Caught Peeking

Caught Peeking

Kent quietly stepped up to the teacher’s desk and handed Miss Taylor his paper. She nodded quickly as she took it, mouthing a quick thank you. As she turned in her seat she quietly said, “If you’ll wait I’ll go ahead and grade this.”
“Yes ma’am,” the young man said. He shifted slightly as she laid her answer sheet next to his paper and began to check his answers.
Kent wasn’t that eager to see what he would score on the test but he was glad Miss Taylor had decided to grade it while he stood there. He had a nice view down the front of her dress and he wanted to enjoy it for as long as he could.
Miss Laurie Taylor was by and far the most popular teacher at the high school; at least with the boys. She was just out of college; this was her first teaching job. It wasn’t her enthusiasm or youth that the boys liked about her; she also had a great figure. She was five six and her weight was right for her height and her collar length sandy brown hair. While she wasn’t greatly endowed in the chest arrear her 36C breasts received a great deal of attention and imagination from the horny boys. Her slender legs were usually nicely visible flowing out from under her, usually, short skirts. Her skirts weren’t so short that the school would say anything, usually they fell to about a hand’s width above her knees, but every once in awhile she would award the boys with a nice short skirt. While the boys that were in her history classes didn’t see their grades improve they enjoyed sitting in class and dreaming about her.
Kent savored the view he had down her front; eagerly he studied every visible inch of her bra-covered breast. He wanted to burn this image into his horny mind; she was wearing a sheer black bra, he wished he could get a better look. He would be willing to bet that her nipple would be visible through the sheer material. He shifted nervously, keeping his eyes trained on her boob as his dick stiffened. He wondered if there was any way he could discreetly put his hands in his pocket and reposition his dick so it wouldn’t be so obvious that he had a hard on. Damn he hoped his mom didn’t have anything she wanted him to do as soon as he got home; he would need to relieve himself first.
Miss Taylor shifted as she continued to grade his test, crossing her legs as she did. Kent felt his chest muscles tighten as he allowed his eyes to dart down and caught a brief glimpse of her legs as her slit skirt parted. His heart pounded as he saw her nylon clad leg well up near mid thigh; she definitely had nice legs. All the boys assumed she would look nice in a bathing suit. Kent returned his stare to her boob, hoping no one in the room would notice how his dick was prominently lifting the front of his pants. He would just die if someone noticed but he wasn’t about to pass on the chance to look down her dress and dream.
“Not bad Kent,” Laurie said as she finished grading his test. She jotted his grade on the top of his test, saying, “You got a B. I’m glad.”
“Me too,” he said quickly forcing his eyes from her breast to her pretty face.
“Let me write that down and I’ll be done,” she said as she uncrossed her legs providing him with another flash of her leg. She turned in her chair and leaned forward reaching down to open the lower drawer in her desk.
Kent’s eyes widened even more and his cock strained even harder against his pants as he watched. He was awarded a very nice view of most of her inner thigh. His breath caught as he stood there, her leg was almost completely visible. He could see her pale white skin above the upper edge of her dark stockings; another inch he would probably be able to see her crotch. He briefly thought about dropping his pencil just so he could complete his view. He was glad he had left his pencil at his desk because he would probably be discovered if he did and he would be in all kinds of trouble.
Oh well, he thought as she removed her grade book and sat back up. He took a shuddering breath glad to be able to breathe again as she turned back to her desk. At least he could stare at her boob for a little longer as she opened her grade book and entered his score.
“Here you go,” she said with a friendly smile. He mumbled a hoarse reply and took the paper from her. Before he walked away she quickly said in a soft voice, “I’d like to see you after class.”
“Yes ma’am,” he mumbled frowning slightly. As he started to walk away she gave him an odd gentle smile, increasing his confusion.
