Class Assistant Period 1

My name is Kelly. I am high school senior at Tulip High outside of Daytona Beach, Florida. I am 5’8 145lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, and very real 34C breasts. I just got into Senior Health class sitting next to my best friend Amber. Once everyone got into class we all started talking about the new teacher since the other one was fired for smoking weed in class. 15 minutes later she walks in and wow. About 6′ tall, red hair, brown eyes and what looks like 35 B breasts. She also looks to be about 25-29 years old.

“Hello class, my name is Ms. Nova.”

“Hi Ms. Nova” we all said like drones because we were shocked at how young she looks.

“I plan on using some very real world examples and situations in this class, so you won’t get a bunch of bull shit” she says with a smile towards my direction but I wasn’t paying attention.

She starts talking on a lesson about sex and I turn to talk to Amber like I always do in the class.

“So yea my parents won’t let me see Brett anymore,” I say disgusted.

“Oh that sucks, I heard he has a real nice cock,” Amber says with a smile.

“Oh man I would love to have that thing inside me,” I say softly to her.

While I am talking Ms. Nova had been listening while teaching. I think class you are ready for a demonstration. The class looks around at each other confused. I look around also because I heard that wondering what she is talking about.

“Everyone in this class is over 18 so the school does not really care,” she looks around smiling licking her lips slowly, ” So who wants to help out?”

All the guys raise their hand thinking they were going to fuck one of us girls or even the teacher. Ms. Nova shakes her head.

“I am just kidding, I will pick,” she smirks and looks at the attendence list, “Kelly please come up to the front of the room.”

I look shocked at her, “Me?” I ask shocked.

“Yes dear come on up,” she smirks.

I stand up and make my way up the front of the room, as I am walking up Ms. Nova instructs the people in the front row to move to other seats. I get to the front and I can feel her eyes scan over my body.

“Okay, Kelly since I know you are one of the ones struggling to get the good grades, if you agree to help out with this and this will last through the other senior classes also” she says with a friendly smile.

I thought about it for a minute since there are 7 periods in the school day and all but two of them have senior health classes because of our size.

“Yea sure no problem I will help if it brings my grade up from the D- I have in this class.” I say unaware of what I was getting into

She laughs a little bit, “Perfect, now take off all of your clothes.”

The whole room gasps and looks at me and at her, shocked at what she said.

“Excuse me what did you say?” I ask shocked again.

“I said take off all your clothes, if you don’t want the bonus points then go back to your seat and I will get someone else,” she says as she look at the class list.

I take a deep breath and nod my head as I slowly take off my blue short shorts and pink tank top just in a red bra and thong.

“Cute thong, now come on bra and thong too,” she says as I can see the boys in the room lick their lips and some rub their pants, Amber sitting in the back giggling.

I take off my bra and thong and I put them with my clothes on the long desk in the front row, but Ms. Nova comes over and takes all my clothes and puts them on her desk. She smiles at me.

“Alright class, today Kelly will so you how to be a good girl when it comes to pleasing a cock,” she says with a smile as I stand there my hands covering my baby smooth pussy.

She comes over and moves my hands away from my pussy and shakes her head. The guys start raising their hands licking their lips.

“Ms. Nova Ms. Nova, I want to help,” the guys start asking.

“Enough, none of you are,” she barks at them.

Then she takes off her dress and she is not wearing anything under it and all the class and I see is this 8 inch long 4 inch thick cock hanging between her legs, and its not a strap on, it is a real cock, and it is slightly sticking up. All the guys instantly put there hands down and everyone is silent and just staring at her cock.

“First thing first, Kelly show the class how to suck a cock,” she says looking at me, “Unless you’d rather fail and have to retake your senior year?”

I take a deep breath and I get on my knees and I lean my head in and slide the head of her cock into my mouth and start to suck on it.

“Come on suck my cock,” she growls as she puts her hand on the back of my head and forces her cock deeper into my mouth.

I start gagging a bit as the big cock enters my mouth and Ms. Nova starts to moan a bit.

My friend Amber is laughing a bit and grabs her phone to text, but Ms. Nova sees her.

“Amber bring me your phone now,” she demands moaning a little bit.

Amber gets up and goes over and hands her phone to her, my eyes widen as I gag a bit more as I feel her cock nearly double in size becoming fully erect.

“Good, now a rule in my class, girls,” she says looking at me, Amber then the rest of the girls in class, “If you break a class or school rule in here, you must strip naked and let the boys in the class touch you where ever and how long they want, so Amber strip, now.”

Amber strips not wanting to get in trouble. Her body like mine is amazing, but her breasts are nearly all natural double Es, also her skin unlike my tan, is naturally tan since she is of Hawaiian decent.

