Class Assistant 5th and 7th Period

5th period

Ms. Nova pulls out of my ass for a few seconds to right down on the board

“Everyone get naked and put your clothes in the pile at my desk”

After she wrote that she goes back to pounding my ass, as she is doing so one of the guys from the next class walks in early and sees us and me moaning and groan.

“Oh wow hey there Kelly,” he says and I recognize him, Ronny, an ex of mine whom I broke up with last year during winter formal.

He stands there and watches for a few seconds then sees the board and follows the instructions by taking off all his clothes putting them by the desk and without being told or asked he comes over by my face and shoves his long thick cock in my mouth forcing me to take nearly every inch of it.

“Oh someone is earning extra credit,” Ms. Nova smirks at him, before pulling away and grabbing a very large bucket and sets it on a chair, “When you cum do it in the bucket please.”

Sure enough, 5 minutes later both Ronny and Ms. Nova pull out of me and cum let loose big loads of cum into this large metal bucket. Ronny goes and takes a seat and Ms. Nova wraps her arms around me as more students walk in and follow instructions on the board. That is when I see him, Brett, the guy I wanted to fuck. What do I see walking in with him? Miranda, a Hispanic-American girl at his arm, and I wanted to kill her for taking him.

Ms. Nova sensing my anger whispers, “Who’s that?”

I whisper back, “Brett a guy I really wanted and his arm candy Miranda who is always out to take guys from me and Amber.”

Ms. Nova smirks and pulls away from me, as the entire class is in, Ms. Nova lied to me she said there would be less than the last class. I look over at Brett and I see Miranda giggling as she is toying with Brett’s giant cock. I almost wanted to jump over the desks and strangle her, but Ms. Nova smiles at me and then winks.

“Alright, class today we are going to have threesomes, with two guys fucking one girl, one in the mouth, and the other in the girl’s pussy,” Ms. Nova says as the guys all start to smile at this idea, some of the girls who are trying to hide themselves.

Miranda was already starting to pick out who was joining her and Brett, but Ms. Nova smirks at her and giggles.

“Miranda and Brett please come here, Ronny, you too, I also need another guy up here too,” Ms. Nova says petting my head.

All three, and another guy, Jason walk up to the front of the room and Ms. Nova grabs Miranda and bends her over the desk next to me and starts rubbing her ass

“Alright, Brett and Ronny you fuck Kelly and Jason you and I will fuck Miranda, the rest of you get going lets go now!” she barks before slamming her rock hard massive cock into Miranda’s pussy.

Ronny wastes no time and bends me over and shoves his cock back in my mouth and Brett slides his giant cock into my pussy and I almost exploded at the great feel of his cock in me.

“Almost when you cum do it in this bucket up here, and then go back to fuck your bitch,” Ms. Nova says, “we won’t stop fucking till class is over.”

The class went on fucking, every 10 minutes guys and girls running over cumming in the bucket; Miranda and I however were told not to cum at all which sucks because I need to cum really, really badly. Finally, with 10 minutes left in class Ms. Nova tells everyone to stop and Miranda and I were aimed at each other and she starts rubbing our pussies roughly forcing us to squirt massive loads of cum on each other.

“You wash that off today and I will find you and whip your ass so hard you’ll never walk again for the rest of your life,” Ms. Nova says to Miranda.

Ms. Nova gives out the same homework to everyone as they leave all limping a bit. I lay there soaked in Miranda’s cum wanting this day to be over with already. I look over at the bucket seeing it half full of cum.

“Alright, Kelly, you can rest for now because there is no class next period so have fun,” Ms. Nova says walking out of the classroom naked.

I lay there on the desk and I see someone walk into the class. I look up to see who it was and it’s Amber, still naked. She walks over to me seeing me covered in cum.

“You look completely used Kelly,” she says sitting next to me on the desk.

“Yea I am, my pussy, my ass, my mouth is sore,” I whimper, ” but I got to be fucked by Brett.”

Amber squeals “Awesome, Miranda had to hate that.”

“Yea, Nova, and Jason fucked her good, and that nice coat of cum on her, is mine.” I laugh.