The remainder of the class was pure hell for Kent; he was confused and a little worried why she wanted him to stay after and the need to relieve himself. He pleasantly reviewed the brief wonderful show he had gotten of Miss Taylor, which also increased his arousal. Damn he might have to stop off in the boy’s john before he started for home he didn’t think he would be able to wait until he got home. With a mixture of pride at what he had been able to see and a little jealousy when the other boys went up to her desk for her to grade their tests that they too might be seeing what he had seen. From where the other boys stood he guessed they weren’t seeing the same as he had. He wished that her desk didn’t have the piece of wood in the front; if it wasn’t there he could probably have a nice view up her skirt. He passed some of the time wondering what kind of panties she might have on.
With growing impatience he glanced at the clock for about the one hundredth time trying through sheer will power to make it move quicker. Returning his gaze to Miss Taylor, primarily her breasts, he wished he could have remained standing there staring down her dress at her boob. He wondered if she ever went without a bra and knew he probably would have fainted if she had. Muttering a silent oath as his cock throbbed stiffly. He wished he could move it so it was in a more comfortable position. He gasped softly when he saw that Miss Taylor was looking at him and she gave him a quick gentle smile. Startled Kent hastily lowered his eyes to his desk wondering why she wanted to see him. He was split on whether he would like it if she would sit at her desk while she talked to him, whatever it was all about, and possibly give him another wonderful view of her boob. It would be nice if she did but it would also be pure torture too. He was glad this was the last class of the day; it would have been murder going around with a boner for the rest of the day. He was doubly glad that he didn’t have any sports after school; he could just imagine the snickers and teasing he would have received if the other boys saw him this way.
“Class dismissed,” Miss Taylor said when the bell finally rang. As the students hastily grabbed their books and started for the door she said, “I’ll see you all tomorrow.”
Kent quietly sat in his seat as everyone else left, his unease growing since he had no idea why she wanted to speak to him. To his growing confusion she calmly walked over and closed the classroom door after the last student had left. After she had she walked to the front of the room, to the chalkboard and grabbed one of the erasers. She was facing the board and she looked back over her shoulder, saying, “I’ll be right with you Kent.”
Kent swallowed and nodded dumbly watching her as she began to erase the board. Immediately he locked his eyes on her butt, groaning softly. Longingly he kept his stare on her round bottom as she ran the eraser over the board, almost teasingly she cleaned the entire board, stretching up nicely to get the upper area and causing her skirt to ride up nicely revealing a fair portion of her thighs. Definitely he was going to have to stop by the restroom before he headed for home.
Finally she was done, placing the eraser in the tray and turning towards him. With a soft friendly smile she walked over to where he was sitting, lightly rubbing her hands. She pulled the chair out at the desk next to him and sat down facing him. Kent turned to look at her, struggling to keep his eyes on her face, resisting the urge to look down at her legs.
“You…you wanted to talk to me?” Kent asked embarrassed when his voice cracked.
“Yes I did,” Laurie said with a gentle smile. She rested her elbows on her knees as she leaned towards him, saying, “You’re not in trouble so relax. But there’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”
“Okay,” he said slowly nodding his head. He was relieved to learn that he wasn’t in trouble but still confused as hell about what she wanted to talk to him about.
“What I want to talk to you about is…well private,” she said carefully.
“Okay,” Kent answered his confusion growing even more.
Laurie straightened and looked over her shoulder towards the door. When she looked back she had a thoughtful look, her neatly trimmed dark eyebrows knitting together in the middle. She straightened and motioned towards the back of the room saying, “Why don’t we go talk back there.”
There was a small room at the rear of the room, it was either a small room or a large storage area and she had combined it. She had a small couch and some chairs in it, she would use it primarily as a private conference room.
A little clumsily Kent stood up as Miss Taylor rose and pushed the chair back under the desk and gestured again towards the door at the rear. He had to be in trouble, Kent told himself; usually she would only take someone back there if they were in real big trouble. The only good thing was that his boner was definitely shrinking.
