Dancer Fucks Up only to Get Fucked

“Brie! What the hell was that out there tonight?” coach said as she pushed me into her office
“i—I’m sorry coach, I—“
“sorry just isn’t good enough this time!” I stood there in fear, I felt her eyes scan my body, I could only imagine what she was thinking. “our okay Brie, since you fucked up our chance at nationals you, and the team are going to get the ultimate punishment.”
“No please coach, don’t punish the other girls!” I begged
“shut up!” she screamed as she slaped my face and grabbed my arm. She pulled me close to her, I could smell her perfume, she smelled of vanilla. She whispered in my ear, “I going to make you my bitch, and your going to do as I say, do you understand?”
I nodded my head as tears streamed down my face. “yes coach.” She led me out into the locker room were the rest of the girls were gathered taking off their tight uniforms to get ready for a shower to get all the glitter off of their bodies.
“attention girls” coach said as she shoved me towards the girls, “we all know Brie fucked up everything tonight and since she is the newest member of our team she does not know the punishment for what sh has done.” Coach looked at me with evil sadistic eyes. “so les show her.”
Coach ripped off my tight top and threw it across the locker room. “what are you doing?”
“shut up!” she said as she slaped me again “I told you, your my bitch now.”
The other girls began to crowd around me and grab my tits. Stacy, the captain began to play with my nipples, licking them until they were rock hard. I felt someone lift up my skirt and begin to play with my pussy. It felt really good. I felt myself begin to get soaking wet. My juices were dripping everywhere. Coach began to lick my clit, as Stacy fingered me. In the backround you could hear the other girls moaning as they began to play with each other. Thank God I had Stacy and coach all to myself.
“Lets take this to the shower” said Stacy. I followed them into the shower and layed down on the cold wet floor. Stacy got on her knees and began licking my sweet spot, she fingered me. I felt my pussy begin to contract fast as she fingered my G-spot , I think she felt it too, she began to finger me faster and faster until I screamed with pleasure and squirted my sweet juices all over her pretty little face. I laid there panting, my body moving up and down as I orgasmed.
“my turn” said coach. She let go of my nipples leaving them red from the pressure she put on them as she pinched them and laid on top of me with her pussy in my face and mine in hers. Her pussy smelled of vanilla just like the rest of her body did. I instinctively grabbed her hips and and pulled her wet pussy towards my face. I inhaled her sweet sent then wrapped my tounge and lips around her slippery clit. She moaned as she began to go down on me. Her sent was so orgasmic I began to come just by smelling her and eating out her yummy wet pussy. She began to squirm, she was getting close to climaxing. I pulled her hips closer to my face as I began to lick faster until she came all over my face as a came for her.
I licked my lips and pushed her off of me and climbed on top of her and said, “who’s the bitch now?”
To be continued…

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