Carla and Elaine (Chapter 12)

Chapter Twelve: Carla and Elaine

Early one Saturday afternoon a few weeks after Heather moved away, I was strolling down the street just past the library when I saw Tom Sweeney sitting on his front porch steps. There were three children in the Sweeney family. Tom had been in my seventh grade class at the middle school. Tom had two stepsisters. Carla was a year older than us and very pretty. She had long blonde hair, a cute face and best of all, a delightfully well rounded bottom. I had also noted some very interesting development in the breast department as well. Tom’s other stepsister, Elaine, was a junior at Garfield High. So I guessed that she was a least sixteen or seventeen.

I had visited at the Sweeney’s a few times. Carla was very friendly towards me and I would have liked to become very friendly with her; but Tom was a big problem. Every time I stopped by, he naturally assumed it was to visit with him. Because of Tom, there was no way I could get to spend much time alone with Carla. This was bad luck for me; because from my observations, Tom’s stepmother wasn’t very vigilant. I couldn’t remember a time that she had checked to see what we were up to when I was over there.

When I saw Tom sitting on the steps, I decided to stop by for a visit. I was hoping that I would get a chance to see Carla. As I came up the front walk I noticed that Tom was looking a little glum. I greeted him asking, “What’s up Tom?”

Tom replied, “Nothing much, my stepmother is in a real bad mood with Carla and Elaine. When she’s in a bad mood with them, she takes it out on me too. I wanted to go over to the skate board park, but she said no. She said that she was tired of us kids running around all over town. She’s just mad because Carla and Elaine took off to the mall this morning when she told them to stay home and help with the laundry. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes when they get home. She says that she’s going to blister their butts.”

“What’s your step mom doing now?”

“She’s probably down in the basement doing the laundry.”

“If it’s Ok Tom, I’ll hang around and maybe we can think of something to do.”

“It’s OK with me Bill, but there’s not much to do around here.”

Then I asked, “Tom do you think your step mom will really spank Carla and Elaine when they get back?”

“I don’t know for sure. Mostly she just yells a lot and doesn’t do anything. Dad would probably do it, but he’s working today and besides my step mom told him that the girls were getting too big for him to spank.”

Then Tom asked, “Why are you so worried about whether they get a spanking?”

I said noncommittally, “There’s no special reason. I was just wondering that’s all.”

Then Tom said, “Well you won’t have to wonder much longer. Here they come now.”

I turned around and saw Carla, Elaine and couple of other girls on the sidewalk in front of the house. All four girls were attractive, but Elaine had the nicest figure by far. She was wearing a pair of white short shorts that left little to the imagination regarding her nicely formed bottom. It was beautifully rounded and my pulse went up just looking at it. She was wearing a halter top that clearly indicated she already had some well developed breasts. Beyond these two primary points of interest, I also noticed that Elaine had a very pretty face and long blonde hair like Carla.

Carla was also wearing short shorts and a halter top. She was a slightly smaller version of her sister and very attractive. Her figure wasn’t as well developed, but it wasn’t far behind.”

In a minute or so the two other girls went on down the street. Then Carla and Elaine came up to the porch. As they approached I said, “Hi Carla, nice to see you.”

Carla said, “Hi Bill, it’s been a while since you’ve been around. What have you been up to?”

I started to reply, but Elaine cut me off, saying to Carla, “We don’t have time to stand around on the porch while you visit with your little boyfriend.” That comment really got me pissed, but I didn’t say anything.

Tom said “You two are in big trouble. Mom is really mad at you. Did you go to the mall? “

Elaine said, ‘I don’t care if mom is mad and it’s none of your business where we went. You should mind your own business.”

Before Tom could reply, the girls went into the house and Elaine slammed the door. Tom said indignantly, “She really thinks she’s hot stuff. I hope she does get her ass blistered. She deserves it.”

Then Tom said in a confiding tone, “Maybe we can see what’s going to happen. There’s a window that’s open by the laundry room, but we’d have to be real careful not to get caught peeking in.”

Tom motioned for me to follow him around the side of the house. As we slipped around the corner we could hear raised voices coming from below ground level and Tom gave me a “thumbs up” sign. It looked like the action was going to take place in the laundry room. The open basement window was nearly obscured by overgrown shrubbery, but I could see that it would be easy enough for us to wriggle through and get to the window.

Just then we heard the sound of a car pulling into the drive on the opposite side of the house. Tom slipped back to the corner of the house and took a quick look around. Then he hurried back to me saying in a whisper, “I don’t know why, but dad’s home from work real early. I’ll bet they’re going to be in big trouble now.”