“Have a seat,” she said casually as they stepped into the small room. Quickly Kent sat down and to his surprise she sat down next to him,
Kent tried to not look as she leaned back and stretched longingly, raising her legs so they stuck straight out. As her long low groan filled the room he allowed his eyes to drop to her legs, delighted to find that her skirt was offering a nice view of her thigh.
Reluctantly he forced his eyes away from her legs as she sagged and let her legs drop. He found her looking at him as she sat there with her head laid back. She smiled softly as she struggled to a sitting position, saying, “Sorry just had to stretch. Hope you didn’t mind.”
“N…no not at all,” he hastily said shaking his head.
“That’s good,” she said as she lightly patted his leg causing his eyes to widen dramatically.
“Wha…what is it you wanted to talk to me about?” He asked feeling his cheeks warm with a blush as his voice squeaked.
“Well it’s about today,” she said in a somewhat softer voice. She leaned towards him slightly saying, “The test.”
“I…I didn’t cheat,” he said quickly.
“Oh I didn’t think you had,” she said smiling. She again lightly patted his leg as she said, “No, it’s more about while I was grading your test.”
“Wha…what about it?” He asked wishing his voice would stop cracking.
“Well I was just curious if you liked looking down my dress the way you were?” She asked calmly cocking her head to side as she did.
“What?” He asked in a strangled voice. He moved his mouth unable to get any words to come out as he shook his head.
“It’s okay Kent,” she said softly and gently shaking her head. She moved her hand up to lightly pat his shoulder as she said, “It’s totally understandable. You’re a young boy and I’m sure you’re interested in girls.” Dumbly he nodded his head wishing he could remember how to talk and then not knowing what he could possibly say. She lightly rubbed his shoulder as she told him, “I’m not upset with you.”
“Miss…Miss Taylor I…I didn’t…uh…well…” he stammered.
“Kent it was…well kind of obvious,” she said softly with an understanding smile.
“I’m sorry Miss Taylor,” he said in a rush sure his face was a brilliant red.
“Don’t be,” she said. She playfully messed his hair as she said, “Like I said you’re a growing boy. And besides I’ve heard a lot of the comments from you boys and I’ve heard about some of the things that has been written in the boy’s rest room about me.”
“I…I didn’t write nuthin’,” he protested.
“I didn’t write anything,” she lightly corrected him. Moving her hand back to his thigh she told him, “I’m glad to know that. But I understand that the boys supposedly voted me as having the best body among the teachers.”
“Uh yes,” he said with a nervous nod.
“Well that’s nice to know,” she said with a broad smile. She turned towards him slightly asking, “So did I get your vote?”
Losing the ability to speak again and suddenly breathing was a true chore he could only nod his head. She again smiled and patted his leg saying, “Thank you.”
Kent’s brows drew together in confusion when she abruptly stood up and stepped over to the folding chair that was across from the sofa. She quickly pulled the chair over in front of him and sat down directly in front of him. Kent couldn’t stop his eyes from dropping down to her legs after she had sat down, pleased to see they were parted slightly, but he could see little more than the inside of her stocking covered knees.
When he brought his eyes up to her face he grimaced to find that she was watching him. With a soft smile she asked, “So did you like looking down my dress?”
As if to remind him of what he had seen she casually sat back in the chair and let her knees move a little further apart. She casually tilted her head slightly to one side as she looked at him almost daring him to look at her legs again. Swallowing heavily he allowed his eyes to dart down to her legs.
His heart nearly jumped to the top of his throat as she moved her hand to her leg and adjusted her skirt so the slit revealed most of her thigh, clear up to the dark upper band on her stocking. In a soft silky voice she asked, “So?”
“Lo…looks great,” he was finally able to stammer, shaking his head. He shifted uneasily as his cock in a heartbeat went from limp to rock hard.
“Well I’m glad you like,” she said as she slowly straightened her uncovered leg. She then slowly lowered it and after she had she casually asked, “So did you like looking down my top?”
