Extra Credit Assignment

As every student enters my classroom I get hard watching for her.

She enters. I smile.

She greets me. I nod.

What I wouldn’t give to fuck what I’m sure is a tight pussy. I wonder how many other guys she has been with. I try to erase the thought from my mind. I already know she’s a bit of a slut. The thought of this turns me on even more.

I’m a good looking man. I am young and fit. I wonder if she has thought of me naked. My dick is so hard all throughout class. Days like today aren’t rare. I spend most of the class behind my desk.

Every so often I glace at her. She is staring at me every time I catch her eye. She doesn’t even look away. I feel my face growing hotter.

Bell rings. Class is over.

Today I’m going to test the waters.

I ask for her to stay behind for a moment. She obeys.

Her cheeks are flushed as she approaches my desk. Polo shirt is unbuttoned all the way. My sweet girl has no shame. I can’t help but stare at her cleavage, on display for me. Is it for me? Her skirt is far too short according to the school’s dress code. Curse that dress code.

I tell her I want to talk about her most recent paper.

Her eyes widen. She is worried about her grade. She begins to plead with me about doing extra credit work.

She walks over to the door and closes it.

She tells me she can’t afford a poor grade and would do anything to avoid this.

I tell her the paper has already been graded.

She continues pleading with me. I really have the upper hand here but I will not be the one to initiate anything.

Again, she says she’ll do anything to make sure she gets a good mark on this paper. She emphasizes the word anything. My cheeks flush. Now she has me right where she wants me; and I, her.

I tell her the door will be locked from the outside now that it’s closed.

She smiles viciously.

She lifts her short skirt up so that I may see her lace thong.

She beckons me. I approach. She takes my hand and guides me into her panties and allows me to touch her wet pussy. She leaves my hand there as she removes her pink polo and lets her hair down.

Oh fuck. She is so tanned. Her breasts are perfectly round. She takes my other hand and places it on her breast. I need to instruction on what to do with those perky little nipples.

She moans as I continue stroking her clit. I explore every inch of her cunt. I want to devour it. Not a hair to be found. She touches the bulge under my trousers. By the look on her sexy little face I can tell she is impressed by my size.

She unbuttons my pants quickly and pulls them to the floor.

I demand that she kneels. She obeys without question.

I order her to suck my dick. She likes this game. She licks her lips as she stares me right in the eyes and begins to lick my shaft. She begins sucking me vivaciously. Her head moves beautifully up and down my cock. She has had a lot of practice. Good girl.

I want to fuck her more than anything.

I tell her to stand up and bend over. She finds a chair for support. I place my hand on her back and stroke her pussy with my fingers. She starts moaning again and I’m not sure I can take any more of this but I want to get her nice and wet before I fuck her brains out.

For a girl who is such a slut she has a nice tight pussy. I finger her until she comes. I can tell because her tight little ass is twitching and her body feels very warm. She is soaked; her gorgeous pussy dripping with natural lubricant. I’m trying to think quickly about how I want to take her. She doesn’t give me any time to think. She is done being ordered around. Now I will be the servant.

She turns to face me and backs me onto a desk. She forces me to lie back and climbs on top of me. She straddles my dick and slides me in effortlessly. Her pussy feels amazing sliding up and down my cock. She rides me like a fucking champ. She has moves I’ve never experienced before. She rocks back and forth on me. I can tell she’s going to come again. I grab her ass and squeeze.

Fuck this. I lift her up and force her on all fours. I start fucking her from behind. She likes it a lot. I spank her ass a few times and she screams my name. I fuck her: Hard. She comes again. I’m still not done with her. As she’s convulsing and trying to catch her breath, I slide my dick out and put my fingers in her hot cunt again. I use her fluids to lubricate her ass hole and I force my dick in her ass. It’s a very tight fit but she doesn’t object. I begin pounding her harder and deeper. She tells me it hurts and I couldn’t care less.

I fuck her so hard. Thrust after thrust. Again, I slap her backside and she moans. She’s starting to enjoy my dick in her ass. I pull it out and start pounding her pussy again and this time I can feel myself about to explode into her. I can hear her breathing start to quicken again. She’s going to orgasm a third time. Sex will never be the same for this girl and she knows it. I start fucking her quicker and quicker. Here it comes. The moment I have been dreaming about for months. I give her a few more deep pounds and I can feel her pussy tighten around my dick once more.

I explode with semen and it fills her. I call out her name once, twice. She’s is laughing manically. She didn’t know three orgasms were possible. Foolish child.

I stay in her until I know I am drained. As I pull out, my ejaculate drips out of her. She turns on her back, sticks her fingers in her pussy and licks my cum off. Sweet mother of god this slut is an angel.

She puts her clothes back on and turns to leave.

She tells me she hopes that was a passing performance. I assured her she exceeded expectations. She also said she hopes she can do some more extra credit work in the future. I assured her this would be a possibility.

She left her panties for me and walked out the door.

I wonder if she still would have let me fuck her if she knew I had already given her an A on that paper.

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