Tom and I got down on our stomachs and quietly slithered under the shrubbery up to the window. It was a typical small tilt-in affair located at the very top of the basement wall. So unless someone down below decided to look up at the ceiling, it should be relatively safe to spy from. It provided a very good view of the laundry area below and due to it being open; we could easily hear everything that was said.

Carla, Elaine and Mrs. Sweeney were standing by an old kitchen table that was being used for folding laundry. Elaine was shouting, “You never want me to do anything with my friends! No matter what; you always say no! I do plenty around here, but it’s never enough to please you! So I give up!”

Mrs. Sweeney retorted, “Now you listen to me young lady!” Then she abruptly stopped as Mr. Sweeney walked into the laundry area. Upon seeing him she asked, “Why are you home so early Harry? What happened?”

Mr. Sweeney said disgustedly, “Those morons in the warehouse screwed up the parts order and we ran out of material for the rush job. So they sent us home. The overtime money we were counting on is down the toilet.”

While Mr. Sweeney was talking Elaine had been quietly sideling away; but Mr. Sweeney grabbed her by the arm and said, “You stay right here little girl.” Then he said to his wife, “What the hell was going on? I could hear the yelling down here the minute I hit the door.”

Mrs. Sweeney said sarcastically, “The girls had a social engagement this morning and they slipped off to the mall when I told them they couldn’t go out until this laundry was done.”

Mr. Sweeney said, “So you were arguing about it. Who’s the adult? What’s there to argue about? You told them no and they went out anyway.”

Mrs. Sweeney said, “You’re right. I should just blister their little butts instead of talking.”

Mr. Sweeney replied, “The trouble with you Marge is that you’re always saying that you’re going to do this or that, but the only thing you ever do is talk. Then you bitch because the kids don’t pay any attention to you. Why should they? I’m going to show you how to handle this situation.”

Then Mr. Sweeney walked out of the area. Both girls looked a little worried and Carla asked a little fearfully. “Mom what’s he going to do?”

There was no reply and in a moment Mr. Sweeney returned with a little wooden paddle.

Elaine cried out, “No!” and started to run.

Mr. Sweeney caught
her by the arm, pulled her back and said, “That’s going to cost you a dozen extra swats and if you try anything like that again it will be more. That
goes for you too Carla. You girls have been getting way out of line for a long time now and I’ve been letting it slide. I agreed with your mother that it was her place to deal with you two because you’re getting older. But it’s obvious she’s not been taking care of business. Just because you’ve both got a set of tits now doesn’t mean you’re too old for me to spank. That’s what I should have been doing all along. Look at the way you’re dressed! You’re running around with your little butts sticking out; showing them off to every horny teenage boy and pervert in the neighborhood. Well now I’m going to get a good look them because we have some business to attend to.”

Mr. Sweeney pushed a pile of laundry aside clearing a spot on the table and continued, “Now here’s what we’re going to do. Elaine you’re first, you have about ten seconds to get those shorts and panties pulled down and have your bare butt bent over this table.”

Elaine turned to her mother and cried out, “No he can’t do that I’m too old for that mom! Tell him no mom!”

Mrs. Sweeney said, “You brought this on yourself. Your stepfather is right, both of you have been getting out of line ever since I told him you were too old for spankings. So I guess it’s time to go back to the old ways until things improve.”

Mr. Sweeney shouted, “You heard what your mother said. You better get moving right now. I’m in no mood to argue with you.”

I was fascinated by the scene that was unfolding. I couldn’t believe my good luck. I was going to get to see Carla and Elaine get a bare bottom spankings and I was so excited I was practically trembling all over.

In the basement Elaine came out with one more tearful, “Please no!” But when her stepfather started to walk toward her, she began to quickly take down her shorts and panties. As she turned toward the table I caught a glimpse of the triangle of blonde hair between her legs. Then she bent over the table and I had a good view of her bottom. It was beautiful. Elaine’s perfectly mounded bottom cheeks were absolutely elegant and I was so excited by seeing them that I could barely lie still.

Then Mrs. Sweeney said, “Well Harry, I’ll leave you to this.”

When his wife left Mr. Sweeney looked down at Elaine’s perfectly displayed bottom and began to run a hand over it as he said, “I give you credit Elaine, you do have one sexy little butt. I’ll bet there are about a hundred boys at Garfield High who would love to see this little butt of yours bent over this table right now.” Then Mr. Sweeney gave Elaine’s bottom a couple of light swats with his bare hand a he continued, “You better tow the line from now on young lady or I’m going to get a lot better acquainted with this butt of yours.”