“Uh…yes,” he said with a firm nod of his head.
Laurie straightened and leaned towards him. As she did she hooked her index fingers in the neck line of her top and pulled it forward. Wide eyed he stared down her top at her bra-clad boobs. She remained that way for a few seconds before she sat back with a playful smile on her lips. Coyly she looked away as she asked, “Is that what you boys want to see?”
“Uh…yeah,” he muttered as he nodded his head. His chest was aching slightly from him holding his breath.
“But you already saw that while I was grading your test,” she said playfully.
“Uh…yeah,” he said with a quick nod of his head.
“I take it you’d like to see more?” She asked quietly. She appeared to think for a few seconds and then slowly said, “Isn’t that what someone put on the wall in the boy’s rest room. They’d like to see me naked.”
“Yeah,” he said. No one had admitted to writing the note but most of the boys heartedly agreed with the wish.
“So would you like to see a little more?” She asked slyly dipping her face and looking up at him.
Again losing the ability to talk intelligently Kent nodded his head. Laurie smiled tenderly as she scooted forward slightly and began to unbutton her top. Open mouthed he watched breathlessly as she quickly undid the few buttons on her red top. When she finished unbuttoning her top she, without hesitation, drew it open and slipped it off her shoulders.
Kent’s eyes were locked on her bra clad boobs as she allowed her top to slide down her arms. His assumption that her nipples would be visible was true. The dark outline of her areolas was quite noticeable through the sheer black material of her bra. She rested her hands in her lap after she had pulled her arms from her top. She sat there quietly while he visually devoured every square inch of her boobs.
“You like?” She asked softly when he was finally able to lift his eyes up to her warm brown eyes. He hadn’t found the means to speak and simply nodded his head. She turned her chest slightly from one side to the other as she sat there with her back arched. After a few delightful seconds she looked at him and asked, “Would you like to see some more?”
Still unable to form an intelligent word Kent just nodded open mouthed. If this was a dream he prayed urgently that he not wake up for a little while.
Smiling Laurie stood up and began to mess with the clasp on the side of her dress. As she slid the zipper down on her dress the steady clicking sounded unusually loud and also exciting. His aching muscles reminded him that breathing was a needed function and he took a shaky breath.
“Ever since I heard about you boys liking me so much,” she said as she slipped her thumbs inside the waist of her skirt. She wiggled her hips slightly as she worked her skirt down her hips, saying, “I just can’t stop thinking about you boys wanting to see me naked.” Really not hearing her Kent nodded his head his horny stare locked to her crotch as she teasingly worked her skirt down. The upper part of her garter belt came into view as she slowly slid her skirt down. She hesitated after she had worked her skirt down so the upper edge of her panties was visible to him, “I couldn’t stop thinking about you boys in class wanting me to take off my clothes.”
Miss Taylor paused for a heartbeat and then with a playful smile she pushed her skirt down letting it drop silently to her feet. Carefully she stepped out of the garment and then knelt down to scoop it off the floor. Playfully she tossed it onto the sofa next to Kent as she stood up. She then quietly stood there with her hands on her hips clad only in her sheer black brassiere, matching bikini cut panties, black stockings and black garter belt. After a few seconds she slowly turned around pausing when her back was to him and looked over her shoulder as he eyed her butt; her pale ass cheeks were partly covered by her panties.
“Hope you’re not disappointed,” she said as she turned back towards him.
“Oh no way,” Kent said in a rush and shaking his head. He swallowed mightily and then said in a strangled whisper, “You look great.”
“Well thank you,” she said with an impish smile. She folded her arms across her front and cocked her head slightly to one side.
“Mind if I sit next you?” She asked as she moved towards the sofa. Kent shook his head and shifted over slightly. She gestured at the folding chair she had been sitting on as she sat down saying, “I’m afraid that would be a little cold.”
“Oh yeah,” he said with a quick laugh.
