Cheerleader goes back to college

My wife Carrie and I were visiting our old college for the first time in 3 years. We only lived a couple of hours away. I was there to give a faculty seminar and she is an avid tennis player so she went to the courts to get a pickup game. I still had my faculty card; it opens all of the electronic locks on the campus. It was August and school was out (no students). After playing for a couple of hours she decided to go across the road to the men’s athletic dorm and take a shower. She let herself in with the card and the place seemed empty. She took her bag into the shower room and removed all of clothes. In men’s dorms each stall has 5 o 6 shower heads so that several can shower at once. She started 3 of the showers and aimed them at herself. She soaped down and it was very relaxing. She heard the door open and a male student with just a towel around him came to the shower. At first she was shocked but had nothing to hide behind. He looked at her like he had never seen a naked woman. Carrie said, “I’ll get out of your way and let you shower.” He said, “Look, I’ve seen you, I’ll just turn my back in shower and you can finish.” She said, “thanks.” She got outside to reach her towel and he stepped back out of the shower. She made no attempt to cover up. Carrie said “are you a student?” He said, “I was here for summer school but fall semester starts in a couple of weeks and got permission to stay here.” She asked him, “what’s your name?” He said “Bill.” She said “Bill, is there a good place for me to get dressed?” He said, “my room is just down the hall.” She followed him down there; both with just towels around them. When they got to the room, Bill watched as Carrie dropped her towel. She finished drying off and started dressing. First, she put on a pair of white cotton panties, a pair of shorts and a cut off T-shirt. Bill still had the towel around himself.

Carrie looked at his wall clock and it was 1:30. She said I have to meet my husband at 5:00. I have to kill three and a half hours. Bill stammered, “you are welcome to sit in here if you want.” Carrie thought a minute and said, “OK.” “Why don’t you talk to me.” Then she went over and sat on the bed. She leaned back with her head against the wall. The T-shirt did not cover the bottom of her braless tits. She saw that the bulge under the towel was getting even bigger. She said, “maybe I’ll do something for you if you tell me what you are thinking.” Bill said, “I better not do that.” Why is that”, she said. You’re a married woman. “That’s true and I am older than you; I’m 28.” “I don’t believe that, you look like a college student.” “I really mean it, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” Carrie said, “now I know I am going to do something for you. Come over and sit beside me on the bed.” Bill obeyed that order right away. Carrie reached down and pulled off his towel. She was shocked. She had never seen a cock that size .
Then she said, “do you know what I am going to do for you?” Bill said, “no.” She reached down and grasp his cock and lay out flat on the bed. Then she grinned and said, “I am going to let you in!” She was afraid to squeeze his cock anymore because it looked like he was about to cum. She put her legs apart and pulled him over on top of her. She reached down and just put the big, soft head in her pussy. He was shaking all over. She told him to take her and put it in all of the way. It took her breath when he put it in to the hilt.

He slow fucked her for about 15 minutes without either of them talking. Her eyes were closed and there was an angelic smile on her face. As he looked down she opened her eyes and started kissing him. He started fucking her faster and she could not hold back anymore. She started cuming. Then, he filled her with a huge volume of seamen. It was running down his shaft and out of the lips of her pussey. She begged for all of it. When he pulled it out, it was leaking all over his bed. She put her arms around him and they lay that way for about 30 minutes. This was too good to not do again; so, she started playing with his cock. It was back up in an instant. He was back on top of her and pumping her full again. She said, “slow down a little, I want to tell you something.” He started just slowly pushing it in and out. She said, “my husband and I have been trying to have a baby for about a year. I just want you to know that this is the right time of the month for me.” He seemed harder and longer like he was reaching her womb. She said, “It would be OK with me if you made me pregnant.” That excited her so much, confessing to him, that she had a tremendous orgasm. While she was cumming, she started saying, “fuck me, fuck me, make me pregnant.” He filled her with cum again until she was wet all over. She put her legs around him and kept him in her pussy.

They lay there for a long time without saying anything. Then Bill said, “did you really mean that you want me to get you pregnant?” She kissed him and said, “I never wanted anything more in my life.”

They looked at the clock and it was 4:30. Carrie said, “I’ll have to go in a minute.” Bill ask her, “are you going to tell your husband?” She said, “Get in me again and I’ll tell you.” Bill was hard already and he put his cock in her and slowly started fucking her. “At first I thought I would wait and see if I were pregnant and then I would either tell him or just let him think he made me pregnant. Then I thought I would just tell him what happened and how great it was and how I wanted to keep trying with you ” “What do you think I should do?” “I think you should tell him.” “Is that a get even with a faculty member by fucking his wife?” “No, I think that he should know that we tried to make a baby. If your not pregnant, then you should tell him that you want to keep trying with
me ” “It would make me feel great if he knew how much you liked our sex but we may meet someday and it would be hard for him to face me knowing that.” “OK, that’s what I’ll do. Here is my phone number, you give me yours and I’ll call you in a couple of weeks and let you know if you impregnated me. I’ll tell you how Nick accepted our sexual relation and I’ll tell him how much I want your baby. I’ll tell him how quickly I have become attached to you and how right and good this feels. .I think that he will be able to accept all of this and I do want you to meet him. Carrie got up and dressed in front of Bill. He put his arms around her and kissed her goodbye. During the ride back home all Carrie could think about was the fantastic afternoon. She did not talk too much but decided that she would tell Nick all about it when they went to bed that night

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