Elaine looked back over her shoulder at her stepfather and said, “Quit touching me like that. If anyone on this street is a pervert, it’s you Harry.”

Mr. Sweeney didn’t reply. He put one hand on Elaine’s back, roughly pushing her down on the table and brought the paddle crashing down across her bare bottom. The loud CRACK it made rebounded off the basement walls. In another second it was splatting into Elaine’s bottom again. As the sharp blows continued to crash down, Elaine began to cry out and tried to rise up off the table; but Mr. Sweeney had her firmly held in place and continued to bring the paddle down with full force into her reddened bottom cheeks for another minute or so. With each successive swat, Elaine let out a little squeal of pain.

Then Mr. Sweeney abruptly stopped and said, “You’ve got another dozen swats coming for trying to run away. So you stay right where you are Elaine while I deal with your sister.” Now sobbing loudly, Elaine brought her hands around behind her back and began to rub her reddened bottom cheeks; but she obeyed her stepfather and stayed in position bent over the table.

Mr. Sweeney turned toward Carla. She had been leaning against the washing machine and I had caught glimpses of her reaction as her older sister was being spanked. Although my attention had primarily been focused on Elaine, I could have sworn that, by her body language, Carla had become a bit aroused as she watched the proceedings. Now as she turned her gaze toward her stepfather, I believe there was just a hint of anticipation in her demeanor. Mr. Sweeney said, “Alright Carla it’s your turn now. Get those shorts and panties down and get over here. Make it snappy.”

Carla brought her hands up to her waist and unfastened her shorts. She worked her shorts and panties down over her prominently curved hips, lowered them on down her shapely legs and stepped out of them. Then she rose up and looked directly into her stepfather’s face. I saw Mr. Sweeney’s gaze drift down to the blonde patch of fuzz between Carla’s legs as she started to walk toward him. As she came up to her stepfather I saw his hand go down in between Carla’s legs. I couldn’t tell for sure from my vantage point, but I would have been willing to bet he had a finger in Carla’s little love nest massaging her clitoris at that very moment. I glanced over to catch Tom’s reaction. But I could tell from the direction of his gaze that he was still intent on watching Elaine.

When I looked back down into the laundry room, Mr. Sweeney had stepped aside and Carla was bending over the table. The sight of both girls’ bare bottoms so beautifully displayed made my heart start to pound and my tool felt like a steel rod between my legs. I knew that I couldn’t move around too much or I might be embarrassed in front of Tom.

Mr. Sweeney was now surveying Carla’s bottom. He ran his hand over her bottom cheeks as he said appreciatively, “Well Carla, this little butt of yours has filled out real nice since the last time I had it across my knees. Still, I don’t think it’s quite big enough that I’ll need the paddle to warm it good and proper.” Having said that, Mr. Sweeney laid the paddle on the table and then brought the palm of his big hand down into the middle of Carla’s butt several times in rapid succession. There was still a loud CRACK with each swat and I saw Carla’s bottom cheeks tensing as the blows landed. Mr. Sweeney continued working over Carla’s butt for another two minutes, occasionally concentrating on one or the other of her bottom cheeks and then returning his attention to the center of her cute butt. When he finished delivering the last swat, Mr. Sweeney let his hand linger on Carla’s bottom and a saw her thrust her butt back a little and begin to rub it against his palm. Mr. Sweeney seemed almost mesmerized as he stared down at Carla’s butt moving against his hand. Then he tore his gaze away and said in a voice that I noted had a little tremor in it, “OK Carla get dressed and start on that laundry. Elaine will help when we’ve finished with our business.”

Just then Tom poked me on the arm and frantically motioned for me to back away from the window. I shook my head and Tom moved closer urgently whispering, “Let’s get the hell out of here. I heard my step mom come out the front door.”

We quickly backed away from the window as Mrs. Sweeney began calling Tom from the front porch. We shot around the back of the house and then came up from the end of the drive on the opposite side of the house. When Mrs. Sweeney saw us she said, “Tom get your ass in here right now and get that garbage in the kitchen hauled out to the garage.”

Tom said, “OK,” and then he said to me, “See you later Bill.”

I nodded and strolled down the drive back out onto the street and headed for home. When I got home I went straight up to my room and into the adjoining bathroom. I replayed the scenes of the spankings in my mind as I took care of some urgent business. Later on as I thought over what had transpired in the Sweeney’s basement. I became more convinced in my assessment of Carla and her stepfather’s actions and I began scheming on some way to take advantage of my knowledge.

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