She giggles, “Oh that’s cool, I was about to head home since I am done with classes.”

Just as she says that, Ms. Nova walks in and walks over to us and kisses us both. Then she looks at Amber.

“Oh you can’t go anywhere Amber, you need to help me and Kelly with the last class,” she says walking into her office locking the door behind her.

“Huh, she wants me to be fucked in class again?” Amber asks “My ass is still sore from Kevin who just won’t stop fucking it though.”

Ten minutes later, Ms. Nova comes out smiling as she is carrying a large device under a cloth, “You’ll love this baby Kelly,” she says rubbing her cock some.

7th period.

A few minutes later some girls walk in and then another set of triplet girls, Haley, Wanda, and Malina, all three smile at the site of Amber and I naked. Although they were a bit slow in getting their clothes off and I see why. All three of them have cocks like Ms. Nova’s. They are not as big but they are still pretty big cocks. I look at the class and notice all 20 students are females, including the three shemales. Ms. Nova sees the three shemales and smiles.

“Alright, here is what is going to happen class,” Nova says putting this giant device and takes the cloth off and there is a 22 inch long 10 inch thick dildo attached to a black box, “Kelly here is going to get fucked by this machine, and you girls are going to shove your pussies in her face and she will lick them good.”

All the girls start rubbing their pussies in excitement.

“What about us Ms. Nova?” Melina asks.

“Oh you and your sisters will fuck Amber in her mouth, pussy and ass until you girls cum enough to finish filling this bucket and this bucket” Ms. Nova says pulling out another large bucket.

She then comes over to me and with the help of the shemale triplets pick me up and slide me down on the dildo.

“Ahhh no, no stop, “I moan as I feel my pussy expand beyond what it was ever been before and I almost fit it all in me.

The girls start lining up and shove their pussies in my face and I start licking their pussies, I then hear Amber start to moan and groan as the triplets shove their cocks in her body. I then hear Ms. Nova flip switches and the massive dildo in me starts moving up and down making me ride it and also it starts to vibrate.

I go to moan loudly but one of the girls shoves my mouth in her pussy. 15 minutes into this and the girls have all came on me, and in the first bucket filling it up and working on the second one. One of the girls even made sure I was not going to cum by attaching a clothespin to my clit. I then feel the familiar pain of Ms. Nova shoving her massive cock in my ass as a machine and my teacher are now fucking me. Finally, the girls fill up both buckets and all the girls lined up by my pussy, also forcing Amber in front too, as the machine’s vibration is turned to full blast to get me to cum a lot but I can’t because of the clothespin on me.

“Oh, I forgot to take that off,” a girl says taking off the pin and as soon as she does that I shower the girls in my cum, soaking Amber in it.

The girls are about to leave when Ms. Nova pulls Amber’s soaking wet body up on the desk and sets the two buckets of cum next to me.

“Now class lets watch Kelly drink these two large buckets of cum,” Ms. Nova smiles before shoving her big cock in Amber’s mouth.

“Drink it bitch!” one of the girls yells at me slapping my tits very hard, “or we are going to keep slapping these tits till you do so.” They start slapping my tits.

“Alright stop it!” I squeal in pain,” I’ll drink.”

I grab the first bucket and start to drink it even though it was really, really nasty. I finish it off and Haley hands me a different larger bucket filled with water.

“This is a bucket of ass water from all three of us, we gave each other enemas before class,” she laughs.

“Drink my ass water bitch.” Wanda says.

I take it and drink then I go right for the newer cum bucket and I hear Ms. Nova moan as she cums a huge load in Amber’s mouth.

I finish it off after spilling some on my body.

The girls now leave and I lay on the desk panting coughing up some of the cum on myself. Ms. Nova takes Amber and lays her soaked body on top of my soaked body.

“I got to go,” Ms. Nova says taking all the clothes from the day and leaves in a hurry.

“Well lets get going then Amber,” I say as we hold each other for a minute.

-How hot are you? How many times have you masturbated so far? Tell me how you feel about the story and I am taking suggestions for the next adventure for Ms. Kelly,

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