Dear Daddy,

Dear Daddy,

i’ve been a very naughty, naughty girl today. First thing this morning, the minute i woke up, i had a very, very wet pussy. i was a little bit startled, so i tried to dry it with my finger, only there was a little problem Daddy….

Every time i rubbed my finger round to dry my pussy, i realised it was getting wetter and wetter Daddy. i was going to stop and find some other way to dry my little pussy Daddy, but to be very, very honest Daddy i liked the feeling of my finger trying very, very hard to dry my pretty little clit. Wasn’t that naughty Daddy?….

i kept wiping and wiping my pussy Daddy, i started at the top of my pussy, slowly wiping my finger around, trying to soak up every single wet spot Daddy, but my pussy kept getting wetter and wetter, so i decided to try the bottom of my pussy Daddy. Am i very naughty yet Daddy?….

i tried to wipe the bottom of my pussy the other way Daddy, maybe if i turned my finger the other way, this might work and my soaking wet pussy would dry up. But my plan didn’t go to plan Daddy, and i started to enjoy the feeling my finger was giving me, this has to stop i thought very, very quietly to myself. my whole body was starting to feel this strange, strange feeling Daddy, it felt like i was on fire Daddy, and if i stood up Daddy, i would topple over, i got very, very scared Daddy, so i quickly pulled my finer away. How naughty am i Daddy?……

i decided to have one more try Daddy, i thought if i started to dry my pussy in the middle, moving my finger up & down, round & round, then maybe this would dry my truly soaking pussy. But my plan didn’t go as planned Daddy and this part is very, very hazy Daddy, because my mind was very, very fuzzy Daddy. my whole body seemed to be on a different planet, i kept moving my finger very, very slowly, up & down, round & round and every time i did this Daddy, bringing my finger back to the middle, i let out a groan Daddy. Every time my finger tip reached the very centre of my glistening wet pussy Daddy i let out another groan, each one more intense than the other. i was getting very scared, i thought of calling out for You, Daddy, maybe my Daddy could come suck my little clit dry, maybe Daddy could even bite it very, very hard, just to make sure that my drenched little pussy was totally dry. But i didn’t call out to You Daddy, because i couldn’t stop moving my finger slowly, up & down, round & round and then back to the middle, because my whole body was in shock Daddy. Each groan got louder & louder, Daddy, each time my finger hit the middle the feeling to more & more intense. Until Daddy my whole body was in a sheer ecstasy, my whole body was coming off my bed, and then Daddy i let out one final groan, a long intense groan. my body just flopped on my bed Daddy, and then a good idea came to me Daddy. i used my duvet to wipe my Soaking Little Wet Pussy dry Daddy. Wasn’t i naughty Daddy?…..

Missing You Daddy.

from Your

naughty little girl x

ps. Daddy, page 2 of my day follows very, very soon x

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