Laurie casually laid back; slowly, deliberately she crossed her legs which Kent watched closely. After she had she turned towards him slightly placing her arm on the top of the sofa. Kent turned his face towards her as she brought her index finger to her lips. Teasingly she ran her fingertip along her lower lip and then asked, “Do you think the boys would like me dressed like this?”
“For sure,” Kent said eagerly nodding his head.
“I’m afraid the school board probably wouldn’t,” she said thoughtfully gazing at him with those warm brown eyes.
“I won’t say anything,” Kent assured her. Laurie smiled and reached out to mess with his hair,
“So if I were to dress like this,” she asked as she rubbed his shoulder with her fingertip, “Do you think your grades would be better?”
“I know I wouldn’t miss any classes,” he quickly told her. He nervously cleared his throat and said, “I don’t think any of the guys would.”
“That’s nice to know,” she said with a soft chuckle. She was silent for a moment and then told him, “I never told the school board, but for the first two years that I was in college I earned money as a dancer. An exotic dancer; at a bar near the university.”
“No kidding?” Kent said surprised be her confession.
“Yeah, I used to dance in front of those middle aged men,” she said with a shake of her head.
“You were a stripper?” He asked shocked by her admission. None of the guys would have thought it, school teachers were all supposed to be well nice.
“Yes I was, for about three years,” she said with a quick bob of her head. She looked at him, raising an eyebrow ever so slightly as she asked, “Does that surprise you?”
“Kinda,” he said slowly. He smiled at her saying, “I would have liked to see you doing that.”
“I’m afraid you wouldn’t have been allowed in. You aren’t old enough,” she said with a soft laugh.
“I would have found a way,” he told her confidently.
“Well thank you,” she said as she lightly patted his shoulder. She tossed her head back shaking her hair as she looked off. She smiled dreamily and said, “It was exciting having them staring at my body and everything. But I found it more exciting being in front of you boys and knowing that you were paying more attention to my body then to my teaching. I hate to admit it, but it made me rather horny.”
Dumbfounded Kent could only nod his head in response to her confession. She looked at him and smiled saying, “I keep thinking about you boys wanting to see me naked and how fun it would be to strip for you guys.”
She leaned towards him saying in a confidential tone, “And I know that a lot of you were trying to look down my top or up my skirt.”
“Uh…yeah,” Kent admitted hastily, clearing his throat and briefly looking away.
“It’s okay,” she said with a laugh. She scooted a little closer saying, “It was kind of fun to watch you boys trying to get a look and not be too noticeable.”
“You…you know I…uh we were looking down your top?” He asked. He knew, considering the current situation, he shouldn’t be concerned about her knowing they or mainly he was looking down her top.
“Usually,” she said lightly. She then placed her hand high up on his thigh saying, “And sometimes it was rather obvious.” Wide eyed he glanced down at her hand as she lightly rubbed his leg. She smiled warmly at him when he looked back at her face and said, “From what I noticed I guess you liked what you saw?”
“Oh yeah,” he said eagerly, “And I really like what I’m seeing now.”
Suddenly Laurie stood up and stepped over in front of him with an impish grin. Slowly, teasingly she raised her arms, resting them on top of her head. She then began to slowly roll her hips as Kent watched eagerly. As she did she softly asked, “Maybe I could do this for the school talent show?”
“You’d definitely get my vote,” he said with a firm nod. With a broad smile he added, “And probably the votes of all the guys in school.”
“Even though I can’t sing?” She asked playfully as she thrust her pelvis at him a few times.
“Won’t matter to me,” he told her in a husky voice.
“That’s sweet,” she sighed. She slowly slid her hands down her front as she continued to roll her hips. She rubbed her flat belly and said, “It would be an incredible turn on to strip in front of the whole school. Have all you horny boys watching me as I did.”
Slowly she moved over to the folding chair turning so her back was towards him. Still grinding and rocking her pelvis side to side she leaned over placing her hands on the seat. With a gentle smile she looked back over her shoulder at him as her ass swayed side to side. Kent kept his eyes on her gentle swaying ass.
