ass…hard.
“Hey!…What the fuck!”
“Such language.” Followed by an even harder swat.
Candy spun around and moved just beyond his reach. He was caught off guard by how quick she moved. She took a defensive stance. She noticed that she was soaking wet. She was aroused by this.
“Well…you really are a naughty girl aren’t you?” He sat down and motioned for her to come over to his lap.
“The longer you wait…”
Candy couldn’t believe she was doing this…but she went and bent down over his knees. He immediately spanked her several times. She cried out but not from pain. She was on the verge of an orgasm and she wanted him to fuck her. But when she told him so…he yanked down her bloomers and used a paddle on her bare skin…it was on fire. He stuck one finger…then two…three inside her…he tried to put a fourth in but it was just too tight. He started banging her and growled…
“Hmm!…so tight…that’s a good girl.” He swatted her as he fingered her and by the third one she exploded in such an intense orgasm that she wet his entire lap. He pulled his fingers out and picked her up. Then laid her face down on top of the piano. He spanked her until he was out of breath. Picked her up and as he held her ravaged cheeks in each hand…he lower her pussy onto his waiting rock hard monster of a dick…she felt her skin tear as he thrust up inside her hard again and again. She found that she was meeting him…stroke for stroke…he spanked her and again she let go her juices…he swelled and just as he was ready to cum…he whispered…
“Want some…Candy?”

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