College Sex Drive

This is the story, of how two teenagers lost their virginity at the age of 19. Enjoy.
All is fiction. The names, the name of the collage, everything else.
Maddy’s P.O.V (Point of View)
I was runinng late for science. The science class was downstairs, and I had fallen down the steps.
I opened the door quietly, but the teacher gave me the dirtest look I had ever seen. ‘And where have you been?’ she snapped. “Uh, the bathroom?” I whispered. “Whatever. Take your seat.”
I sat next to my friend Tyler. All of a sudden, a note was passed to me.
It read: “Hey Maddy. Guess what? We have to listen the the damn teacher talk about sex and puberty. How fun. -Tyler.”
I smiled. He could be such a funny guy. In return, I wrote: “How fun! Lets see what she talks about. -Maddy.” As I passed the note, and watched him read it carefully, he looked at me and smiled. He was so cute! Wait- What am I thinking? Hes my best friend!
“Today, class, we learn about boys. Girls is tomarrow. Now lets start. Oh, and if I have an gigglers, I’LL SEE YOU AFTER CLASS.
A recent study shows, boys around the ages 9-21 masterbate. This is o- LISA! AFTER CLASS! As I was saying, this is normal. Nothing wrong, Blag blah blah blag blah……….”
I looked over at Tyler. He looked relived. I got out a sheet of paper, and wrote.
Me:Is it true? Tyler:Is what true? Me: Do boys masterbate? Tell me the truth..Im your friend! Tyler: Yes. I guess. Me: Do you? Tyler: Yeah… Me: :) Ok. Tyler: Yup. Me: Wanna go to my dorm after all the classes? Tyler: Why? Me: Because I get lonley.. Tyler: Ok :)
By the time we finshed, science was over. 2 more classes left. I thought about what Tyler said. He masterbates? To who? Why? I have to ask him! I looked over at him. He wasn’t paying attention to what the professer was saying. Neither was me. He looked so cute with long brown hair, and pretty brown eyes.
Before I could drool over him more, the bell rang. Time to go! I ran, got things,put them in my bag, and ran up to Tyler. He smiled. “Are you that lonley?” “Hell yeah! Hurry, I want to go!” I grabbed his hand, and ran out the door. We started walking to my dorm.
I noticed I was still holding his hand. But, I was gonna let him notice, and see if he wants to hold my hand the rest of the way. Instead, he blushed and gripped my hand tighter. He let go, to fix his hair, but then grabbed my hand again. I was in pure heaven.
We walked up to my dorm. I got my key out, to open the door. We walked inside. “Where’s Cindy?” He asked. “She asked to move to another dorm..” I replied. He followed me to my bed and plumped himself on it. I sat down too. “So, uh, I guess you want to talk about what I said in science? Tyler said shyly. “If you want to, yeah.” I smiled.
“Okay. Ask me anything.” “Who do you masterbate to?… Honestly.” He looked away. “Honestly? ……..You….” “ME?! Why?”
“Because I like you. No, I love you. Your sexy, and I can’t handle myself around you. You turn me on.”
“If you said something, I woul-” I was cut off by his sudden kiss.
I kissed back. My first kiss. He pulled back. “Im so sorry!” He blushed. He started to stand up. I pulled him down. “Shh…” I kissed him again. We kissed for about 5 minutes, untill he slipped his tongue in my mouth. It was AMAZING. I slowly reached my hand over to his crotch, and felt around. There was a buldge. I rubbed the area. He got up, and layed me up on the bed. “What are you doing?” I asked. “Do you love me?”
I did love him. When I told him, he smiled. He lifed up my shirt. “Do you want to…?” He looked so innocent. “Go ahead.” I smiled. I was already soaking wet. He took all my clothes off. He kissed my mouth, neck, chest, and finally got to my breasts. He licked my nipples and chewed on them. I moaned. He started up again. He kissed my tummy, hips, and thighs. He make it to my soaking pussy, he carefully kissed it. He started up licking and lifted up his hand and slipped a finger in. I moaned so loudly, He looked up and gave me a evin grin. He went faster with his finger. Untill I pretty much screamed with pleasure. “Why did you stop?” I asked. “Are you on the pill” He asked. “Yeah.”
“Good.” He opened my legs more apart, and took off his pants. His organ stuck out. I was amazed how big it was. 8 or 9 inches? It was HUGE.
He teased my entrance, and finally pushed in. “Damn your tight!” He said. “Well, your my first.” I said.
“Pump it. Go on Tyler, PUMP IT!”
He dug his face in my shoulder and pumped so fast.
Suddently, I felt my vagina tighten. My spine tingled. “Im cumming..I-Im cum-ming.” I felt a warm release. It felt amazing.
Tyler pulled out. I sat up, and grabbed his penis. “Do you know how to suck?” He asked. I shook my head. “Okay. Use your lips, and tongue. Try not to get your teeth in the way.” “How do you know this stuff?” I asked in amazment. “Google.” He said cocky. I giggled and kissed the head of his member. I licked it, then put it in my mouth, trying not to use my teeth.
He moaned loudly. “Mmmmmm” I kept this up, untill he cummed in my mouth. I swollowed.
I layed next to him. We were out of breath. I cuddled with him. “I love you Tyler.” “I love you Maddy.”
We took a nap for hours. Naked. When I woke up, his warm penis was rubbing against my leg. Still as hard as a rock. He woke up too. “Wanna go for a second time?” “Hell yeah!” I giggled.
“Lets do doggie style.” He instruted me to be on my hands and knees. “Ready?” he asked. “I barley done anything, and your wet.” He said as he felt my pussy. “Its because you turn me on. And besides, your still hard.” I said. He just laughed and got ready to stick his member inside me.
It did feel good a second time. But this time, I fainted from pleasure. It lasted like 30 seconds, but I woke up to his thrusting. That warm tingling feeling was up my spine. I was ready to cum. “I think I-I-Im Cum-m-ming.” I said as I cummed. That didn’t stop him.
He picked up speed. It somewhat hurt, but felt so good. Finally, I heard him moan, through my moans, and he cummed in me. It felt nice. Warm sperm driping from my pussy. How nice. We cleaned up, and got dressed.
We both argreed to be a couple, and try to do this everyday. Or atleast try. Untill next time. I love Harley College.
Authors Note:
This story is fiction. It is made up.. Stay tuned for Tyler’s P.O.V. Oh, and people, I hope you enjoyed.

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