Dear Daddy (Page 2)

Dear Daddy,

Once i had made sure that my pussy was well and truly dry, i pulled myself out of bed adjusted my little pink panties and i put on my fluffy pink slippers heading for the bathroom, i really needed to do a pee-pee. i pulled down my little pink panties so that they sat round my ankles Daddy, and climbed up on the toilet. As i started to pee Daddy, i could feel a warm sensation and i let my pee trickle down into the bowel, it seemed like a long pee-pee Daddy, i must be honest the feeling of my warm pee and the cold air on my little hard nipples was becoming to much to bare. The feeling was very, intense and i could feel the same thing happening as when i had tried to dry my pussy, a little earlier Daddy. i clutched onto the toilet Daddy, because my whole body started to shake, i started to get scared, so i jumped off of the toilet. Was i naughty for enjoying my pee-pee so much Daddy?…

Only where i panicked Daddy, some of my pee-pee ran down my leg. i tore of some paper and was going to call You to come and wipe me, to make sure that i was nice and clean, but i thought i would be a big girl and try wiping myself. Only as i ran the paper over my little clit Daddy, i started to get a little tingling sensation. i kept on wiping the paper backwards and forwards, every time the paper touched my clit, i felt like my little pink clit was swelling bigger and bigger, before i even realised Daddy a small groan came out of my mouth, i started to hold the paper over my clit and i began to pinch the paper Daddy, as i pinched the paper over my pussy, i could feel my body breathing heavier and heavier, the pinching sensation was sending a painful shock right through my pussy Daddy, and all over my body, i started to pull and pinch the flaps of my pussy Daddy, I dropped to my knees, my panties pulling tight round my ankles, i shuffled onto my tummy Daddy, and started to grind my body over the toilet paper, i couldn’t stop rubbing, it was like an itch that i couldn’t scratch inside my pussy Daddy. How naughty am i being so far Daddy?…

i was struggling with my panties on Daddy, i needed to free my leg so i could spread my legs Daddy, i put the paper down the toilet and then laid down facing to the floor. i then put my hand under my pussy bone and started to rub myself backwards and forwards, the motion getting faster and faster Daddy. i started to use my fingers again, frigging my soaking wet pussy, i thought if Daddy was here, then he could bend me over the toilet basin and put his finger into my dripping hole and frig my bald little flaps until this itching feeling stopped. But i didn’t know where you was Daddy, so i just kept on sticking my fingers in and moving them in every direction until I could take no more, my whole body started to shake Daddy, and this intense itch felt like it was swelling and take over my whole body, my little pink pussy starting to gush all down my legs, at first i thought it was more pee-pee, but then i realised it was something else and i loved the feeling Daddy. i was drenching my pink panties, which were still hanging around one of my legs, but i didn’t care Daddy, because i had finally got rid of the itch. Wasn’t i a naughty girl Daddy?….

Hope you still want me Daddy.

from Your

naughty little girl x

ps. Daddy, page 3 of my day follows very, very soon x

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  1. Daddy

    You are a naughty girl, but I forgive you. Tomorrow I will make sure your pussy is dry before I leave home.

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