Cheerleader Janelle 5

I thought Sex Education was going to be a whole lot of fun. I mean, I know I’ve had some, but I know I still don’t know everything, and I was looking forward to getting a few pointers. Imagine my dismay when I finally got to take the class and they wanted to talk about all kinds of yucky things that I didn’t want to hear about.

I guess I must not have been paying all that much attention to it because my teacher, Mr. Waring, called me on it, and then he told me I was going to have to stay after class.

Well, I really didn’t want to do that. Our sex education class was right before lunch and the last thing I wanted was to have to spend my lunch hour in detention with Mr. Waring. I wanted to be out there with my friends.

“What’s the matter with you, Janelle?” Mr. Waring asked after the rest of the kids had left the class. “You just don’t seem to be paying attention.”

“I don’t know,” I told my teacher.

“This is important information,” my teacher told me. “You need to pay attention so you’ll know this stuff when you need it.”

“But it’s so boring,” I shot back and as soon as I said it, I knew it was a mistake.

Mr. Waring stood up a little straighter. “It’s important information,” he said sternly, “and you need to know it.”

“But you’re not teaching us what we really need to know,” I grumbled.

“Oh yeah,” my teacher shot back. “How would you know? You’re not paying attention anyway, but go ahead. Tell me what it is that we should be teaching that we’re not.”

I knew that was a dangerous question and to tell the truth, I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but sometimes I’m just not as smart as I should be. “Well,” I told him, “this is supposed to be sex education, right, so why aren’t you teaching us about sex?”

“What do you mean?” Mr. Waring asked. “We covered the biology of reproduction in the first weeks–“

“That’s not what I mean,” I said as I interrupted my teacher. “You’re not getting it.” I had been sitting at my desk as my teacher had been talking and now I got and I came to where he was standing. “What I want to know is about sex. I want to know more about sex.”

Mr. Waring blinked nervously as he looked at me. “Are you saying you’re sexually active, Janelle?”

“Not as active as I’d like to be,” I told him, “but you can help me with that.”

Mr. Waring looked at the door and instinctively, I knew what he was thinking. It was closed but it was still unlocked. Someone could walk in at any moment and see us, and somehow, that turned me on.

“I want you to teach me,” I told my teacher.

“This really isn’t a good idea,” Mr. Waring told me.

I wasn’t listening to Mr. Waring anymore. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel his cock. I wanted him to use my little fourteen-year old body. I wanted him to teach me.

I let my hands stroke their way over the front of his pants and then I was pulling his zipper down and I was sliding my hand inside. It didn’t take me hard to find what I was looking for, and Mr. Waring moaned as I slipped my hand around his cock.

“This really isn’t a good idea,” he told me.

“You hush,” I told him, “and let me show you what I’ve learned.”

My hand pulled the man’s cock out of his pants and then I was dropping to my knees. I looked up at Mr. Waring as I knelt there before him, and then I flashed him a big grin even as I stroked his cock. I knew he was watching me even as I pushed my mouth down on his cock.

Mr. Waring moaned as my mouth took his cock and then he just kept on moaning as I continued to suck him. He was nice and hard and I liked that, but I wanted to make him even harder.

It was working, too. Mr. Waring was getting harder and harder, and I loved it.

I pulled Mr. Waring’s cock out of my mouth and I grabbed a hold of his cock, and I looked up at him as I stroked my hand over his slippery shaft. “I love sucking on this,” I told my teacher, “but you know what I really need.”

The man groaned but I knew he had already surrendered and then he was pulling me up off my knees. “So you want to get fucked, do you, you little minx? Well then fine, let’s see how you like this.”

Mr. Waring was already turning me around and then he was bending me over his big desk. I could feel him lifting up my cheerleader’s skirt and then I felt pulling down my panties and I felt him rubbing his hand over my little, round bottom.

“You’re just a little tease, aren’t you?” my teacher told me. “Then fine, there’s only one way to handle a little tease like you.”

He drew his hand back and then he spanked me and then he spanked me again. It wasn’t the first time I had been spanked. My daddy had spanked me when I was a little girl, and of course, I had gotten spanked when I had gone whoring with Amber, but somehow, this was different. I wanted Mr. Waring to spank me.

“You deserve to be spanked, don’t you?” Mr. Waring told me.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned. “I deserve to be spanked. I want to be spanked.”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Mr. Waring told me. “You’ve been a bad, little girl.”

“I’ve been bad,” I admitted. I was so hot. I needed to be fucked so bad.

“Yeah, you’ve been bad,” he said again, “but I know just how to deal with a bad, little girl like you.”

Moments later, I felt Mr. Waring press his cock up behind me and I felt him press his cock against my pussy and then I felt him push himself inside me.