“Nice body, slut” Ms. Nova says, “Go back your seat and enjoy being touched all over. Kelly get up and lay on the desk.”

Amber goes back to her seat where a few guys start to play and suck on her breasts. I slide Ms. Nova’s massive cock out of my mouth and I lay on the desk wondering what she is going to do next as I can hear Amber start to tell the guys about biting.

“They are allowed to whatever they want to you Amber so shut up, “Nova yells at her, “So now Kelly will show you how her pussy can take a big cock.

I gulp as I lay there and she spreads my legs and slowly pushes her massive cock into my pussy, “Ohhh ohhhhh god, no no,”I moan as she pushes every inch of her cock into my pussy and starts to fuck me, my pussy stretching out to fit her cock.

“Ohhh yees her pussy feels nice and wet, oh yea class get closer for a better look,” Ms. Nova says as the boys move fast, the girls do too because they don’t want to be like Amber. One of the guys sits by my head and I can see him smiling at me.

I close my eyes as I can’t help but moan and the pain went away and I started to enjoy as the moans of pain turned to pleasure, “Ohhh ohhhh ohhh yea yea ohhh god.”

Amber moves to the front of the class and Ms. Nova see her as she plows her cock into me. She reaches over pulls Amber to her and kisses her deeply with tongue and then looks at the guy sitting by my head.

“What is your name boy?” she asks him grunting and moaning as she continues to pound my pussy.

“My name is Kevin,” he says looking at her.

“Kevin get naked, on the desk behind you and fuck Amber’s ass, “she says pushing Amber towards Kevin who couldn’t get his clothes off fast enough and the class sees his large cock.

Amber not wanting anymore trouble gets on the desk so she can ride Kevin’s ass with her ass.

“Ohhh yeeees ohhh god I’m going to cum,” I moan loudly.

“No your not bitch!” Nova slaps my face, “Hold it in. Hey you twins, ” she says looking at Lisa and Sally who are Irish-American twins, “Strip naked and lick Amber’s pussy.”

The two girls nod their heads and strip and go over and start licking Amber’s pussy as her ass is being fucked by Kevin.

“Please Ms. Nova I am sorry for texting” Amber moans pleading for this to stop even though she didn’t mind the double pussy licking.

“No shut up whore!” Ms. Nova moans as she reaches down and grabs my breasts roughly, “Oh yes, yes, yea take my cock you whore, take it like you take a guy’s cock all the time. Oh guys and girls feel free to masturbate just when you have to cum, make sure you do that on Kelly please.”

I look at her as I struggle to hold myself from exploding all over her since when I cum I squirt massive loads. The next thing I know Ms. Nova slams into me one more time unleashing a ton of cum into my pussy, then spins me around and starts rubbing my pussy and puts her cock up to my mouth soaked in my pussy.

“Clean up whore, ” she growls shoving her cock in my mouth as she starts fucking my pussy with her fingers.

I lay there gagging on her cock as I feel it get hard in my mouth again as I am on the brink of not being able to hold it in anymore.

During this I feel as some the guys cum on my stomach and breasts and I feel as some of the girls rub their pussies on my breasts and body and I feel their cum seep on me.

“Oh class I am soooo proud of you, and she is getting close to cumming big time,” Ms. Nova moans.

Just a few seconds after those words I squint my eyes as I let loose a massive amount of cum squirting hard and fast of out it all landing on Amber who was just laying there now after getting fucked so hard. I lay there, my legs shaking from the orgasm as I feel another cock in my pussy and its Kevin’s and he cums inside me and then as I suck on Nova’s cock she cums in my mouth, she holds my mouth shut after pulling out.

“Swallow every drop, bitch” she demands then looks at the class all with smiles on their faces, Amber reaching for her clothes, “Homework that is for next Monday, walk around school, town, home, work, etc., naked and let anyone who wants to fuck you, fuck you regardless who it is. Then tomorrow maybe Kelly will show us how to lick pussy.”

Amber grabs her book bag as everyone who was not already naked strip naked and hand their clothes to Ms. Nova and then leave the class.

“Kelly this will be a good time.” She smirks walking away putting everyone’s clothes with mine.

I look at her as I sit up on the desk, “I don’t know if I can do this all day Ms. Nova.”

“Oh you will do it all day Kelly,” she says grabbing my throat just as the next class starts to walk in, this class has only two girls in it, all the rest of the 13 students are boys.

-To be continued, I hope you enjoy this first installment of what will be a long story, so grab that lube boys, or ladies grab your favorite toy and get the energizer batteries this will be a good ride.-

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