“Think Mr. Wilson would say anything if I did this in front of the school?” She asked with a slight giggle. Kent laughed quickly at the mention of the school’s principal. Most of the students were convinced that it was his goal in life to make theirs as miserable as possible. He had had made the girl’s drill team get ‘more appropriate’ uniforms earlier because he felt the ones they had were too skimpy. The general feeling, among both student and a lot of the staff, was his children were adopted and not the result of sex, at least not with him.
As she continued to rock her hips she moved a hand to her ass. Smiling slyly she hooked her thumb inside the waistband of her panties and slowly, teasingly pulled it down. Kent held his breath as he watched as she pulled her sheer panties down and bared her ass cheek.
“Think he would like to watch me do this?” She asked in a husky whisper.
“If not he’s weird,” Kent said shaking his head.
Kent frowned when she pulled her panties back up. She turned the chair around and then casually tossed her leg over it and sat down straddling the chair and resting her arms along the top of the chair. She leaned forward and put her chin on her forearms gazing at Kent. His eyes were locked to her panty covered crotch as she sat there with her legs spread wide.
“So am I still your favorite teacher?” She asked quietly when he finally brought his eyes to her face.
“Oh yeah,” he said nodding his head. He let his eyes drop to her crotch saying, “Best ever.”
“That’s nice,” she said with a soft smile. She tilted her head to one side as she asked, “So do you have a study hall?”
“Uh yeah, fourth hour,” he said frowning slightly puzzled by her question.
“Would you like to be my lab assistant instead?” She asked.
“For sure!” He said excitedly.
“Good I’ll go ahead and do the paper work,” she said as she straightened. She frowned playfully as she asked, “Now are you going to try and look down my blouse while helping me?”
Not sure how to answer her question he simply laughed quickly and shrugged his shoulders. Maintaining her serious fa├žade she asked, “Or are you going to stop now that you’ve pretty well seen everything?”
“Probably not,” he said with a nervous chuckle.
“You mean you’re going to keep trying to look down my dress or up my skirt?”
“Oh yeah,” he assured her with a confident nod.
“So I guess I can imagine what you’re going to want to do while you’re here?” She said with a light laugh. She made a serious face as she asked, “Maybe I should start wearing longer skirts and blouses that button up higher.”
“Oh please don’t,” he said without thinking. The other boys would definitely be disappointed if she did.
“Well maybe I won’t,” she said with a gentle smile.
“Thank you,” he said gratefully. He grinned and added, “I think I speak for all the guys.”
“Well it’s my pleasure,” she said with a warm smile, coyly batting her eyes. She winked at him saying, “To be honest I probably would have kept dressing this way. Like I said I find it exciting.”
“Well I know I like seeing you dressed this way,” he told her with an approving nod.
“Dressed like how?” She asked playfully as she stood up and stepped away from the chair. She touched her fingertip to her lip as she tilted a hip up asking, “You like me dressed like this.” She ten motioned at her clothing that was lying next to him on the sofa asking, “Or dressed like that?”
“Well I like the way you’re dressed now a lot better,” he said quickly nodding his head at her. He glanced at her clothes and then back at her saying, “But you look great in that stuff too.”
“Oh that’s sweet,” she said. She slowly raised her arms running her fingers through her hair as she said, “I like you. I’m glad you’re going to be here to help me. I’m sure it’s going to fun. For both of us.”
“Did…did you take off all of your clothes when you were dancing?” Kent asked the words out of his mouth before he realized it.
“Why yes I did,” she assured him with a smile. Swinging her hips nicely she moved over right in front of him. She stood there keeping her arms raised as she rocked her hips. In a soft, silky voice she asked, “Is that what you want me to do?”
“Uh huh,” was all he was able to mumble.