I just couldn’t help moaning as Mr. Waring’s cock took me. I wanted to moan. I wanted him to know just how much I appreciated what he was doing for me. I wanted him to know that I was a good, little student.

“Is this what you want?” Mr. Waring asked.

“Oh yeah,” I moaned. “This is what I want. I want to feel your cock.”

Mr. Waring didn’t say anything after that. He just kept fucking me harder and harder and I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted him to make me cum, and I wanted to feel him cum inside me.

I got my wish. Mr. Waring grunted even as he buried his cock between my legs and then he grunted again, and I felt it. I felt him dousing the inside of my cunt with his cum, and that was all it took because even as he continued to cum inside me, I was cumming, too.

Mr. Waring just kept cumming and cumming and his cock was still dripping as he pulled it out of me. “Get down there and suck on that cock,” my teacher told me. “I want you to get me hard again.”

It didn’t take all that long before I was again on my knees and was kneeling before my teacher, and then I took his cock in my mouth.

I really loved sucking on Mr. Waring’s cock. I could taste both his cum and mine on his cock and it really turned me on and in that instant, I knew I wanted to get him hard again. I wanted him to get him hard so he could fuck my hungry, little pussy.

Mr. Waring must have been chosen to teach Sex Education because he was good at sex. That’s what I think, and if you want to know why, I’ll tell you. It didn’t take me all that hard to get him hard again, and when I did get him hard, it seemed as if he was even harder than before.

“So you still want to get fucked?” Mr. Waring asked me, and I nodded eagerly. “Well, all right, then. Get up off your knees.”

I quickly got to my feet.

“Take off that cheerleader’s uniform,” he told me.

Again, I quickly did as I was told and then I was standing there naked before my teacher.

Mr. Waring was leaning back against his desk and then he was pulling me to him. I stepped between his legs, and then Mr. Waring was reaching up and grabbing my little titties. I moaned as he manhandled me there. He was so rough and so hard with me, and I loved it.

“Yeah, you like it when I do that, don’t you?”

I just nodded and moaned again as the man squeezed my tits. It felt so good. r />
Mr. Waring gave my tits another hard squeeze. “I want to hear you say it,” he told me. “Tell me you like it when I squeeze your tits.”

I moaned again and then I gasped as Mr. Waring’s fingers p
ulled on my sensitive nipples. “I love it,” I gasped. “I love it when you squeeze my tits.”

Mr. Waring squeezed my titties again. “Say it again,” he told me.

I moaned again. “I love it,” I told him. “I love it when you squeeze my tits.”

“You really are a little slut, aren’t you?”

“I am such a little slut,” I told him. “I need to get fucked so bad.”

Mr. Waring just shook his head as he looked at me and then he squeezed my tits again. “It’s always the quiet ones,” he muttered. “It’s always the ones you never expect.”

Mr. Waring just sat back on the edge of his desk and then he pulled himself up on top of the desk and he let his legs dangle over the edge and then he looked at me. “Why don’t you gp and get your ass up here,” he told me, “and let’s see how you ride this cock of mine.”

I, of course, was more than willing to comply with his wishes and so very soon, I was on top of his desk, too, with my little pussy perched atop his legs, and I was reaching between my legs to grab a hold of his cock.

Mr. Waring moaned as I grabbed his cock and then he moaned again as I led his cock to my wet, little hole and he moaned once more as I pushed my pussy down on his cock. I put my arms around his neck even as I pulled my pussy up and then once more pushed myself down on his cock, making Mr. Waring moan again.

I looked Mr. Waring right in the eye even as I pulled my pussy up yet again. “Am I doing it right?” I asked even as I plunged my pussy down again.

“Oh yeah,” Mr. Waring moaned and then he moaned again. His hands came up and he grabbed my titties again and he squeezed them hard. “You’re doing great,” he told me.”

That was all I needed to hear. I just kept riding Mr. Waring’s cock and the more I rode it, the more he moaned, and yes, I have to admit it, the more I moaned, too.

I loved the feel of Mr. Waring’s cock as it drove deep inside me, and the more I took it, the more I wanted. I wanted Mr. Waring to give me what I wanted. I wanted him to give me what I craved. I wanted Mr. Waring to cum inside of me.

And that was exactly what he did. I just kept bouncing on Mr. Waring’s cock and he just kept moaning, and I kept moaning, too, and when he came inside me, well, as soon as he did that, he made me, cum, too, and it felt so good.

Well, as you can imagine, I not only got a passing grade in Sex Education, but I think you could say that I ended up being the teacher’s pet, and as you might expect, I got an A.

to be continued …

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