I had been crushing on him for weeks. Sitting in science class had become almost unbearable. Mr Macintyre. He was tall, strong and handsome. I had a plan to seduce him.
My name is Alexandra. I’m the naughtiest school girl you will ever meet.
Step 1 – detention.
I walked into class and sat in my favourite seat. Right at the back where I could stare all I wanted and barely be noticed.
‘Right class get out your homework’ he called in h deep, sexy voice.
‘Umm sir’ I chirped
‘Yes Alexandra?’
‘I haven’t done it’
‘Alexandra, that’s the 3rd strike this month, you know that means detention.’
‘Yes sir’
My plan was fool proof. Nobody else had more than 1 strike so nobody else was at risk of getting detention. It would be just me and him. Alone. For a full 45 minutes. My fantasy.
I waited through the entire class. How I managed I will never know. But I did, and finally the dinner bell rang.
‘Right everyone, see you on Monday. Alexandra you stay behind.’
And then we were alone.
Step 2 – seduction
‘Alexandra, bring your things to the front of the room.’
I slowly collected my things, then ‘accidentally’ dropped my pen. I bent over, revealing my uncovered pussy. Then I stood up turned around, and smiled at him. I walked to the front, wiggling my hips, and shaking my hair. I sat down at the desk in front of him. I crossed my legs and then slowly uncrossed them, revealing myself to him again.
He walked around his desk and stood in front of m with his hand on the desk. I could see his hard on through his trousers.
‘Alexandra, do you know why your here?’
‘Yes sir’
I stood up and walked around the desk until I was standing right beside him.
‘I’ve been a very bad girl, and I think my punishment should be very, very hard.’
I slid my hand down his shirt and over his trouser front. I stared to rub his erect penis. I could hear his breathing getting harder and louder.
Step 3 – The dirty deed
Suddenly he grabbed my arms. At first I thought he was going to tell me to stop but then he rushed me into the store room.
‘You’re right. You have been a very bad girl. I’m goanna punish you so hard’
‘Oh yes’ was all I could say.
I stripped him from the waist down and started to rub his manhood.
‘Get on the floor’ he instructed
I immediately obeyed. He then put his giant cock inside my mouth and started thrusting. He was truly massive. Him inside my mouth was making me so wet.
I could tell from experience that he was about to cum.
Right on cue he squirted a load into my mouth. It was so big that some splashed out the sides. He pulled out, his hard on still there, and watched me lick the sperm off the sides of my face.
‘Your turn’ he said, with a smirk on his face
He lifted me with his strong masculine arms and forced me against a wall. He then pushed my legs onto his shoulders so that my pussy was right in front of his mouth.
Next I felt an obviously experienced tongue run up and down my clit, and swallow all the juices from my wet pussy. He was so good. Better than I could have imagined. I knew I was about to orgasm.
‘Oh my god’ I moaned
Then it happened. I climaxed. After he heard my screams of joy he took he tongue away from my pussy and up to my mouth. I could taste myself on his tongue.
‘Wait a minute, is it safe in here. I mean will anyone interrupt?’ I asked
‘No. Trust me, I wank in here all the time. Especially after my class with you’
‘Well you can’t be as bad as me. Every night I imagine your face while I’ve got my finger up my hole’
‘Maybe once you wouldn’t have to imagine’
He took my hand and slid it down my body and onto my clit.
‘Usually I’m naked’ I said in a teasing tone.
I unbuttoned my shirt and threw it on the ground then undid my bra and threw t at him. The I took off my skirt which was the only item of clothing left on me. Finally I slid my hand back onto my clit. He was already stroking his penis. I could tell he was enjoying seeing me naked. I started to rub myself. I kept my eyes firmly on him and his throbbing dick, which he was rubbing faster and faster. I waited until I was half way there then I slid my finger into my pussy and started finger fucking. We were both moaning in pleasure. I could see his pre-cum on his dickhead and knew he was as close as I was.
‘Cum on my tits!’ I demanded
He happily obliged and climbed over me as he was about to burst. Just as I started screaming with joy I could feel his hot jizz on my boobs. Then it was over and I was left with my tits covered in his creamy sperm.
‘Lick it off’ I told him.
Again he was happy to do as he was told. His tongue moving around my bust and pausing gleefully at my erect nipples.
‘I want you inside of me’ I groaned in ecstasy
‘Sorry baby. Lunch times nearly up. We’ve got to go.’
‘Well maybe we could do this again sometime?’ I asked
‘Come to think of it, there might be something we could do!’
‘Well, me and about 4 other people get together a couple of times a month. You could join us?’
‘Like group sex?’
‘Exactly like group sex!’
‘Sounds wonderful’
‘Were meeting in 2 weeks. I’ll give you more details on Monday, OK?’
‘Can’t wait’
‘See you then’
Step 4 – acting natural
By that time we had both gotten dressed and were on our way out. I got my things and headed for the door. Before I left I went up to him, stroked him penis wich, unfortunately, was now inside his trousers and whispered in his ear
‘Goodbye Mr Macintyre’
‘Goodbye Alexandra’ he whispered back
I left the room and found my friends waiting outside for me, as I expected.
‘How was detention?’ asked Sasha
‘Oh very hard’ I said in a tone that made it sound like a bad thing
‘He must have been so mean!’ added Veronica
‘So mean’ I agreed
‘He is kind of cute though’ Charlie saud in a slightly defensive tone
‘I suppose, sort of. Never really thought about it’ I responded with a secret smile on my face.
They had no idea.

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