English Teacher

David was sitting in English class one day while thinking about his dream girl…blonde hair, big tits and a perfect shaved cunt. His substitute teacher noticed that he wasn’t paying attention and caught his attention by slamming her hand on the desk very hard. He looked up at her face and noticed that she was the dream girl, he wasn’t sure that she had a shaved cunt but he hoped he would get to find out. He fumbled through his bag for a bit then found his English book and opened it. He looked back up at the teacher and noticed that she was looking back at him with a face that made him think about her naked with a dildo rammed up her steaming hot tight pussy, this made his 8″ dick spring into action and he felt like ripping off his pants and fucking her there and then. The bell rung to show class was over and school was out, but the teacher asked him to stay back. He sat down in the seat in front of the teacher’s desk and took off his bag and put it on the floor. She started asking how well he thought she was teaching for her first time.
She had to be atleast 21 and had D-cup tits. He forgot what she was talking about, but then realised she had stopped and something was rubbing up against his dick, it was her FOOT! His dick sprang to life and was pressing up against his jeans, nearly busting the zipper. She had noticed this and worked more vigorously on his cock. He was just about to climax in his jeans when she stopped jumped up from her seat and had unzipped her pants and ripped off her shirt to show her pink, laced panties and bare naked d-cups. She instructed him to get up and remove his clothes. He did so and she looked at his 8″cock sticking out of a hole in his boxers. She quickly grabbed his rock hard shaft and took it into her mouth sucking and licking at it all the way to the base. Her saliva was dripping off his balls which made him feel so close to the edge, he told her this and so she stopped and decided it was time for him to pleasure her. She sat down on the school chair and spread her legs wide so he could see a wet patch in her panties. He bent down and moved them to the side to see that she was his dream woman, she had the closest shaved cunt he had ever seen. He could wait no longer, he shoved his face in and began licking like a mad man. The teacher was moaning and rubbing her nipples to make her climax come sooner, she couldn’t wait. She came and her cunt juices were dripping off his chin. He said he wanted to fuck her shaved pussy all afternoon so she leant back on the chair and put a leg on the desk next to her. He took his dick in his hand and moved it closer to her dripping wet pussy. He placed it inside her hot cunt and started pumping away as hard as he could she was moaning and screaming with ecstasy, she lent forward and wrapped her arms around his neck as he pumped with incredible force. She came first then he came and blew gallons of cum inside her.
She stood up and wobbled around a bit then bent over a desk and said “come fuck my arse until its red. He walked up to her and removed her panties and chucked them in his bag and said “Souvenir”. His dick had gone limp so he told her to pump him up a stiff one. She turned around and pulled his dick until he was hard enough and she stood back up again and bent over the table and spread her arse cheeks. He took his cock in his hand and guided it to her arse then placed the head and the entrance and told her that he was 8″ and was she sure about this.
She got angry and used her legs to grab him and pull him into her. His dick went in up to the base and he could not help himself he started pumping in and out of her tight arse, she helped by using her legs to pull him in and push him out. She started fingering her pussy and was moaning really loud. He pulled out and came all over her back and she came and her juices dripped onto the floor.
They gathered themselves together put their clothes on and she asked him if he wanted a tutor.

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