Choir Girl – Part IV

You hear the sound of the door locking, and mentally prepare to show your all to me, your favorite teacher. You feel moisture actually starting to seep from your vagina.
“Nadia, you are to arch your back as low as you can, and present your bottom out to me as far as you are able.” You do so, almost eagerly, arching and offering your lovely rear view fully.
I move to your side and gently reach my hand out to pat your nude bottom. “Nadia, are you ready for the cane?” “Yes, Sir,” you reply in a timorous voice, trembling as I lightly move my fingers down your left leg. I gently tickle the back of your knee and ease my hand between your legs….you part them slightly for me. I study, with pleasure, the sight of your soft vaginal lips, separated slightly, with a bit of shiny dew, and the roseate opening of your offered anus, dark and exuding mystery. My penis presses hard against the front of my trousers, determined to gain entry into your tight young sheath. But that would come later, as would your caning at my hands. You had suffered enough for one session…..I didn’t want your adoration to evolve into abject dislike!
“Dear,” comes my gentle voice, “please pull your panties up and stand down from the stool, now.”
Perplexed, you do as I ask. “Please, put your clothing back on, dear one.” I am still standing over by the door.. “are you dressed yet?” “Yes, put the skirt back on, also… thank you!”
“Yes, Sir,” you reply, in a rather hurt voice, as tears start to come again to your eyes… “what is the matter with me.. don’t you find me pleasing?”
“My dear, please come sit down with me.” I move over to the hard chair on which I sat to give you your spanking, and lift my arms out to you. Sobbing, you hurry over and sit on my lap, throwing your arms around my neck and beginning to sob broken-heartedly. I comfort you as best I can, patting your shoulders and cuddling you as you release you full emotions, which you have held in check for several hours. As your shoulders continue to heave as you sob bitterly, I continue:
“Dear little one, you are one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. As a man, I wanted nothing more to run back to you after the other kids had left, and comfort your poor bottom in the best way a male can for a female, but the fact remains that you are still my student, even though you have already turned 18, I know. Legally, I can’t touch you, let alone make love to you, while you are still my student.”
“But, Sir, the term has only two weeks left in it – after that I’m finished with high school- two weeks! Please, Sir……”
“I’m sorry, I can’t, and you know I can’t.” You again break into sobs. “Sir, my bottom is sooo sore, won’t you please at least massage the pain away?”
“Well, I don’t know, if anyone were to come into the room, I would be fired, and I can’t risk that. But, I did hit you pretty hard back there… maybe I could do something to ease the pains only.”
“Ooh, yes, Sir, Please yes!!!”
“And furthermore, on the evening after you graduate from school, Domingo is giving a concert down at the Civic Theater. Would you allow me to take you to this concert, my dear- have you ever heard him sing?”
“No, Sir, but I’d love to go with you, if I may!”
“It should be a very interesting evening for you, then – your musical interest will take a big jump!”
“Ooh, yes, Sir! But please, could you massage my soreness for me…I have never felt such pain back there..”
“Yes, my dear. Come here and lie across my lap, as you did before.”
You rearrange yourself over my lap. As I hold you gently in place with my left hand, I begin to gently rub your small, shapely behind on top of your school skirt. You moan and move about with pain and pleasure, as my strong hand kneads and massages the feeling back into your buttocks. “Is that any better, dear?,” I ask.
“Yes, Sir, but the thick cloth of my skirt rubs against my bruises too much. Could you lift it out of the way, please, Sir?”
“For the sake of my career, I hope nobody decides to unlock the door, but for the sake of your pain I will do as you ask.” I reach and lift the hem of your skirt high up on your back and hold it in place with that left hand, as I begin to rub your bottom again with the right hand. I can feel the heat of your globes as I tenderly follow the contours of your slopes, gently kneading and rubbing. As I do so, my penis has risen to full stiffness under my slacks, seeking release, and presses hard against your groin as you writhe against it.
“Ooh, Sir, that feels much better!” I don’t really know what you are referring to, but I continue to rub softly and rhythmically.
“Sir, the cloth is still rubbing against the bruises too much… couldn’t you please lower my pants and do it on the bare? It hurts so much….”
“Spankings are supposed to hurt, my dear.”
“Ooh, please, Sir!”
Somewhat reluctantly, I gently agree, and you lift your hips slightly to allow me to pull your panties down to your knees, then you settle deeply onto my lap again. Powerless to do anything else, I gaze lovingly on your offered bottom, which is truly lovely in spite of all the red marks and pink color. I hesitantly begin to rub your nude skin, feeling the little goose-bumps that arise from its surface.
“Marvelous, Sir… that’s so much better,” you moan, as you again writhe your front against my hidden staff. As I continue to massage your hemispheres, you gradually force your legs wider and wider apart, opening to my lustful eyes the dark shadow around your little anal opening, and the rich growth of soft pubic hair that surrounds your soft labia. My fingers cannot seem to help themselves as they slowly move into these offered gifts, and I begin to gently explore your two openings with my trembling digits as you moan even more. Finally, throwing caution to the wind, I delve more forcibly down between your widened thighs, searching for and finding the stiff little head of your clitoris, which has risen high above the front junction of your labia. I am not too surprised by the very wet condition of your opening, because I know you are a very sensual young miss.
Your writhing grows very agitated as I continue to excite your bud, and with your right hand you reach between my legs and grasp the throbbing bulge of my manhood as it lies stiffly extended inside my pants leg, and you begin to stroke it very hard as I bring you to orgasm. Just a few seconds after you reach your peak, I moan aloud as the same thing happens to me that happened to the unfortunate football player! Uncontrolled spasms of hot semen soak the material of my trousers as your soft hand continues to manipulate me.
Slowly, our emotions subside, although you remain across my lap for several more minutes, as we both realize that our relationship has taken a bold new step! Finally, I assist you to pull up your panties, and you stand to rearrange your wrinkled clothing. I give you a gentle kiss on the mouth before allowing you to leave the room, but the school bell is about to ring signaling the end of the day.
“Thank you for the lesson, Sir, may I have another soon, please?” “Indeed, Miss – don’t forget, you still have a caning coming!”
Only three weeks later, after your graduation, we began to date in earnest!

(Later adventures to follow……., in the stories entitled “Rears”)

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