Class Assistant Periods 2 and 4

2nd period

The entire class comes in and they all stare at Ms. Nova and I there in the front, naked still. All the guys smile and start talking about their naked classmates walking the hall and the two girls talked to each other about how Amber was covered in a smelly fluid. Little did they know that was my cum all over Amber.

“Class my name is Ms. Nova, I will teach you all you need to know about sex and Kelly here is my assistant, now to avoid any trouble and confusion, everyone please get naked,” Ms. Nova says.

Without missing a beat all the boys get naked, the two girls did not even move and sat their in protest. The boys started walking towards me rubbing their long thick cocks.

“I only need two of you boys up here, the others, get those clothes off the two whores,” Ms. Nova instructs them.

Two of the boys stay up with Ms. Nova as the others go over to the girls, and tear their clothes off and move the girls closer to the front.

“Alright girls you are going to learn how to take three cocks at the same time,” Ms. Nova says smirking, as her massive cock becomes rock hard again.

“What?” Amanda one of the girls says covering herself up as the other girl, Nina does the same.

“Oh yes you will do it or you will fail this class, “Ms. Nova says, “First watch us. Ted, Mike and I will show you how.

Ms. Nova pulls me off the desk as she instructs Mike to lay on the desk. She then grabs my arm, “Now sit on his cock, and make sure it goes in your ass all the way”

I nod but freeze in doing so, but she spins me around and makes me sit on his cock as I feel his big thick cock enter my ass.

“Oooowwww, so thick oh my ass,” I groan as I am forced to lay back on Mike, just as Ted is instructed to pound my pussy which he gets right at it, “Ohhh ohhh ohhh stop ohhhh fuck.”

“Now come on class get to it,” Nova demands as the remaining guys grab the girls and do what is going on with me.

Ms. Nova then moves over my face, grabs my head and forces her cock in my mouth as the class is in one big group sex with the only sounds were moans coming from the teacher and the guys.

“Ms. Nova are we allowed to cum in these whores?” the guy fucking Nina’s tight black ass.

“Yes, but don’t get cozy afterwards, because I want all you guys fucking all three holes,” she moans fucking the back of my throat, ” Once all three have came, if you fucked her mouth you go to her pussy, if you fucked her ass go to her mouth and pussy fuckers go ass”

After 25 minutes after a switch it was time for the final fuck, as the guys and Ms. Nova are shifting around I look over at Amanda and see her tan body lay there sore and limp, Nina’s body the same. I feel myself get lifted up after Mike shoves his cock in my pussy and Ted’s in my mouth. I feel my ass expand and I feel a sharp pain as Ms. Nova fucks my ass hard.

I try to moan but all I can do is just have my throat fucked by Ted. After 20 minutes all the guys and Ms. Nova all cum in us, but us girls were not allowed to cum.

” Aim those two towards Kelly and get them to cum hard,” Ms. Nova says as she starts rubbing my pussy after aiming me towards Amanda and Nina.

5 minutes later I cum hard and even more cum than earlier and it all goes on Nina and Amanda. My body quivering from this orgasm, Amanda and Nina both squirt huge loads of cum all over me.

Ms. Nova sits up on the desk kisses Ted and makes me suck her cock that was just in my ass as she talks to the class,” Alright good lesson today, homework for Monday, go the rest of today and the weekend naked everywhere you go and if someone wants to fuck you, you let them.”

The guys hand her all their clothes and even the two girls’ clothes also carrying them out. I am laying on the desk deep throating Ms. Nova’s cock.

“You must be tired, good thing you’ve got a period to rest and use the bathroom,” she says hold me to her cock as she cums down my throat.

I try to stand up but fall to the floor, as I am too limp to walk as I walk to the teacher’s bathroom in her office, cum pouring out of my pussy and ass.

An hour later since it took what seemed like forever to crawl to the bathroom and limp back to class I see the next class and there are only 9 people in the class, all girls…

4th period

3rd period was a free period so I was able to rest a wee bit .When I saw the girls already all of them naked, seeing most of them are the girls that have their nipples pierced and have tattoos. I look and see Ms. Nova telling them all the rules. She looks over at me and smiles.

“Class this is my assistant, you may know her, come on out Kelly.” She says motioning me to come out from the office.

I walk out slowly limping a bit and I see the girls lick their lips and some giggle.

“Oh my isn’t karma a bitch huh Kelly?” one of the girls says and I look and its Wendy a girl Amber and I have always picked on for the way she dresses.

“Now girls since Kelly’s pussy is still sore from the brutal fuckings she has received, we will focus on dominations like spanking and enemas,” Ms. Nova says licking her lips as she pushes me to get on the desk. “On your hands and knees.”