Smiling dreamily she slowly bent over, resting her hands on his legs just above his knees. She continued to slowly wiggle her hips as she gazed into his eyes with her soft brown eyes. She reached out and lightly ran the end of her index finger along his jaw and then lightly tapped the end of his nose.
Still leaning over, he could smell her perfume, she reached behind herself. Kent’s heart was pounding madly as she undid her bra. He was about to see, actually see, a woman’s bare boobs. He didn’t want to admit it but he had never seen a woman’s boob, not even in pictures. His dad didn’t look at those kinds of magazines and he didn’t have an older brother that could get them for him. Up to now his only visions of scantily clad women had been in the Sears catalog or the ads in the paper. He had heard that some people believed that masturbation could lead to blindness; he prayed that his vision would last a few more minutes.
Laurie straightened and brought her hands back around. Kent’s chest was aching because he was holding his breath in eager anticipation. She placed her hand between her boobs and with her other hand reached up to slip first one strap and then the other off her shoulders. Kent’s eyes were glued to her chest, savoring the view of the upper part of her boobs that was visible when the cups of her bra slid down. She straightened her arms and the sheer garment silently slid down her arms completely uncovering her boobs. Kent didn’t see it but she caught her bra as it dropped to her hands.
Laughing softly she moved closer, holding her bra and carefully draped it over his head. She gave him a soft pat on the head. Stepping back she jammed her thumbs inside the waistband of her sheer panties.
“Normally I would be wearing a G-string,” she told him as she teasingly pulled her panties down on a hip and then as quickly pull it up. She continued to roll her hips, saying, “None of those old men I danced in front of ever got to see my pussy.”
“Poor guys,” Kent said in a breathless whisper.
“I heard that some of you boys were wondering about my pussy,” she said in a low, soft voice. Kent coughed and nodded. She sighed softly and then said, “I guess they’re wondering if it’s hairy or if I have some hair there or if I’m shaved smooth.”
“Yeah,” he said with a quick almost impatient nod.
“So what’s your guess?” She asked as she worked them down lower on her belly. She nearly moaned, “How do you think my pussy is?”
“I don’t know,” he gasped shrugging his shoulders. He wanted to just reach out and pull her panties down but he figured that might not be okay with her.
“Well I hope you like it,” she sighed as she pushed her panties down past her hips and revealed her pussy.
Kent’s eyes were glued to her smoothly shaved snatch; hungrily devouring the sight of his first pussy. He was a little surprised by what he saw; actually he had had no real idea what a woman’s pussy looked like. She stood there, still slowly grinding her hips, with her panties just below her pussy.
“Umm you have no idea how many times I’ve dreamed about doing this in front of you boys,” she said softly. She began to push her panties down further saying, “Knowing you boys were looking at my body was so exciting. I wanted to do this in front of you all so many times.”
Kent simply nodded open mouthed as he sat there eagerly eyeing her naked body. If it was true that he would go blind from excessive masturbation he would probably be blind by tomorrow morning, but he really didn’t care. Laurie carefully raised one foot and slipped her panties off and then did like wise with her other foot. She lightly swung her panties as they hung from her index finger and then with a giggle tossed them onto Kent’s lap.
Grinning broadly he picked the garment up. He figured he probably looked like a complete idiot; sitting there with her bra draped over his head and holding her lacy panties, but regardless of how odd he might look he knew that every boy in the school would have loved to look so idiotic.
“Sometimes I could tell how horny you guys were,” she said with a sly wink making him blush slightly and look away briefly. She again moved closer and leaned forward placing her hands just above his knees. She waited until he looked at her face before saying, “I would often think about you boys sitting there all hot and bothered and thinking about me. Did you think about me when you were home and in bed?”
“Yeah,” he mumbled with a quick nod.
“You know it was usually dark where the men would sit that were watching us,” she said. She slowly sank to her knees in front of him saying, “I could usually tell that they were jacking off while they sat there. It was obvious. And they would try and act so calm and cool.” Gently she rubbed the inside of his legs asking, “Are you excited?”
