Choir Girl, Part I

Do you remember the time where you sang in my choir during your last year of college? I often think of those days, especially the thing that happened after our tour!. Although it was very painful for you at the time, it strengthened our bonds of friendship, which continue until this day! But do you remember the first rehearsal after we got back, and what happened then?…………

The five-day tour had gone very well musically, you were a fine singer, and still are. But a string of thefts had occurred during the tour, all of them happening at times when you were not up on stage rehearsing. The mistake you made was using a cigarette lighter that you had stolen from one of the others; the girl saw you with it and reported you to me. She did not express her opinions to others, however, and the tour ended without further incident.
The evening that we returned home, I telephoned your mother and asked to speak to you. When you answered, I quietly told you of my suspicions of your guilt of petty theft. Soon, when confronted with the tale of the lighter, you started crying softly and admitted that you had indeed stolen a few small things. I said that I would have to report it to the Administration and that you would probably be expelled from the university. Tearfully, you begged me not to take that step, but to punish me in some other way. I asked whether you had ever been spanked – you said not since you were nine or so. I said that since you had committed an offence against the whole choir, you would be punished in front of them all. You agreed. I instructed you to report to my office fifteen minutes before rehearsal so that we could prepare. I also advised you to wear your best skirt and blouse and also clean underwear, as it would be on show!
You told me afterwards that you took a very long shower in the morning, carefully washing and rinsing all of your body. You took extra care with your makeup and hair, and even wore a brand new pair of white panties, although they belonged to your 15-year old sister and so were a bit too snug. You sat through the morning classes, watching the clock move steadily toward 1:15, the time you were due to report to me.
At that time, you knocked timidly on my door and entered when I asked you in. Closing the door, I had you sit while I explained your upcoming punishment to you. You would be spanked during the latter half of rehearsal; none of the students knew what was going to happen. I told you that you would be punished with a ruler, with a paddle, and finally with a cane, and I warned you that these punishments would first be given on the seat of your panties, and then on your bared bottom. You gulped softly and asked if there were no other way – maybe I could punish you alone, in the privacy of my home. (You had just turned 20, and knew that I had an eye for you.) Indignantly, I said firmly that the only alternative would be expulsion. You agreed then to be punished during the rehearsal, and left my office to go into the music classroom…………
You walked into the rehearsal room and up to your seat in the center of the first row. Do you remember what the room was like? – it was actually a large lecture hall, with four or five built-in levels of seating, and a fairly large area down at the front of the room. My director’s stand, large high stool, and podium were in the center, a large audio system over to one side, and a baby grand piano over to the other side, near the windows.
There were about forty singers in that select choir, and they all sat at moveable student desks, so that we could move them into different formations or to the side if we needed to stand in concert formation. You sat in the center of the front row, because you were one of the leaders, if you remember!
In a moment, the class bell rang, and I strode into the hall, carrying my music briefcase and another parcel. (You swallowed, because you knew what was probably in that parcel!) I placed the items on the top of the piano and instructed the students to rise for the warm-up session that starts each rehearsal; then you resumed your seats and we began.
…. as the rehearsal continued, your mind began to wander, not really concentrating on singing. You thought of all of your new interest in spanking, all the pictures and stories you had seen, and realized that you would soon be seen in one of these very positions that you had fantasized on…
… your mind wandered, you let yourself repeat one of your bad habits.. you tend to let your legs part a bit during the course of the rehearsal, as you were concentrating on other things. You had of course realized that I notice this, and that hadn’t stopped you!
So, in order to let me know that you were really ready to continue, you caught my eyes with yours and looked downward. I watched you slowly swing your legs out to full extension and thrust your white panty vee out a bit more for my enjoyment. You looked forward to doing the same thing in the future, in the privacy of my apartment!!!
…the singing part of the rehearsal rather quickly came to an end……
….. I instructed the class to return their music folders to the storage racks at the back of the room and then to return to their seats. You, however, sit rooted to the spot, like a frightened fawn in the headlights of an auto.
I told the students that the recent tour was a complete musical success, and was marred by only one bad thing – there had been several instances of thefts of little things – small amounts of cash, a small packet of candy, and a cigarette lighter. I reminded the class that there was a strict prohibition against smoking in public while in concert dress, and that the punishment for that was to be given six strokes of the paddle, on top of your clothes, for each offence – you gulped softly, because you had forgotten that rule. Oh-oh…
I continued to say that fortunately, the culprit had admitted to her guilt.
“Miss ______, would you please come down to the front of the room?” You heard gasps from several areas of the room as you slowly got up from your seat and came down to the front of the room, legs shaking slightly. I had you step up on the podium and face your peers.
“She has something to say to you all…,” I said. You had, at my instructions, prepared a short statement in which you admitted your guilt and requested that I give you corporal punishment in front of them, rather than being expelled from the college. All eyes were on you, and not another sound was heard. You were truly repentant in your little speech.
“Now, please turn around with your back to the choir. Thank you. Now would you please bend over and lift your skirt for the class.”
“Please, Sir, do I have to?” (no response from me, so you slowly do as instructed)
“People, you see before you the area of the body traditionally used for the infliction of punishment to youngsters – usually not for a fully grown woman of twenty, except in unusual situations. This is one of them – because the young lady has let down her fellow choir members, she must be punished very hard and embarrassed in front of all of you. Miss, will you now pull down your panties below your bottom, spread your legs a bit, and assume the position? Thank you. Students, you see before you a truly lovely sight, one that should be reserved only for the eyes of her future husband, or lovers. Notice that its surface is white and unmarked …. in fifteen minutes it will not be…..”
” OK miss, you may stand up straight now.”
Quickly, you closed your legs, pulled up your panties, and stood awaiting instructions. I told you go get the chair from behind your desk and to bring it down to the front of the room. You did, and I told you to put it up on the podium. You did, but I said to put it sideways, with the back to one side. Thanking you, I announced that we would begin your punishment with some spanking over my knee. I sat down on the chair and motioned you over my knee. You began to drape your
self over, but your face was toward the class.
“No, I said – other end!”
You stepped around, lay across my lap and let your toes touch the ground. I grasped you firmly on the waist with my left hand, and began to rain a series of slow smacks on your bottom over your skirt. They can’t hurt too much, but you started to moan a little…..after about twenty-five, you started to feel a little heat! I then drew your skirt up to your waist, and held it in place. I then started to spank you on your panties. They were so tight that it was just like hitting your skin (but that would come soon!) I gave you another twenty-five smacks, and the class could start to see a bit of pinkness showing through the thin cotton.
(To be continued……)

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