She had just gotten home and changed when she heard the moaning. It seemed to be coming from the stairwell outside her dorm room. She went to check it out wearing only her sheer white babydoll nightie. When she got there she was shocked to find a young man about her own age, lying prone on the landing. She went to see if he was ok and she saw he was in great pain. She helped him to her room when he couldn’t walk. He was finally looking a little less pale so she asked him if he felt well enough to talk. He grunted a yes and proceeded to explain why he was in a girls only dorm after dark and how he came to be hurt.
He had walked his girlfriend back to her floor where after kissing her he told her it was over. She then in turn deemed it necessary to knee him in the balls and push him down the stairs.
After getting his explanation she studied his face and decided to sleep with him to make his day better. She told him he was lucky she found him since she was training to become a registered nurse. She told him to strip down and lay on her bed while she went to get some supplies.
She came back and was shocked. She caught her sigh of pleasure before it escaped and went to work checking his ribs to see if any were broken. He had a few bruised ribs and she chose to wrap them just to get closer to him. She felt him stiffen and inhale sharply when her nipples brushed his abdomen. She was so glad she had come home late. She wanted to amend any damage that bitch had done to him when she kneed him. She went through her things and came up with a bottle of baby oil. She gave him an angelic/ innocent smile and slid lower down his body. There wasn’t much bruising there but she looked up at him and asked him if he wanted her to kiss it and make it better. All he could do was nod. She held him in her hands and gently kissed his head.
She then proceeded to kiss the length of him. She loved how he got harder under her ministrations. She decided to draw this out a little further so she swallowed him whole letting her throat muscles work him as she swallowed. He was moaning again, but I highly doubt he was in any pain whatsoever.
She drew away from him and then poured some baby oil into her hand. She slowly started to caress him and when she thought he was ready she walked back to her ‘supplies’ and got a condom. She looked at him for permission and he nodded again. She rolled in down and then she pulled the nightie up over her head. She was now just as naked as he was. Skin to skin. She straddled him and leaned forward to kiss him while his cock brushed against her most sensitive areas. She guided him in and sat back on her heels. She didn’t move. He kept trying to buck his hips but she told him to stop and relax.
As soon as he relaxed he felt what seemed like something was massaging him inside her.
She was just sitting there and he was already close to cumming. Soon the massage was a fast pulse moving up and down his cock. He felt her tightening up her whole body and then they both came in a cataclysmic climax. The wave of pleasure rolling over them was like a tsunami to their senses.
Needless to say he stayed for a little more than the night.

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