college rocks!

my roomate mariah and i (eliza) are very commited to our education in nuring you might say the human body is our specialty!!

we met on the first day of our second year over the summer the college we go to changes the rooms we are in so we metwhen we were packing our stuff into our room we were both straight untill the third week i was in bed masturbating when my roomate poped out of the shower saying she forgot her towel so she ran her beautifly contoured body to our clset to grab one i guees she couldnt help bu notice my hand had been down my pantiesand my pussy was soakedshe came over and i asked her what the hell she was doing she said it was obvious i neede some company so she came over and asked me if i had ever had lesbian sex before i admitted i haddent and she admitted she hadnt either so she said she so thouroughly enjoyed experments that she thought this was as good a time as any so she pulled down my panties and asked me if she could lick my tight snatchi wasnt prepared for any thing like this so i said yes so she thrust her tounge in to my already wet pussy and flicked back and forth then she pulled out and aske dif i could return the favor i said yes because she obviously couldnt even pretend she didnt hear my moans for more so she flipped over 69 style and started licking agin and we both cummed far into the night since then i havent been able to wait to get back to our room after class and drop my wet snatch on her trembling lips!

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