I get on my hands and knees, my ass towards the girls. I look and I see Ms. Nova bring out a lot of tubes connected to these large red bags, and also leather straps and passes them out.

“Alright go fill up the enema bags, make sure to use a ton of soap and very hot water,” Ms. Nova says and the girls head into the bathroom and start filling them up.

“What is going to happen, what is an enema?” I ask looking at Ms. Nova curiously.

She just looks at me and smirks leaning down and kisses me softly sliding her tounge into my mouth pinching my nipples as the girls start to return now carrying the bags in their arms as they have been made huge from the water.

“Oh Ms. Nova this will be fun I’ve only done small ones to myself,” one of the girls says excited.

“Oh yes Virginia it will be trust me” Ms. Nova says as all girls come back cradling their massive bags filled with water.

The next thing I know I feel this slimy stuff being rub all over my asshole and in my ass. I jump at the feeling because it was cold. Then I hear the sound of chairs moving around me, the girls standing on them and then Ms. Nova places her hand above my ass and I feel her insert a tube, pushing about a foot into me, then she inserts the other tubes the same way.

Since thick cocks fucked my ass earlier I didn’t mind the tubes in my ass till I hear Wendy laugh and say, “This is pay back whore I am going to make you feel fat!”

The next thing I know I feel this rush of very hot water enter my bowels, but I can’t move because Ms. Nova is holding me still in place. I start to cry as I feel my body start to expand my stomach and hips start to inflate like a balloon. Finally, after 5 minutes of the water entering me, the tubes get pulled out and I feel a large object be shoved into my ass.

“There this ass giant ass plug will keep that all in you,” Wendy says laughing at how I look, “now who is the one who looks like a fucking bitch?”

“Awww she looks so cute,” Rachel says” she reminds me of what my sister looked like when she had her quadruplets.” All the girls even Ms. Nova laughs.

Ms. Nova rolls a medium sized mirror in front of me and I see myself, and Rachel was right, I look like I am pregnant with quadruplets. I felt my stomach cramping up like it wanted to shoot the water out, but that wasn’t the worst pain yet. I then feel someone bring down a leather strap across my ass, I felt the burning but I went to scream and Ms. Nova puts a gag ball in my mouth.

“Yea take that bitch, yea fuck you love your ass being beat don’t you?” the girls start chanting.

I then hear the sounds not only of my ass being swat, but the sound of loud vibrations and moans, and what I didn’t know was that Ms. Nova gave them vibrators to fuck themselves with. The moans get louder and the next thing I know I have pussy shoved in my face as one of the girls explodes on face covering my face in cum. Then one after the other each girl keeps coating my face in a fresh layer of cum, but as they do so they shove their vibrators against my pussy.

“Yea she is getting close to cumming I want her to drink her own cum Ms. Nova can she?” Wendy asks like a schoolgirl after she coats my face in her cum taking off my gag ball.

“Yes you may and we will also make her drink all the water in her,” Ms. Nova says putting a very large margarita glass by my ass taking the plug out of my ass and all the girls squeeze the water out of my ass every drop makes it in the glass.

Then Wendy takes another glass of the same size and next thing I know I am cumming as much as earlier filling up the glass.

Wendy turns me around forcing me on my red sore ass, “Bitch drink this every drop of it,” she growls.

“Yea this too bitch,” Ms. Nova says handing me the glass with the ass water in it.

I look at all of them and Wendy takes the straps and slaps her hand with them.

“I will beat your ass so hard you will never sit again,” Wendy threatens.

I sigh as I take the ass water to my mouth and start to sip it almost gagging from the taste, but some how I manage to drink every drop of the 30 gallons of ass water.

“Oh god that was just nasty,” I cough, forgetting about the giant glass filled to the brim with my cum.

“Oh no, now you got your cum to drink bitch!” Wendy says reaching over and pinch and twist my nipples very hard causing me to yelp.

I sigh and start to sip my cum almost throwing up but the girls hold me in place forcing me to chug my own cum. Finally, I finish the glass just as class ends and Ms. Nova gives them the same homework as the other classes.

I sit there on the desk trying to catch my breath when Ms. Nova grabs my hips and slams her massive cock in my ass.

“Oh Kelly we have yes I love this ass of yours,” Ms. Nova moans “Oh yea. We have 3 more classes to go, you are almost done.” She says as she continues to pound my ass.

“Ohhh ohhh please no more ass fucking,” I moan as my ass is still in pain.

She reaches back and slaps my ass very hard it leaves a handprint on my ass.

“Shut up bitch the next class will be in soon, but it’s a smaller class though,” she says kinda funny.

-I hope your comfortable because this story is not even close to being over feel free to email me at anytime to express your comments and excitement about this. I am also taking suggestions for my next set of stories Ms. Kelly must endure.-

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