class reunion

Unlike a lot of people I was looking forward to my high school reunion. I hadn’t had the best ten years on record but I was doing pretty good, ran my own graphic design company and had not much weight gain. So I was looking forward to seeing some of the people I used to hang with a lot of which I lost track of since I had not been back since my sophomore year of college because my parents moved away after that so I never has an occasion to come back. I was talking with my old team mate from the soccer team when she walked in. Sasha my senior year girlfriend. Back then she was average height with strawberry blonde hair and sexy emerald green eyes. She wasn’t fat but not skinny either about normal I guess, but her tits were huge (c cups in grade nine!) It always drove me crazy I never got anywhere with her even after dating for a month. I got frustrated and dumped her for Sheila Green the school sex doll. She was different in some ways now her hair was dark auburn with streaks of that strawberry blond, and she put on a fair bit of weight, she wasn’t huge, but definably voluptuous. But those eyes were still green shiny diamonds, even if she looked a little large she still had a sexiness about her.
I finished talking to the soccer guard and walked over to her sitting by herself waiting for her old friend to come back with the drinks.
“Sasha” I said approaching her with my arms open.
“Sammy is that you?!” she said standing up delighted to see me.
“the one and only baby, how are you?”
“oh not bad, surviving, you?”
“not bad, what happened since we were in high school?” I asked actually curious since she had such potential in high school. She was on the honor roll and everything.
“well I went to University, got a degree in Law and am now in private practice here in town. Got married twice in the last ten years, no kids a nice house but no decent personal life to fill it with so I spend most of my time at the office and in court for both professional and personal reasons.” she stood up and hugged me “in fact the only relationship I kept is with food”
“well Sash ya still look good to me those eyes still shine like diamonds in the sun. Your still a sex pot.”
“thanks what about you Sam?”
“well lets see have my own business doing graphic design and layouts for large companies, live alone in a loft in a big building in Toronto, since keeping the business on track leaves no time for a social life. But I quit drinking, and am now a vegetarian.”
“wow that’s great”
Would you like to dance Sash?”
“sure would” we started dancing and did not stop for hours we danced and grinded and held each other close during the low numbers.
“Sam I have to ask you something” she said as we danced slow.
“sure go ahead” I said knowing what was coming.
“why did you dump me, other than you wanted sex?”
I had to think for a minute “because I was intimidated”
“how so”
“you were smarted and more talented than me, and I knew you deserved better”
She smile and put her arms around my shoulder. “that’s very sweet ad noble of you Sammy, too bad though”
“I guess but we both went on to better things I think”
“no I mean I really wanted to fuck you, and was about to stop playing hard to get, but you went for the school hutchie instead. You missed your chance to pop my cherry”
“my loss I guess, still would not have changed things though, we aren’t meant for each other”
“no but I think we should find out what the sex could have been”
We spent the next hour in a dark hallway making out and starting some very heavy petting. I was still sober and she had half a buzz on, when she whispered, take me to your hotel and do me raw stud
So I did we weren’t in the door when she was tearing my clothes off, and I hers.
“I have wanted you since ninth grade Sasha”
“shut up and use those lips for pleasing me!”
I lost it and became primal she already had me naked and licking my cock. So I threw her on the bed and tore open her blouse and rolled her over and undid her skirt and tore it and her panties off leaving her in black silk stockings. I pulled off her top and undid her bra, then I spun her back on her back and kissed my way down to her pussy which was trim and neat in a rectangle shape. I looked up and she nodded her approval as I started licking her hard and fast.
“oh fuck yeah! Right th ahhhhh yeah yes oh yeah!” she was moaning like wind over and aerial.
I peered up once in a while, she is the largest woman I have been wit but its very hot to watched her writhe and move its so sexy I needed in her immediately.
I I knelt in front of her and began rubbing my cock on her slit is was wet and engorged and ready for the main event.
“on your back Sam I am going to ride you!” I did as she asked and laid on my back in the middle of the bed. She climbed on top and slid onto my seven inches hungrily. She ran her hands through her hair as she slowly ground her hips on me. I grabbed her ass as she moved it and slowly worked up to her big tits just hanging there needing to be felt and nipples I made hard as rocks as I rubbed them with my thumbs. Her hands finally dropped to her side as she arched her back and braced herself.
“I’m coming oh god, its going to beeee hue uge” she gripped the sheets and pulled up the corners as she spasm in orgasm. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen, and it caused me to lose it and I came long and hard inside her. After a minute or so she looked down at me smiled and laid forward beside me and we both fell asleep.
I awoke in the morning alone but the shower was running. I went in and pulled back the curtain and there she was hosing the fornication of last night off.
“not so fast there sexy” I said standing behind her and putting my arms around her waist and drawing her close so she could feel my morning wood in her ass crack.
“you are insatiable Sam aren’t you?” she smiled as I leaned her forward with her hands on the wall and dropped to my knees and put my hands on her ass and spread her cheeks. Water ran down her body as I proceeded to rim her while using one hand to rub her clit, and eventually putting 2 hands in her pussy, and just like old faithful she erupted and I lapped up all the honey. I stood back up and put one of her feet on the edge of the tub. I entered her from behind again and she worked my cock like a pro. I reached around and copped another feel of those huge tits, we slowly ended up n the tub with her in the reverse cowgirl and I came even harder then I did the night before.
We got dressed I checked out she took me to breakfast and we went our separate ways.

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