Church Girls are Freaks

It start about three years ago. I met this girl name Kiesha in church through our grandparents.She was beautiful, slim like a model, caramel skin, long dark hair, killer smile, and an ass out of this world.We shared eye contact for about one minute.I was scoping her body secrectly, but little did I know she was doing the samething.It was kind of arkward thinking the thoughts I was thinking seeing that we in church, but my hormones were jumping off the charts.What was more twisted was that my girlfriend attended the same church as us.Though I wanted to talk to her I kept my cool and surpressed my hormones.That day I went home thinking about Kiesha and her killer body.The next day I went to school, I was very popular in school, I was known as the freshman basketball star.I was also known for having alot of jewelry and girls.Anyway, in school I was on my way to homeroom when to my surprised there was Kiesha about twenty feet away looking directly at me.I waved at her and she signaled me to come her way.As much as I wanted to I was already late for homeroom so I ignored her and went to class.I didn’t she her for the rest of that week but Sunday was right around the corner.This Sunday was not like any other Sunday.For some reason I felt this day was going to be different from all other Sundays.I never really like going to church but I was looking forward to seeing this girl again.And there she was, in a red dress that pressed against her every curve.For some reason church seemed to fly by on this particular day.After church God was with me, Kiesha’s grandmother was visiting another church and Kiesha needed a ride home.As fate would have it she only five minutes away from my house!On the way to dropping her home she suggested that we go by my house, I was so shocked that I stuttered okay for about a minute.When we got there my grandmother had already left for work, so we had the house all to ourselves.We started talking about relationships and somehow we got on the subject of the ideal person.My girlfriend was sexy, beautiful, and popular, but Kiesha was competition for any beautiful girl.About ten minutes into our conversation she told that she pictured me to be muscular and fit and she wanted to know of she was right.I was in pretty good shape so I wasted no time in taking off my shirt.But to my surprise she wanted to see more than just my chest.She came close and unbuckled my belt, dropping my pants down to the floor.At the same time I took the libetry to remove the straps of her dress from over her shoulders.Her figure was so perfect and her body was so soft that I got an erection immediately.Seeing that she pulled my boxers off and put her lucious lips on the tip of my eight inch erected dick.I almost melted as she began to grip my throbbing cock and suck it like it was a lolipop.About ten minutes of that I was ready to penetrate this perfect pussy which had been tempting me since we walk into my house.I led her from the family room to my bedroom.I laid her down on my bed and quickly stripped her thong from her waist.Before I even penetrated her she begged for me to give it to her.And who I am I to deny this babe what she wanted.I slowly started to push my cock in her warm-sweet pussy, as I stroked, she moaned and groaned louder and louder.Soon after that she commanded me to go faster and harder, so I did.I pounded her pussy like a hammer to a nail.About fifteen minutes after I couldn’t hold it any more, I was about to cum.I withdrawn my dick and to my suprised she spun around and began sucking me off begging to cum in her mouth.Moments later I did, one of the biggest loads I ever releashed in my life.Five minutes later she asked me to start pounding her again, this time she wanted me cum all over her stomach.There I was again beating her pussy out like a slave who stole something, and about ten minutes later I did it again.I spewed a large amount of sperm all over her stomach just like she had wante me to.After that we took a shower together still in a daze from the wonderful sex we just made.When we came out I Began getting dressed when asked a favor of me.Seeing how she had just given me the best hour and fifteen minutes of my life I accepted.To my surprise it wasn’t over, she asked me to penetrate her ass.I was a little disturbed at this because nobody had ever asked me to do that before.I told her I don’t know about that and that I had never done that before.She said not worry all I needed was some vaseline.So I got up, got the vaseline, and handed it to her. She popped it open and rubbed a small amount on my cock, then she took a smaller amount and placed it around and in her asshole.I rubbed against her and quickly my cock stood up like a soilder at attention.I took it slow since this had been my fisrt time ever doing something like this.It felt so good that I almost forgot what hole I was in and started to pound when she pushed her hand back and told me to ease up.After a while she gave me the que to lose control and so said so done.I was fucking the hell out of her ass as she screamed out in pleasure begging me to keep going.About ten minutes after I was ready to erupt again.She flip over on her back as I releashed all of my cum on her stomach.Then she got on her knees and started sucking every last drop of cum she could get from my dick.We were so exhausted that we fell asleep for two hours, before I dropped her home.Ever since that Sunday we’ve been meeting every Sunday fulfilling our needs and wants.Then I got one more surprise from Kiesha, her cousin Sasha wanted to join us, and Sasha looks even better than Kiesha.But thats another story.

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