“Oh yeah,” he gasped. He was glad he wasn’t wearing tight pants because he was sure his rock hard cock would have busted through the zipper.
“Looking at my body gets you hard,” she asked in a sweet soft voice. She glanced down at his crotch as she asked, “Do you ever think about me when you’re jacking off?”
“Yeah,” he gasped.
“Would you like to jack off now?”
“Oh yeah,” he answered breathlessly.
“Good I’d really like to watch you,” she sighed. She smiled gently at him and with a quick nod at his crotch told him, “Go ahead and unzip your pants.”
Kent nodded and for a brief second his mind went absolutely blank he couldn’t remember how to move his arms or even think. He shook his head quickly and, smiling sheepishly, then reached down and began to fumble with his pants. It seemed as if his zipper was determined to delay his pleasure by being very stubborn as he tried to work it down. Amused Laurie sat back on her ankles as she watched him fumble with his pants, her hands still resting on his knees.
Finally he was able to force his zipper down far enough; impatiently he lifted his butt off the couch, jammed his thumbs inside his pants and shoved them down, along with his shorts. Laurie sighed softly when his cock sprang into view, pointing rigidly upward.
“Oh that’s great,” she sighed. She smiled at him saying, “I would wonder about all you boys sitting there with hard ons and wishing I could take care of you. Kept thinking about you jacking off at night and thinking about me.”
“Not just at night,” Kent breathlessly confessed as he took hold of his throbbing shaft.
Laurie reached out and picked up her panties that had slid off his lap onto the couch next to his hip. She carefully dropped the silky smooth garment on top of erect cock, saying, “So you don’t make a mess.”
Nodding Kent released his cock and moved his hand, wrapping his dick in her panties. He again began to stroke his shaft as she stood up, smiling at him.
Once she had gotten to her feet she began to slowly rock her hips and lift her arms over her head. As she did she made a slow circle in front of him, wiggling her ass and moving her hands down to lightly pat and rub the pale cheeks of her ass. She then turned back to face him, smiling dreamily and moaning softly as she slid her hands across her taut belly and down to her crotch. She thrust her hips forward as she moved her hands down onto her pussy lips and slowly spread them.
“Cum for me Kent,” she sighed as she ground her hips in front of him. She groaned deep in her throat and said, “Let me see you cum while you’re looking at me. I love having you look at me.”
Let blindness come, Kent was moving his hand rapidly up and down his shaft as he stared at her hot body. His balls were tight and he knew he was getting close to shooting his wad. None of his fantasies about Miss Taylor had been as fantastic as this, he wanted it to last longer but he knew it wouldn’t.
“Oh show me how much you like my body,” she softly urged him. Teasingly she slid her hand along her pussy slit saying, “You guys make me so hot knowing you’re staring at me. Ummm I’m going to remember this.”
Kent could only make a gurgled throaty groan as he stared at her. Groaning longingly he raised his legs and leaned back as best he could. Laurie stood there smiling tenderly at him as she continued to slowly roll her hips, moaning softly. He tensed all over, his loud groan filling the small room. He shuddered mightily as the first large glob of cum spurted out. He was mildly surprised at the amount of cum he pumped out as he stroked his cock. Finally his cock went limp and he sagged weakly on the couch, gasping for air.
Laurie then sat down next to him. Kent weakly lifted his head when she reached over and took hold of her wet panties. She smiled at him as she tenderly wiped his flaccid cock dry with her panties. After she was finished she laid them off to one side. She looked back at him and asked, “Feel better?”
“Oh yeah,” he said weakly.
“That’s good,” she said giving him a lightly pat on the arm. She sat up, taking her bra from off his head. As she slid it up her arms she looked over her shoulder at him saying, “I’m glad we had this talk.”
“Me…me too,” Kent said with a weak laugh.
“I’m looking forward to having you as my lab assistant,” she said as she reached behind herself to fasten her bra.
“Me too.”

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